Best Chartplotter Fishfinder Combo Reviews

Fishing is a great pastime. However, your fishing trip can disappoint you soon if you have to return home with only a few fish in your basket. Fish are quite smart and know how to escape. So without having a luck, you can’t catch them in a large number unless you have a fish finder.

It’s important to make sure that the fishfinder you are going to buy comes with a Chartplotter. It will help you navigate towards fish and mark your favorite locations. You are missing a lot if you aren’t using a Chartplotter fish finder. So if you are thinking of buying the best Chartplotter fishfinder combo, you are in the right place. We have done the research for you and come up with the best 5 Chartplotter Fishfinder on the market today. Our reviews include a buying guide at the bottom of the article.

5 Best Chartplotter Fishfinder Combo

Simrad GO7 XSE Chartplotter/Fish Finder

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Humminbird 410210-1 Fish Finder

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Minn Kota Humminbird Combo Fishfinder/Chartplotter

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Raymarine Dragonfly Pro CHIRP Fish Finder

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Garmin Striker 4 Fishfinder

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The touch display of Simrad fishfinder enables you to scroll through the menu quite easily.  With this touchscreen display, you can drag and pan across the maps smoothly. Its Chartplotter and waypoint management system makes it easy to travel over the water. You can rely on the device no matter where you’re planning on fishing, just point and click on the location, and you’re on your way to your favorite fishing point.

The fish finder is customizable to your preferences. So you will be able to scroll through the maps quickly. You can change the menu just by touching the screen. It’s an ideal choice for you if you are looking for a customizable device. With the TripIntel technology, you can track the fish and follow them wherever they’re going. You’ll enjoy fishing a lot more when you’re reeling in the fish by the loads and the fish finder is hooked up to your boat.


Things we liked

  • Easy to use
  • The chirp notification is loud
  • You can save waypoints quickly


Things we didn’t like

  • May not work for everyone


It is another fresh and high-performance model by Humminbird. It includes a sonar transducer which works at 83 kHz, 75-95 kHz, and 175-225 kHz. This fishfinder comes with 4000W PTP output, and its transducer can show a detailed image under the water up to 1500 feet depth.

Its GPS connectivity might be a little bit slow but delivers excellent and accurate data. Moreover, you can save your waypoints to your SD card and upload expansion maps to the fish finder. With its 800 x 480 5-inch high-quality display, it shows a detailed picture of under the water surface. It is one of the best fishfinders for the money on the market.

Things we liked

  • Big clear-view 5-inch display with 256 colors
  • Multi-frequency sonar transducer with 4000W PTP output will show a clear and detailed picture at depths of up to 1500 feet
  • Precise GPS capabilities
  • Built-in maps of US water bodies
  • You can set your own waypoints as well as save them to your SD card
  • You can add expansion map packs to this fish finder


Things we didn’t like

  • Connects to GPS satellites not as fast, but delivers high-quality results once operating


This is an impressive, multifunction fishfinder and comes with a 10.4-inch full-color LCD screen. It includes an internal GPS and built-in Chartplotter, which can use Hummingbird, C-Map Charts, or Avionics. With its built-in dual beam sonar, you will easily find fish. The high-speed Ethernet networking ports allow you to load up your software with features like radar and AIS. Finally, it comes with a one year warranty, in case you have any hardware or software problems with your fishfinder.

Things we liked

  • Large 10.4 inch full color LCD screen that is easy to read and easy to use
  • Internal GPS and chartplotter which can use a variety of different features and software
  • dual beam sonar, which makes it even easier to find the fish that you are looking for
  • High speed ethernet ports which make it easy to add radar, AIS, and other features to your unit


Things we didn’t like

  • This is by far the most expensive and highest quality model that we are looking at today
  • This unit is probably best designed for long term, serious fisherman. Or a new fisherman with a high limit of disposable income.



Raymarine Dragonfly 7 is the most tech-savvy fishfinder GPS combo having full mobile device synchronization. So it is suitable for those who like to use their tablets or smartphones. Raymarine is a reliable source for sonar equipment, saltwater oriented fish finders, and big boats, and with the Dragonfly series, it has jumped into the freshwater fishfinder market.

Dragonfly comes with cutting-edge CHIRP enhanced DownVision sonar. In addition, it has a high-resolution display. This fish finder is has a reasonable price compared to other high-quality fishfinders. The Dragonfly 7 has a 7-inch screen with an 800 x 640 resolution. It is an easy-to-use fish-finder perfect for both experienced and rookie anglers. The most incredible feature is Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse, “down vision” technology which offers mind-blowing, almost photograph-like images from the depths below.

The down vision SONAR delivers a wide, elliptical fan of layered impulses at various frequencies which ensure clear images. Its crisp display ensures detail and differentiation between fish, plant-life, and solid formation dramatically.

Things we liked

  • Multi-Languages
  • It is a portable gadget that can be moved from one location to another in just a few minutes.
  • All Weather Use
  • Sonar GPS tracks your location and stores your history to SD card so that you can revisit successful sites.
  • Fully Packaged
  • You don’t need to buy additional accessories as you get everything you need once you get the unit.
  • The Dragonfly 7 has easy to use features and controls
  • Crystal clear images ensure high definition and detail


Things we didn’t like

  • The cable is short which means that you will be required to obtain an extension cable which is an added cost
  • The item can only be shipped within the US currently



This is the best fish finder with GPS and other requirements at a tight budget. It makes fishing exceptionally easy as you can mark the exact location at sea where you found a lot of fish earlier.

The communication interface allows you to share waypoints and fishing hot spots with friends. The inbuilt sonar technology enables you to acquire clear images of the sea. With its sonar images history, you can retrace your steps and make waypoints for future use. The smooth scaling imagery of it ensures clear pictures when you navigate from shallow waters to deep waters.

The complete set of mounting structures has made it easy for you to install the device on your boat. Its 3.5 inches LED display screen produces clear images. The device uses a CHIRP (77/200) transducer sold separately. The inbuilt GPS helps you gauge your position and waypoints. This device even tells the speed of your vessel.

Things we liked

  • Inbuilt high sensitivity GPS
  • Easy to read and use 3.5-inch color display
  • Convenient keypad operation
  • High-performance CHIRP sonar transducer which is upgradable
  • Communication interface with other Garmin appliances
  • Water and rain resistant
  • One year warranty
  • Auxiliary parts including mounting structures
  • In-built speed meter


Things we didn’t like

  • Technology employed by the device may be prohibitive to some users
  • Inability of the unit to communicate with other devices that are not identical to it makes it less effective



Buying Guide for Best Chartplotter Fish Finder

Fishfinder and Chartplotter combos price range from mid to high depending on the technological advancement. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fish finder, you can go for the ones that meet your budget as well as contain maximum features available under that budget. Going out and grab the first one you see most probably might not work for you. So here are the things you should consider while looking for the best Chartplotter combo fishfinder.

Fishfinder and Chartplotter combos price range from mid to high depending on the technological advancement. If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a fish finder, you can go for the ones that meet your budget as well as contain maximum features available under that budget. Going out and grab the first one you see most probably might not work for you. So here are the things you should consider while looking for the best Chartplotter combo fishfinder.



The size of the screen is important as it decides how well you will be able to see the objects displayed there. Bigger screen helps detect the fish easily. Besides choosing a large screen to see without squinting, make sure you have a high resolution too. With a high resolution, you will be able to tell the difference between a rock and a fish, and you can coordinate your position to your advantage. It is how a Chartplotter fishfinder combo with a large screen can make your experience a lot more enjoyable.



A good power output of the Chartplotter fish finder combo is necessary to see everything around you. With a fishfinder with more power, you can see more below the surface of the water and find out fish easily. Usually, fishfinders come with a power output between 100 and 300 watts, which is sufficient and effective for most fishermen who are not planning on some deep-sea fishing. In fact, you can see up to 200 feet down with the standard amount of power.



The transducer is one of the most significant parts of the fishfinder and Chartplotter. It uses different beams to scan through the water and picks up the location and types of fish. The transducer also maps out the bottom of the water and makes it easier to spot fish.

If you are planning to fish in both shallow and deep water, make sure the transducer has dual frequencies, which will allow you to adjust the frequencies for shallow or deep water. It’s useful for fishing in new places where you don’t exactly know about the depth of the water.



The connectors are important as they help you keep the wires arranged. Cheap, plastic connectors can break easily at unexpected times. Copper or metal connectors provide durability and stability to your wires. Check out the durability of the connectors, and what material they’re made of before you choose a fish finder. Make sure the connectors are easy to attach and pull off the cords so that you can be sure they’re on properly.



Another important thing for a fishfinder is its durability. Most of the fish finders on the market have a rating that describes you how durable they are. Usually, the higher the rating, the more well-built the unit. Make sure the fishfinder you choose is waterproof and sealed well.

You may purchase a case to keep the fish finder in and attach it to your mount so that it keeps safe even when you drop it on the ground. Usually, the more expensive units are more durable, but you can still find a durable fishfinder that covers your price range.



It is important to find out the best fishfinder that at the same time meets your price range. If you find one you really like, you should consider the features and compare the price. If it is out of your price range, you can still find one having almost the same features except you’ll have to sacrifice a few different features.


Final Verdict

A fish finder with Chartplotter is essential, but at the same time, you should check for its durability, reliability, and accuracy. When you’re using a Chartplotter fishfinder combo, make sure it works well. The fish finder works in any type of weather, so you won’t have to worry about rough waters. The waterproof design makes a fishfinder more durable and reliable.

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