Best Charging Cable for Android & iPhone

Normal charging cables are a thing of the past, with the new crop of magnetic charging cables being the rage now. They are easy to use, last longer than regular ones, and also can perform better in regular day to day usage.

Magnetic charging cables easily snap in and off with the plug-in connector, thereby increasing the connector’s life. One doesn’t have to connect and separate the connector every time. Also, the connectors act as anti-dust plugs, therefore saving the charging port from dust or lint. Following are some of best magnetic charging cables you can get on online store.

Best Charging Cable for Android & iPhone

1. SOJITEK Genuine Detachable Magnetic Charging Charger Cable

This Sojitek cable currently sits on close to good stars rating on Online stor. This cable comes with a very strong magnet, that can hold up to 1 lb of force if held upside down. The cable can be easily detached from any direction, if necessary. This cable doesn’t support any data transfers, and can only do charging. The charging is done at maximum 2A.

The Sojitek Genuine Detachable Magnetic Charging cable is 3 feet long and can be used with micro USB, USB Type C as well Lightning port devices too. Be sure to check out your phone compatibility due to the round tip connector design.

2. Wsken Mini 2 Magnetic Charging Cable

Wsken Mini2 Micro USB Magnetic LED

If we talk about reviews of Wsken Mini 2 Magnetic Charging Cable, This cable has almost a perfect good star rating by custormer. It can be used with all types of micro USB, Type C and Lightning devices. One cable to rule it all. The cable is protected by nylon fibre, that makes it more durable and strong. Therefore, it’s not prone to any sort of bending. The magnetic connector protects the charging port from getting any sort of dust or lint.

There’s also a LED charge indicator that glows up at night, making it easy to spot your device.

3. Smart & Cool Gen 3 Magnetic Charging Cable

Smart&Cool Gen3 Nylon Braided Super Magnetic Micro USB Charging and Data Transfer Cable

This cable is currently sitting at a perfect star rating by consumer. It has a high-quality copper wire inside, that makes the transfer of data more simple, smooth and fast. There is also a high resistance insulation layer too. The wire is protected by nylon braid, that makes all the more tough and strong.

The detachable charging connector, as usual, protects the charging port from wear, tear and also dust. One side of the Smart & Cool Gen 3 Magnetic Charging Cable supports fast charging, while the other one supports charging as well as data syncing. Also has a LED indicator to locate your device in the dark.

4. Netdot 3 Magnetic Charging Cable

This cable has a current rating of good stars on e-website. The cable is totally tangle resistant as it is made of nylon braid. The high-quality nylon braid along with core material really helps in better signal transfers, as well as improved stability. On the inside, it has bulletproof aramid fibre, which is five times stronger than conventional cables. The copper wire is also high quality, along with the insulation provided.

There is also aluminium foil and mylar shielding, which act as extra levels of protection. The detachable connector is fully dustproof, and also protects the charging port from any kind of wear and tear. Charging can be done on only both sides, but data transfer is only on one side.

5. KSM 7TH GEN Magnetic Micro USB Cable

This Ultra Thin 7th Gen Magnetic Charging Cable has a current rating very good. It can provide up to a maximum of 2.4A of fast charging. The cable is totally nylon braided, and thus makes is very much durable and resistant to bends and tangles. This Charging cable contains all the connectors for micro USB, Type C, and Lightning. No need to spend on different cables.

The magnets used are enough strong to hold up the device and even detach when needed. High-quality aluminium alloy is used in the cable, that dissipates heat fast and thus carries a longer lifespan.

6. Newest Strongest Magnet 2.4A CoolKo Magnetic Braided USB Charging Cable

This Newest Strongest Magnet 2.4A CoolKo Magnetic Braided USB Charging Cable most popular. The cable is fully protected by nylon braid, thus making more durable and long-lasting. It also has an LED indicator to see in the dark. The cable can easily be connected by using one hand only, and the nylon braid makes it look very stylish and elegant.

The detachable connector also protects the charging port from any kind of damage or abrasion.


Therefore, it can be easily seen that there are so many manufacturers trying to make new kinds of magnetic cables, with new and innovative techniques. These cables are no doubt very strong and will fulfil all your charging needs in just a heartbeat.

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