A Guitar Tuner for Beginners

Starting to play any instrument is hard. First of all, you need to dedicate a lot of time in order to become a professional. Practicing every day is vital, and when it comes to an instrument as versatile as the guitar, it is the only way to progress.

Another thing to take into consideration is that you need to love the instrument you play. Playing an instrument is not an obligation, it is a way of relaxing and expressing yourself; a getaway from the world which operates on money and greed.

Beginners can have a hard time starting to play the guitar. If there is no one to advise you in the beginning, you are stuck with looking up everything online and it’s certain that proper instructions on the Internet can be hard to find. If there is one particular piece of your equipment that is essential for a beginning guitar player, it is the guitar tuner.

There is no beginner who possesses the perfect hearing and is able to tune his guitar perfectly without a tuner. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the best guitar tuner available as it will have a huge impact on your playing.

Some Characteristics Beginners Need To Have A Look At Before Buying A Guitar Tuner

1.  Simplicity

Snark SN-5 Tuner for Guitar

Beginners usually have a limited knowledge of certain guitar terms. Some guitar tuners are designed specifically for professionals and offer a high range of functions.

Beginners might have a hard time adjusting to tuners meant for professionals, and that is why it’s best to buy a simple, easy to use guitar tuner which offers some basic functionality. Additionally, you might want to buy a tuner with a modern and easily understandable interface.

Older tuners might confuse the younger audience. A good tuner should be simple enough for the player to be able to tune his guitar quickly whether it be in the comfort of your own home, or during a live performance or a gig.

2.  How Much Money Can You Spare?

Young people looking to start playing guitar usually don’t have an unlimited budget. Your parents will probably feel like you are wasting their money on something you might quit the next day. If you already asked for money to buy a guitar, it might sound difficult to ask some more money for your tuner.

However, tuners are not as expensive as they used to be. There are many different kinds of tuners and all of them have a different price. You should be able to save enough money to buy a proper tuner, since cheap tuners are often hard to use and have no special features important for beginners.

3.  Know the Difference between Types of Tuners

Different tuners offer different functionality. Standard tuners are the simplest ones. They were the first tuners to be manufactured, and they usually come with some useful tools, such as the metronome.

Clip on tuners, which are a type of standard tuner, offer support for both electric and acoustic guitars. Clip on tuners are attached to the headstock of your guitar where they register vibrations which occur when you strum a certain string.

Clip on tuners are not affected by background noise, which makes them ideal for live performances. Pedal tuners are more expensive than others, buy they offer a high-quality performance.

Similarly to clip on tuners, Pedal tuners can perform well in crowded areas and they usually operate with a LED screen which is easy to read even from a distance. Unfortunately, they only support electrical guitars. Polyphonic tuners are the newest ones on the market and are fighting for dominance.


Polyphonic tuners are either pedal or standard tuners. They offer an option which allows guitarists to tune all six strings simultaneously. While polyphonic tuners are ideal for all situations and all different types of tunings, keep in mind that they do come with a premium price.

4.  Battery Power

Tuners usually operate on a variety of different power sources. Most of them rely on batteries but some even need a constant DC power supply.

If you travel a lot and if you are in a constant need to tune your guitar in places which do not offer any power supply, you should consider buying a tuner with good battery power. Additionally, having your guitar tuner, and thus your guitar, bail on you in the middle of a live performance is a nightmare for most guitarists.

Beginners need to consult with professionals before trying to purchase anything on their own. Buying a tuner is an investment which needs to be thought of carefully. If you don’t know anyone around you able to provide help, educate yourself online by reading articles such as this one.

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