Best 12v Battery Reviews 2019

Selecting a good 12v battery can be challenging for everyone. There are only a few best 12V deep cycle batteries that will give you top performance. Deep cycle batteries are the best 12v batteries, and they can be of different types such as gel batteries, flooded batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries.

5 Best 12v Battery

Universal UB121000-45978 AGM Battery

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Optima 8016-103 D34M AGM Battery

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Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 – 12V

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Optima 8006-006-FFP 34M Battery

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The Universal battery represents the true power of the AGM battery. This is a heavy duty AGM battery having a power rating of 12V/100AH. It provides you with the amperage necessary to power even the most demanding electrical appliances in your car. Its long reserve capacity of 195 minutes ensures lower discharge rate. The only downside is it comes with 1-year warranty. However, the lifetime of this heavy duty AGM battery is higher than that, and it is one of the best deep cycle battery available on the market today.

Things we liked

  • It’s powerful and heavy-duty battery
  • Long reserve capacity of 195 minutes
  • You can install it in any position


Things we didn’t like

  • Comes with a one-year warranty only


Optima 8016-103 D34M AGM Battery is used as a dedicated starting battery. This versatile battery can be used for both starting and deep cycling operations. It can resist vibration 15 times more than a wet-cell. The number of recharges it can take is 3 times more than cheaper batteries. This AGM battery is maintenance-free and there’s no need to add distilled water to it. It weighs 43 pounds, which is okay considering its output. It offers 750 cold-cranking amps which is perfect for adverse weather condition. Moreover, it comes with 870 amps at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is capable of discharging 25 amps for 120 minutes when used at 80 degrees F (26.7 degrees C) until the voltage goes down to 10.5 volts. It recharges quickly, and with 100 amps to recharge, you need about 35 minutes to get 90% charge capacity. It’s possible for the low internal resistance. However, to make sure you don’t overcharge it, you will need to use its own charger. It better to follow the charging instructions to take care of the battery properly.

Things we liked

  • It can start a motor even at 0 degrees F.
  • Doesn’t take long to recharge.
  • It can last for a thousand recharging cycles.
  • It’s spill-proof.
  • It doesn’t need maintenance.
  • It won’t overcharge providing that you have the right charger.


Things we didn’t like

  • Wrong charger may cause overcharging of the battery
  • You need to follow guidelines when you recharge it.


Usually, the AGM battery is more expensive than other batteries, but the affordable Mighty Max is here to solve the problem. However, this model comes with a lower power rating of 35 AH and can deliver less amperage over a period of an hour compared to others.

If you do not need a lot of amperage from your battery, this battery is suitable for you, but for small and casual use, this is an excellent model to consider. This product comes with a 1-year warranty, an affordable price, and reliability. So this is a good car AGM battery for anyone who needs reliability rather than power in their battery.

Things we liked

  • Very affordable
  • Spill-proof design
  • Universal connector leads let you install it in any type of vehicle


Things we didn’t like

  • The low power rating of 12V/35AH


The VMAXTANKS vmax857 Tm AGM battery having a 35Ah rating is extremely durable and lasts longer than typical batteries because of its premium-performance and military-grade metal plates which makes it stronger, and capable of withstanding vibrations better. Its long-lasting outer casing is made of extra-tough ABS plastic. This 25-pound battery is easy to install because of its small size measuring 7.7 inches by 5 inches with a height of 6.1 inches. If you are on camping, you can run your TV and a DVD player with this battery. It doesn’t need maintenance and can be positioned at any angle. If you’re looking for a light and compact battery with enough power for your car, this is the right choice for you.

Things we liked

  • It’s very light weight
  • It’s very compact
  • Spill-proof so you can set it at any angle
  • It’s very durable
  • You don’t need to do any maintenance for it


Things we didn’t like

  • For best results, you’ll need to get the VMAX BC1204 12V 3.3Amp charger
  • It’s very limited if you have one to use on a campsite
  • It cost a bit more than other brands


The Optima 8006-006 34M is another top quality car battery designed to work in any weather. Its thick and durable plastic exterior provides 15 times more vibration resistance compared to other batteries. It doesn’t require any maintenance and provides with a very steady and stable performance. This battery comes with 800 cold cranking amp. It has a reserve capacity of 100 minutes and weighs only 40 pounds. It is light and compact, and you can easily mount it in any position in your car.

Things we liked

  • Provides with sure cranking and string cranking
  • Higher reserve capacity
  • Fifteen times more resistant to vibration
  • Optimal cranking power even on bad weather
  • Doesn’t need maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Two-year warranty


Things we didn’t like

  • You need to purchase a separate deep cycle battery for a trolling motor
  • Overcharging the battery can cause permanent damage


Buying Guide: Best 12v Battery

As you have finished reading about the best products available on the market, here’s a list of criteria you need to compare different types of solar batteries. The most important things to consider during your evaluation are the battery’s capacity and power ratings, depth of discharge, round-trip efficiency, warranty, and manufacturer.


Power & Capacity

Check the total amount of electricity the solar battery can store. The capacity is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). To know how much electricity a battery can provide at a given moment consider its power rating. A power rating is the amount of electricity a battery can deliver at a time which is measured in kilowatts (kW).

A high capacity battery with a low power rating will deliver a low amount of electricity enough to run important home appliances for a long time. On the other hand, a low-capacity battery with a high power rating would run your entire home only for a few hours. Most home solar batteries are “stackable,” so you can include multiple batteries with your solar-plus-storage system to increase the capacity.


The depth of discharge

The depth of discharge (DoD) of a battery refers to the amount of its capacity that has been used. Look for a battery with a maximum DoD for optimal performance. In general, the higher the DoD is, the more you will be able to utilize your battery’s capacity.


Round-trip efficiency

The round-trip efficiency is a percentage of the amount of energy that the battery took to store electricity into it. Let’s say, you fed your battery five kWh of electricity and got four kWh of electricity stored in it. So the battery has 80 percent round-trip efficiency. So choose a battery with higher round-trip efficiency to get more economic value out of your battery.


Battery life & warranty

A solar battery cycles every day. That means it charges and drains every day. Its ability to hold charge decreases over time as you continue using it. So check the number of cycles or years the battery remains useful and how much capacity it loses over time. Let’s say, a battery has a warranty of 5,000 cycles or 10 years at 70 percent of its original capacity. Now after the warranty period is over, the battery will lose 30 percent of its ability to store energy.



You will find cutting-edge start-up manufacturer as well as a manufacturer with a long history. Your choice depends on your priority in this case. However, the warranties associated with the battery can provide you with additional guidance to make your final decision.


Final Thoughts

Although they are expensive, they offer convenience and performance. These deep cycle 12v batteries are maintenance-free. All the batteries on our list feature robust construction with highly durable materials. They can be installed in any position. Also, they can be transported from one location to another without any spills or leakages. Moreover, they offer very minimal corrosion. Lastly, these deep cycle 12v batteries produce little to no gassing at all, which is great.

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