Best Dual Purpose Marine Battery Reviews 2019

If you need a battery with both deep cycle and starting functionality, a dual-purpose marine battery is what you want. This feature is necessary for fishing boats where many accessories and electronics drain the starting battery. This battery contains a small amount of liquid; just enough to moisten the mat so nothing can break or leak out. So it is durable, stable, and able to handle many charge and discharge cycles. It comes with the power to start the outboard engine and the electronics over the course of a full day of fishing. Dual purpose AGM solves this problem of starting power and deep cycle power draws.

5 Best Dual Purpose Marine Battery

Optima 8016-103 D34M Deep Cycle Battery

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Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST Marine Dual Purpose Battery

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Optima 8052-161 D31M Starting and Deep Cycle Battery

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Northstar AGM Engine Start Batteries

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Trojan T27-AGM Dual Purpose Battery

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This 8016-103 D34M Deep Cycle Battery is versatile and can be used for both starting and deep cycling operations. This battery has 55Ah rating and lasts for long. This battery can take three times more charges than the cheaper ones.

You don’t need to add distilled water to this AGM battery. In addition, it is totally maintenance-free. This spill-proof battery is easy to mount in any position. It weighs 43 pounds and measures 10 by 6⅞ and it is 7 and 13/16 inches tall. You can start your boat with it even in adverse weather condition.

It can discharge 25 amps for 120 minutes when used at 80 degrees Fahrenheit until the voltage goes down to 10.5 volts. It recharges quickly. In about 35 minutes, you will get 90% charge capacity.  However, you must use the charger that the company provides if you don’t want to overcharge it. The charging instructions can help you to take care of the battery.

Things we liked

  • It can start a motor even at 0 degrees F
  • It can power boats loaded with electrical gadgets
  • Doesn’t take long to recharge
  • It can last for a thousand recharging cycles
  • No too heavy
  • It’s spill-proof
  • It doesn’t need maintenance
  • You can avoid overcharge using the right charger


Things we didn’t like

  • Without the right charger, the battery is overcharged
  • You have to follow a set of instructions while recharging it


The Odyssey 31M-PC2150ST is one of the best dual purpose marine batteries available on the market. The price tag is high, but it comes with better specs and a good warranty compared to other AGM batteries.

It offers excellent reserve power of 205 minutes and capacity rating of 100 Ah. That is more than enough to power a fishing boat with several large fish finders, plus the live wells all day.

Its 1150 cold cranking amps can easily crank the bigger 200-250hp outboards on top of the line bass boats. If you are likely to need the best AGM battery to power everything on your fishing boats, the Odyssey 31M is the right choice for you.

Things we liked

  • 5 years warranty.
  • Full replacement at no cost, with no hassle
  • Capacity rating of 100 Ah
  • Excellent reserve power of 205 minutes
  •  Highest recharge efficiency


Things we didn’t like

  • A little bit pricey
  • Heavier than others


The Optima Bluetop is one of the best dual purpose marine batteries available on the market. It is a popular and high-performance AGM battery with a powerful runtime and above average recharges.

It has the ability to take more recharges than most other marine batteries. So it has a better runtime and longer lifespan. It is durable and fifteen times more resistance to vibration which keeps the battery safe and makes for a longer lifespan.

The sturdy and secure design makes it spill-proof and mountable in any position. The only downside is that sometimes Optima have shipping issues. Shipments of batteries occasionally fall behind.

Things we liked

  • High-performance AGM battery
  • Powerful runtime
  • Above average recharges
  • Longer lifespan
  • Sturdy and secure design
  • Spill-proof and mountable in any position


Things we didn’t like

  • Shipments of batteries occasionally fall behind


This pure lead AGM battery features a very high reserve, Amp-Hour capacity, and cold cranking amps for large outboards, and faster recharge. The Northstar AGM charges to 100% faster than most other batteries. This battery delivers continually strong CCA. You don’t have to worry about getting stranded out on the water with this AGM battery.

This battery is dependable and entirely maintenance free. So you won’t have to check water levels or clean corrosion off the terminals. The battery remains in good condition when stored over long periods of time and holds up in extreme conditions. You will get an excellent warranty depending on the kind of battery you get. Typically, they last between three and four years.

Things we liked

  • Durable and offers a lot of power
  • Faster recharge


Things we didn’t like

  • This battery is a bit heavier


Trojan Battery has sustained performance. It implements different eco-friendly features into their batteries. Trojan batteries contain a high-density paste formula designed for high-performance batteries.

It was created perfectly for the Trojan lineup, and it produces top of the line batteries that beat their competitors. It comes with a structurally sound battery that reduces the risk of corrosion and deterioration of parts. This battery comes with a longer run time than most of their competitors and lowers the operating costs associated with the battery.

A few things to consider when choosing this battery is the size of the battery, and the variety. This company does not have many models to choose from compared to other brands. So if you need a unique configuration, it may be unavailable in Trojan.

Things we liked

  • It has sustained performance
  • Eco-friendly features
  • High-density paste formula for high-performance
  • Comes with a longer runtime
  • Low risk of corrosion and deterioration of parts
  • Low operating costs


Things we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t have many options to choose from


Buying Guide: Best Dual Purpose Marine Battery

Things to Consider before Buying a Dual Purpose Marine Battery


Group Size

The physical size of the battery is an important thing to consider. So make sure it fits in your battery compartment. Most of the people prefer smaller batteries with the best output possible. If you are one of them, don’t forget to check the size.


Cold Cranking Amps

Find out the number of amps your battery comes with. It helps you to turn over the outboard engine. It’s important because it determines the battery that you need to get it started. Get a battery that has high CCA, and you will be able to turn it over easily.


Reserve Capacity

Reserve capacity provides the current draw to the accessories. The more reserve capacity your battery comes with, the more your boat can run before falling below the minimum voltage.


Battery Type

Most dual purpose marine batteries are the sealed AGM style, and they are the best choice for you. However, there are many Lead Acid marine batteries on the market as well, but they cannot provide the necessary CCA and deep cycling ability needed for large motors and electronics.


Final Thoughts

Congratulations! Now that you have read about the best dual batteries on the market and have knowledge about the things you need to consider before you make your final decision. You can now easily choose the one that fits your needs and budget and avoid the ones that don’t provide your needs. So by reading this post, you have saved hours of vain searching for the best battery.

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