Best Fish Finder under 300 Reviews

Fish finders are important for fishing, and if you have a low budget, still, you can buy a full-featured fish finder under 300 dollars. This review and buying guide will help you choose the best fish finder within your budget. Modern fish finders can display a nearly photographic image of the bottom and lets you identify individual fish and the types of structures they are hiding in. If you’re thinking about getting the best fish finder under 300, you are in the right place. We have done the research and come up with 5 best fish finders available on the market under 300 dollars.

5 Best Fish Finder under 300

Humminbird 410210-1 Helix 5 Chirp GPS G2 Fish Finder

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Garmin 010-01807-00 Garmin STRIKER 5cv

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Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ Portable Fish Finder

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Raymarine Dragonfly Pro CHIRP Fish Finder

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Lowrance 000-12635-001 Hook-3X Sonar

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Humminbird Helix 5 Fish Finder comes with a lot of features which makes it one of the best fish finders under $300. You can switch the 5-inch display between full color and grayscale. The backlighting makes the display visible in any light condition. Its SwitchFire sonar system lets you switch the display view from clear to very detailed. The clear mode makes it easier to see fish in rough weather. Max mode provides with excellent detail for a 2-D fish finder. You can even see temperature gradients and currents. The transducer has the power to go 1500 feet deep, but you can get an optional transducer and upgrade it to get down to 2500 feet.

The Helix 5 GPS receiver supports tracking and chart plotting, and you can save your tracks and routes along with thousands of waypoints and fishing spots quite easily. You can attach optional mapping and logging software to it. The Helix 5 has an SD card slot and you can connect it to your PC with the PC connectivity software. You can mount the device in its gimbal frame for a more permanent option. The Helix 5 comes with a new operating system which is quite easy to operate. The small size of the function buttons are the things that we didn’t like much, though the large digit view mode on the display made up for that. This is a good fish finder for the money.


Things we liked

  • More included feature than you usually find at this price level
  • Clear imaging
  • SD card and PC software included


Things we didn’t like

  • Mount tilts but does not swivel
  • Small function buttons
  • Too many optional purchase items


The Garmin STRIKER series is one of the best fish finders under $300 and is excellent for both professional and weekend fishermen. A portability kit helps you keep the fish finder safe between boats or on the ice. In addition, the 5cv includes a powerful sonar unit and high-resolution display housed in the waterproof rugged IPX7.

This fish finder has a 5-inch color screen and packs almost all of the features of the larger model. In addition, it comes with Garmin CHIRP technology and Clear Vu scanning sonar. The CHIRP transducer puts out a signal in the 77/200 kHz range and sweeps a broad frequency range instead of just a single frequency, and then interprets each level of return separately, which produces clear, crisp fish arches and better target separation. The ClearVu scanning sonar is integrated into the same transducer and shows a wide-angle view of the things below your boat in an almost photographic image.

You can track your location and mark fishing holes for later return with a high-sensitivity GPS. The bottom lock setting shows the return from the bottom to the surface, and the bottom can be 2,300 feet away in freshwater, and 1,100 in saltwater. The A-scope gives you a real-time view of fish passing through the transducer beam. The unit is easy to move, but the side support arms are a little heavier. All in all, the STRIKER 5cv is a great fish finder for the money.


Things we liked

  • Generous screen space in an overall compact unit
  • A-scope moving fish tracking
  • Split-screen function
  • Garmin reputation


Things we didn’t like

  • Generous screen space in an overall compact unit
  • A-scope moving fish tracking
  • Split-screen function
  • Garmin reputation


The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ is 2.55-inch black ball comes with amazing features under $300. It uses a WiFi connection instead of Bluetooth and has an integrated GPS function that runs in Standard, Boat, Ice Fishing, and Onshore modes. It displays the sonar imaging via the Deeper application using a smartphone or tablet.

With this easy-to-use device, you can collect a lot of data and easily transfer them to your computer. You can create a map of the bottom by casting the unit out and reeling it back over multiple paths. The signal extends to 330 feet and the depth capability goes down to 260 feet. It comes with a boat mode bottom mapping function too. It has dual beam sonar that allows you to use a wide beam to cover large areas and a narrow beam for pinpointing fish.

This little unit outperforms many larger and more expensive fish finders with a .5-inch target separation. It comes with an arm mount so that you can attach it to the side of a kayak or small boat. For still fishing, you can attach the unit to a line and let it drift on the side you are fishing. The Battery can be used continuously for 5.5 hours. You can charge it with a USB cable on vehicles. This fish finder is perfect for kayak and ice fishing and works wonderfully for the bank and jetty fisherman.


Things we liked

  • Amazing capabilities for such a small unit
  • Fun to use
  • Extremely portable


Things we didn’t like

  • Image is sensitive to bottom conditions like weeds and silt
  • Battery life is limited to 6 months



The Dragonfly 4 Pro is part of a new series of affordable fish finders with clearly marked zoom in/out, a simpler 4-way direction, enters button as well as back and power buttons. Moreover, the ball-and-socket design offers swivel rotation.

This device is equipped with 50/200 kHz and 82/200 kHz dual CHIRP sonar technology and pings a wide pointed beam to produce images with better clarity than other devices having single channel sonar. The wide-spectrum CHIRP DownVision sonar provides with photo-like illustrations and the second CHIRP conventional sonar channel is useful while targeting fish.

It comes with a 4.3-inch LCD screen and 480×272 WQVGA resolution with 16:9 aspect, and with it, you can have both single and split-screen illustrations. The built-in optical bonding enables sharper contrasts and brighter colors. You can easily view images easily from multiple angles with it.

The integrated WiFi mobile app adds an extra advantage by connecting your smartphone to the fish finder. There is a factory installed C-MAP and 50-channel GPS/Chart Plotter with which you can expect fast-tracking of lakes, rivers and coastal locations in the United States. Moreover, it allows you to plot 10,000 track points, 3000 waypoints, and 150 routes.


Things we liked

  • Compatibility with Navionics and Lighthouse charts/maps
  • Ability to stream live sonar data to your smartphone
  • 2D and Down Imaging sonar technology
  • Flexible mounting options


Things we didn’t like

  • Doesn’t work well at high speeds



The Lowrance 000-12635-001 is a simple fish finder without advanced navigation features yet popular among anglers. It comes with the DSI skimmer transducer and a DownScan sonar unit that is capable of operating at two different frequencies i.e. 455/800 kHz. The device scans with fan-shaped beams; the 455 kHz beam is wider than the 800 kHz one.

You can amazingly track fish at a depth of 300 feet with this DownScan only device. The transducer with a 6-meter cable and temperature sensor lets you know the temperature of the surface water. You can keep track of organisms at the bottom until the vessel doesn’t exceed 55 MPH. A boat speed of 1-6 miles per hour is necessary for maximum clarity and detection.

The Lowrance 000-12635-001has a LED backlit 3” screen with 320×240 resolution and uses broadband sounder detail to easily identify fish targets, bottom hardness, bottom contour, structure detail and more.


Things we liked

  • Dual frequency operation maximizes
  • Advanced signal processing reduces
  • Broadband sounder detail
  • DSI skimmer transducer included


Things we didn’t like

  • Lacks navigation features


Buying Guide for Best Fish Finder under $300

Before you make your final decision on the best fish finder under 300, carefully consider the following three major product qualities to make a smart decision.


App Compatibility

We recommend app compatibility if you enjoy keeping track of readouts and building information on your favorite fishing spots. However, if you want to have access to this useful feature, you will need to invest in a product that approaches the 300 price tag limit.



GPS makes it simple to find previous fishing spots on your next trip. In addition, a fish finder model with a quality built-in GPS is necessary if you want to stay protected and informed while tracking fish. Anything too fancy is not necessary but make sure you can easily connect in rural environments, and get home safe and sound.



A fish finder is worthless without a quality screen. Because you won’t be able to understand the readouts you’re looking at without a good screen.

So to make a quality investment, choose a screen at least 4 inches in width having a crisp and bright display. Finally, make sure the screen is easy to navigate.

Color screens are good for identifying fish and the debris efficiently. They can display over 250 colors, which is good for easy identification of things. Combination of the right transducer and the screen will give you the best output.



Lower frequency reaches deeper into the water while higher frequency works well in shallow water. Some of the best fish finders allow you to change frequency to fish effectively in both deep and shallow water. So go for the one that meets your requirement.



Powerful fishfinder can read the waves under the water and give you clear pictures. The combination of wattage and power is essential to see into the water effectively.



The transducer sends information under the surface and receives it back. When it receives information, the sonar is sent to the screen and you can see things under the water. You can identify anything when you have the proper transducer.


Final Verdict

Fish finders are essential if you want to get back home as a successful fisherman every time you go out fishing. You have to find a fishfinder that suits your needs. The devices we have mentioned above are under 300 dollars and they will help you see more underneath the water than others.


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