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A crossbow has a horizontal bow which is mounted onto a gun-like shape. You might think that a crossbow is the combination of a bow and a gun. However, crossbows originated in ancient China and were used as military weapons, long before guns were invented. Crossbows are popular in shooting sports and hunting. However, learning how to draw a crossbow and hit a target efficiently can take months to master. Crossbows can cost over $2000, but if you can’t afford all that money, you can still buy a high-quality crossbow under 600 dollars. In addition, you will get a nice kit with all the necessary items to start shooting right away.

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Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350 Crossbow

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Excalibur Crossbow Null Matrix SMF Grizzly

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Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350

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SA Sports Empire Beowulf Crossbow

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Barnett Ghost 375 Crossbow

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The Risen XT 350 comes with a solid, sturdy body and rich features. It is one of the best crossbows for beginners for the money. It is suitable for both archer and huntsmen. You can even mount flashlights with it easily. It comes in a black matte finish and weighs only 2.4 kgs.

The Risen XT 350 is a moduler crossbow with a vertical foregrip which feels quite handy. In addition, it comprises of a detachable quiver. At 350 FPS, the XT350 can take down a target easily. It comes with a readily adjustable scope which allows you to hit the bulls-eye with a 15-yard shot.

Its instruction manual makes it easy for you to assemble this crossbow easily. You can deliver arrows at a kinetic energy of 15 kg-m. Finally, Risen XT 350 is speedy and accurate for the most part. Though it lacks in the scope section, it is a very promising crossbow.


Things we liked

  • Good velocity of 350 FPS
  • Light trigger pull
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Safety glasses and rail lube for practice and hunting sessions


Things we didn’t like

  • The scope cannot work properly during night time and lowlight conditions.
  • Heavy draw weight of 81.4 kg



You don’t have to spend a fortune to be backed by technologies to own a crossbow as long as you consider the Excalibur Matrix.

Though it doesn’t come with pulleys or fancy mechanics on the Grizzly, it is a plain and simple bow for the money that lets off at a respectable 300 fps. In addition, it also has one of the best triggers on the market available under 600 dollars.

Excalibur crossbow has pretty much perfected the recurve crossbow and has produced the best in that product category for years. This bow is almost impossible to break. So you can expect it to last forever.


Things we liked

  • Durable and rugged yet lightweight
  • Great price point
  • Incredibly accurate


Things we didn’t like

  • Not as powerful as higher end bows
  • Harder to draw than other options



Crossbows have a range following, but the requirements on the range differs greatly from the requirements in the woods. Range bows are little louder and less refined than those in the woods. You usually take a single shot in the woods, but on the range, you can shoot dozens of times in a day.

Southern Crossbow is a new company with a couple of offerings. However, the offerings are of high quality with unique innovations. So it could be a sure starting place for beginners who happen to be budget conscious.

The standard AR-15 style stock of risen line is ideal for beginners and for people not too serious about crossbow sport. Though it comes with good speed and enough power, it is great for some target practice on the range, not in the woods. This is a great bow for new hunters or for those looking for a bow which is less costly.


Things we liked

  • Surprising draw to power ratio.
  • Quite affordable.


Things we didn’t like

  • Fairly unrefined with a cheaper feel.
  • Draw is stiff with no mechanical assist available.



There are many inexpensive bows, and most are not worth the money. However, SA Sports maintains a balance of price and quality.

Surprisingly enough, this bow is lighter than a lot of the high dollar bows on the market, yet shoots hard with moderate accuracy with this budget range.

The Beowulf is a great choice for hunting available on the market under 600 dollars. Though it wouldn’t be my first pick, I would take it with confidence as it would do what I needed to.


Things we liked

  • Shockingly good bow for this cheap.
  • Better weight than most high dollar bows.


Things we didn’t like

  • A little rough around the edges.
  • Scope is cheap and chintzy.
  • Could have better power to draw ratio.



This is another popular model by the Barnett Ghost 375. Its lightweight, Sturdyness and the accuracy make it a great crossbow to start with. Its compact size is beneficial for cramped hunting areas. This is a great bow for the money.

The 7.1 pound bow is well balanced and quite easy to use. It can shoot 20-inch arrows at the speed of 360 FPS ensuring a perfect hunt. It works well for small-medium level games as well. The cocking mechanism is missing, which results in the draw weight of 160 pounds. So it is a great choice for teens.


Things we liked

  • Good Accuracy
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Easy to carry
  • Barnett’s 5 in 1 Safety Firing System
  • Adjustable scope for great accuracy


Things we didn’t like

  • Cocking mechanism is not included



How to Choose the Best Crossbow – Buying Guide

Before you buy a crossbow, evaluate the following things closely.


Bow Type

There are different types of bows for different purposes. Buy the one that suits your goal and matches your experience level as well.



Find out the amount of noise the crossbow makes when it fires. Notice if the cocking noise is extremely loud to hunt in the area.


Bow Weight

Remember to weigh the bow to see if it is comfortable for you to hold. Sometimes it’s annoying to carry a heavy bow even though it makes better shots.


Draw Weight

It’s important to know the draw weight because it determines how easy it is to use the bow and what types of game you can hunt with it.



Look for the average velocity of arrows released from the bow. Check the “feet per second” rating for comparison shopping.



Choose a bow that offers maximum warranty period in 600 dollars price range. Look for the conditions and eligibility for claiming warranty. Check their policies for defective or broken products. Remember to inquire if there are a reduced cost and free replacement program for the bow or the arrows.



Make sure your bow comes with a scope, and also, check the capabilities it has. If it doesn’t include a scope then check the kinds of scopes the bow is compatible with.



Crossbows can be extremely customizable. So if you are likely to add and take away parts from your weapon, then make sure the bow allows you to do so.


Arrow Size

Don’t forget to check the length of the arrow and how large of an arrowhead it can handle. Also, arrows are very specific to the crossbow being used.


Extra Parts

Take a look at the spare parts the bow comes with, such as strings, cables, or pulleys. Check how expensive high-quality replacement parts are to get your hands on.


Cocking Aids

A cocking aid makes drawing the string easier. So check if the bow comes with one or has the option to add one with ease.



It’s better if the crossbow outfitted with a camouflage color scheme if you are likely to hunt with it because it will confuse targets.



Though price can’t be your only consideration, you should definitely consider it when comparing crossbows with similar features.


Final Verdict

Finding the best crossbow under 600 dollars is possible as long as you are clear about what you want your crossbow to do and know about the features that you have to look for. To make the job easier for you, we have researched the market and come up with the above products you can choose from. You can choose any one of the above crossbows as they all offer extreme value for money.

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