Bebamour New Style Designer Sling and Baby Carrier 2 in 1, Dark Blue


  • Comfortable cotton material
  • Excellent for four months 36 months’ baby
  • 3 in 1 baby hip seat supports
  • Baby’s weight should be 3.5KG to 19.9KG to use it
  • Five different carrying position
  • Wind and sunshine protector collapsible hood
  • Removable Bib
  • Zipper with press button
  • Large shoulder strap
  • Double safety system
  • Certified by SGS

ng outward, side saddle, fore saddle, and the back hang. So as your baby grows you can switch to multipl
The next item Bebamour New Style Designer Sling and Baby Carrier 2 in 1, Dark Blue will unquestionably accomplish all your expectations. First of all, it offers five different positions such as baby facing inward, baby facie sitting positions accordingly. The versatility of this baby carrier is superb. Additionally, it is so flexible that you can engage in any crucial work while carrying your baby.

The adjustable shoulder straps can be fitted to any size. Along with that, you can carry your baby for a longer time because the waist straps are designed in such a way that it is capable of doing perfect weight distribution. So the full load will be divided into your shoulder and waist. You need to adjust the belt support, and you are entirely ready to carry your baby.

If you can concentrate on the stitching, you’ll find it perfect. It will not lose the string. The fabric is also excellent, made of 100% polyester which is friendly for your baby skin. It allows your baby to breath comfortably. This baby 5-in-1 carrier also comes with a beige mesh backing or a small hood which will protect your little one from wind and sunshine. This support can be removed if needed. Two removable bibs are also incorporated into this baby carrier. Apart from that, this extraordinary baby carrier has two zipper pockets where you can carry all your essentials in both hot and warm weather.

A foam wedge accompanies the hip seat, and it allows you to carry your baby comfortably. But this one has two significant drawbacks. The first thing is it is not suitable for newborns as you’ll find gaps on the sides of this carrier. So this is not good for safety. Additionally, the waist belt is too tight for heavy mothers. Now let’s check out the pros and cons of this baby carrier so that you can quickly decide if it suits you or not.


  • Five different carrying options
  • Absolutely lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortability


  • Too tight waist belt
  • Big gaps on the sides
  • Unsafe for newborns

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