4 Best Magnetic Charging Cable For Android

Nowadays, magnetic charging cables are getting more and popular day by day, due to they are easy to use and durability factor. Magnetic charging cables are easy to connect and separate and also save the Android phone’s USB from getting too much damage over time.

People charge their phones and use them for data transfers many times a day – and that could easily lead to the USB port malfunction. Magnetic charging cables eliminate all of that so much easier.

4 Best Magnetic Charging Cable For Android

Therefore, let’s look at some of the best magnetic charging available for Android phones.

1. Wsken Mini 2 Magnetic Charging Cable

Wsken Mini2 Micro USB Magnetic LED

As compared to normal data cables, this cable will provide stronger magnetic bonds, fast charging and as well as data transfer. There is an LED light, which will turn on during charging. It is very much durable and attractive. When you’re not charging, the magnetic plug can be used as an anti-dust plug.

The magnets used here are extremely strong and polarised, thus can only be used one way. The cable quality is very good and the indicator light is really a lifesaver at night. The only con is that the micro USB charging pins need to be changed a bit to fit the device.

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2. Smart & Cool Gen4 Super Magnetic Charging Cable

This magnetic charging cable can not only be used with Android smartphones, but also any other portable electronics and can even charge other phones as well. The maximum charging is 2.4A. If the pins are not connected correctly, the charging could be less than 2.4A. If any case the magnetic part gets wet, don’t charge your phone, as it may damage it.

The cable snaps in easily, without even looking for it and can easily be connected with one hand. The wire is made of fibre and braided with nylon, so there will be no twitching or bending. Therefore, can last very very long.

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3. HKW Magnetic MicroUSB Charging Cable

HKW Magnetic MicroUSB Charging Cable

This charging cable comes from a reputed brand. The cable is totally made of high-quality elements, like flexible tough nylon braided. This makes the cable very simple yet strong. The cable can be used very easily – by just sliding in the magnetic connector and you’re done. Apart from that, maximum charging capability is 2.4A.

The magnetic connector can be removed easily with fingernails. The HKW Magnetic Charging cable is braided, so doesn’t feel cheap at all. Also, the cable has reversible charging and can be connected reversibly to the computer as well. There’s also an LED indicator too. The only con here is that one might feel – is that the packaging material is cheap. Apart from that, everything is top notch.

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4. Sojitek Deta chable Magnetic Charging Cable

This cable has a detachable tip design, accompanied with a very strong magnet. The micro USB port can also be swapped with Lightning or Type-C port, which are sold separately.  The main feature of this charging cable is just ‘charging your phone’. So, it will not work with data transfers and also the detachable round tip design may not be compatible with some phones.

Apart from these small annoyances, the cable will really perform well over time. The magnets are strong, the special round tip design looks great, and the cable overall looks better than most micro USB cables out there. The only con is that the tip is a bit big, so it will stick out of the phone.

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Magnetic charging cables are indeed very useful in simplifying the whole thing of charging and data syncing. It also helps in keeping your Android phone’s USB good as new and also lasts longer than regular charging cables. Therefore, these cables are indeed highly recommended to use, if you’ve got an Android phone.

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