A Detailed And Easy Pressure Cooker Recipe -Chicken And Rice

Introduction To Cooking Chicken And Rice Using A Pressure Cooker

The use of pressure cookers in home cooking has increased significantly in the recent past. This increase is attributed to the fact that besides making well cooked foods, pressure cookers are fast. This means you can use the pressure cooker to cook foods which need to be eaten within a short time. All what is needed is to have the right recipe and the also knowledge on how to use the pressure cooker. One of the simplest types of foods that can be cooked with a pressure cooker is chicken and rice. Here is an easy pressure cooker recipe – chicken and rice.

  • Ingredients
  • Whole split chicken
  • Seasoning blend of choice
  • Two cups of water
  • One and a half cups of grain rice
  • Salt


The first step should be to season the chicken well on both sides using the seasoning bled. If the seasoning bled does not contain salt then salt should be added in this stage. One can also use spices on this stage to make the final product tastier. After this you should add the two cups of water into the pressure cooker and then place the pieces of chicken. These pieces do not have to be fully submerged.

After adding the water and the chicken one should secure the lid of the pressure cooker and then set the cooker to high pressure. After it has reached optimum pressure you should proceed to cook for thirty minutes. After the thirty minutes you should carefully lift the chicken out of the cooker and place it on a baking sheet. This should be followed by adjusting the oven rack in a way that the top of the meat will be about six to eight inches from the broiler. You should then turn the broiler to a high and then place the chicken in the oven. You should allow it broil for about five to seven minutes or until you see the skin of the chicken pieces have turned brown.

While the chicken is cooking you should pour the remaining liquid which is in form of broth from the pressure cooker. The broth can approximately be about three cups if the cooking was done properly. In case it does not fill three cups you can instead use clean water. You can taste the broth and in case the salt is not balanced you can add more. You should then add the three cups of broth together with the one and a half cups of grain rice back to the pressure cooker. Secure the lid and then select the rice option on the cooker. In case the cooker does not have the rice function you can adjust the temperatures manually. After you are sure that the rice is properly cooked you should turn down the heat and then proceed to fluff the rice using a folk.

Serving The Cooked Rice And Chicken

While serving you should ensure the rice is below the well cooked pieces of chicken. The chicken is usually extremely soft while cooked with a pressure cooker. Therefore, this kind of food can be served to people of different ages. Therefore, by following the outlined directions you can easily and conveniently cook chicken and rice using a pressure cooker.

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