Best Crossbow for Women Reviews

Though crossbows appear very masculine, there are crossbows specifically manufactured for women. You will find different women’s crossbow packages at different price ranges with a specific set of features and accessories. To make the job easier for you, we have done the research and come up with the best crossbows for women available on the market today.


5 Best Crossbow for Women Reviews

Barnett Lady Raptor FX

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Tenpoint Lady Shadow Crossbow Package

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PSE Archery Fang LT

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Wicked Ridge Lady Ranger Crossbow

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Barnett 78128 Whitetail Hunter

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Lady Raptor is the combination of elegance and power. It is dependable and a wonderful hunting crossbow kit for women. Made of high-quality materials, It ensures satisfying accuracy and speed. Its lightweight composite stock and limbs have made it is easy for women to handle.

The crossbow maintains precision with its finger reminders and adjustable butt pad. In addition, it comes with crosswire string, high-energy cam and cable systems for a superb shot. Other fantastic features of the product are Picatinny rails and Anti-Dry Fire trigger system. Overall, it is undoubtedly a value for the money.


Things we liked

  • Available in a lightweight design
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Equipped with industrial-strength features
  • The crossbow is highly durable
  • It is affordably priced


Things we didn’t like

  • Heavier compared to other brands or models


This specially made crossbow for women is powerful, lightweight and compact.  It comes with the ability to shoot bolts up to 328 FPS, the Lady Shadow is able to deliver a full-size performance.

You can unquestionably count on this reliable crossbow package for women. It comes with a patented Dry-Fire Inhibitor that prevents the crossbow from firing without a bolt. In addition, it comes with a 3.5-lb. T2 trigger that provides with quiet, crisp, and consistent shots every time you fire.


Things we liked

  • Highly durable and dependable
  • A crossbow that is worth the price
  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Made with outstanding limb technology
  • The crossbow is superbly functional


Things we didn’t like

  • It is more expensive compared to other crossbows for women on the market


PSE Archery Fang LT is equipped with some of the best features that a crossbow kit for women usually has. This crossbow can give a woman everything she needs to get started. The PSE Fang is a good option to consider if you are a beginner woman.

You can easily cock the Fang using its cocking rope. You can get this accurate and powerful crossbow at a reasonable price. So it is a good choice for you if you are looking for a quality crossbow on budget. Some of its fantastic features are Precision molded stock, Anti-dry-fire, auto safety trigger, and 4x32mm scope.


Things we liked

  • It comes with great accuracy
  • It has great adjustability
  • Offers a smooth draw
  • A compact, lightweight crossbow
  • Made with excellent grip design


Things we didn’t like

  • It is heavier in weight compared to other women’s crossbows


Crossbow enthusiasts describe this Lady Ranger bow as gorgeous. It is one of the top-rated crossbow kits for women available on the market today. Its hot pink string and cables make it appear really feminine. However, its features and accessories are designed for superb performance and quality.

The Lady Ranger is user-friendly and lightweight. So it a suitable crossbow for a smaller framed shooter. Besides being compact and easy to use, it offers satisfying accuracy. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced archer, you can fire a shot with ease with this crossbow.


Things we liked

  • Known for its improved accuracy
  • It is highly powerful
  • Comes with a compact design
  • Easy to shoot
  • Exceptional balance and durability


Things we didn’t like

  • It is more expensive compared to other crossbows for women
  • It has no integrated suppressors


The Barnett 78128 is an ideal crossbow for women. Its cocking makes pulling back the 150 pounds limbs easy. It has very impressive quality and amazing features. It is lightweight and weighs 6.4 pounds and provides extreme accuracy for an enjoyable hunting experience.

The Anti-Dry Fire trigger system prevents dry firing. So you are safe from shooting the crossbow without an arrow in place. It is also equipped with finger safety reminders to keep your fingers and thumb below the flight track and far from the strings during shooting. It has a 4×32 scope that lets you make accurate shots. The only downside is that you need to fire it with a bolt in to decock it.


Things we liked

  • Offers 122 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy
  • Equipped with a TriggerTech trigger
  • All stainless steel components


Things we didn’t like

  • Needs to be fired to decock
  • Not so good customer service
  • The scope is hard to adjust



Buying Guide: Best Crossbow for Women

It’s not easy to purchase a crossbow kit for women if you are not aware of the things you need to consider. Choosing which model or brand is the best choice for you may seem daunting. No worries! Our buying guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about buying a crossbow designed for women. Do not rush in buying one. Consider the factors we have mentioned here before you make a purchase.



The weight of the bow is one of the primary things for you to consider. Opt for the one you can easily carry around. If you are likely to go for hunting, it is very important for you. So consider your body size and the weight you are able to carry. Check the technical details of the crossbow before you purchase because some crossbows of the same size have different weights.



Make sure the crossbow you choose comes with the accessories you need. Mostly, crossbow kits or packages come with all the features and accessories for free. The basic accessories include in a package are arrows, quiver, instructional DVDs, user manual, rail lube, and cocking rope.

Brands and manufacturers these days design their crossbows with high-technology features and accessories to compete with others. If you don’t want to spend more money on add-ons or additional accessories, buy one that offers a complete set of accessories along with the main product.



When it comes to buying a crossbow for women, make sure it is durable and dependable. However, most of the time, you need to spend a large amount of money on a high-quality product. Try to find out the best option your budget allows. There are crossbows for women affordably priced yet accurate and fast. You only have to compare the models or brands so that it would be easier for you to find the best one you need.


Draw Weight

Crossbows come with draw weights. Know the draw weight first before you make your final decision to make sure you have a crossbow that suits you. A crossbow with a high draw weight requires more effort to make a full draw. So choose the one you can easily draw and pull back. However, a bigger draw weight makes a bow faster.


Axle Length

The axle length is the crossbow’s overall length. It determines the maneuverability of the bow and an important factor for women. Shorter crossbows are more maneuverable compared to the longer ones. However, they are quite hard to shoot. If you are a beginner adult woman in archery or hunting, we suggest you go for a crossbow with a longer axle length.


Right eye or Left eye

You have to determine which of your eyes is the dominant one. You should shoot right-handed if you have a dominant right eye, and if your left eye is the dominant one, shoot with your left hand.



A crossbow with a good arrow speed is necessary for successful hunting. The speed of a crossbow is measured in FPS. Most of the large crossbows on the market are designed with higher FPS, but a woman is capable of drawing powerful and large crossbows as men do. For a woman, a crossbow with 250 feet per second is good enough.


Final Thoughts

A great crossbow kit for women comes with all the necessary features and accessories necessary for efficient speed and accuracy. Many crossbows for women are available on the market at different price ranges from average to expensive. You probably have a final choice in mind in terms of brand or model, but whether you are professional or amateur, it is important to consider everything we have mentioned above before you make your final purchase.


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