Best Hammock Straps

The value of high-quality hammock straps is beyond description. The best hammock straps keep you safe on the hammock while taking a comfortable nap in the wilderness or in your backyard without any chance of falling down. Buying a high-quality hammock without the best hammock straps will not ensure your safety above ground. So we have come up with the 5 best hammock straps with a buying guide at the bottom of this article to help you buy the best hammock straps available on the market today.


5 Best Hammock Straps

ENO Atlas Straps

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Pys Hammock Straps

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XL Hammock Straps Set

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Pro Hammock Tree Straps

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Nature’s Hangout HangTight Hammock Straps

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Atlas straps are excellent for hammocks used for hiking or backpacking. These lightweight and compact straps fit easily into the pack for reliable hammock suspension.


Light duty hammock straps

The Eagles’ Net Outfitters suspension system can withstand weight loads up to 400 pounds.


Lightweight and compact

Atlas straps come with super light materials and a perfect size which is ideal for hikers and backpackers. So they are an excellent choice for you when you’re packing a load across the wilderness.


Big Tree compatible

The straps are nine feet in length for a total of 18 feet, and so there’s plenty of straps to go around big trees for secure suspension of Hammock.


Durable material

The straps are made of strong PolyFilament materials. So they are durable and provides you with reliable support.


Things we liked

  • Light and small for packing
  • Good straps that don’t stretch
  • Easy to use
  • Long enough to reach across big trees
  • Good for ENO hammocks and fast setup


Things we didn’t like

  • Some users reported ravelling in the straps. The company quickly sent new straps though.


PYS Hammock straps are extra large which is a total of 20 feet in length. So you can set them up almost anywhere you like to.


Fast and easy setup

PYS hammock straps are easy to use, and you can set up them fast. You won’t have to tie knots. The process of setting it up is a breeze.



You can attach these long straps to large trees, docks, large rocks, cars, beams or other solid objects which proves its versatile capabilities.



The best thing about Hang tight Hammock straps is that it is compatible with ENO SingleNest, DoubleNest and most of the other hammock brands available on the market today.



These straps are ideal for hikers and backpackers as their lightweight materials don’t burden the backpack with unnecessary weight.



These straps come with durable no-stretch materials which enable them to withstand 2000 pounds of weight.


Things we liked

  • Long straps make it easier to reach anchor points
  • Easy setup and doesn’t take much time
  • Holds up well, good product
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Good weight for backpacking


Things we didn’t like

  • Loops are difficult to hook



These heavy duty hammock straps come with an extra long size which enables you to set your up your hammock in more convenient places.



The long length makes it convenient for hikers and backpackers to attach it to ideal anchor points such as large trees or rocks, vehicles, docks, etc.


Heavy duty

These straps are made of heavy-duty materials and are capable of withstanding up to 1,400 pounds while each strap individually is capable of handling 700 pounds.


Easy to use

These straps save you from worrying about annoying knot tying. The design of the straps allows you to set up the hammock quickly and easily whenever and wherever you need it.


Carabiners included

Favofit Hammock tree straps come with 2 carabiners for a package deal and extra value which is not common in other straps.


Things we liked

  • Inclusion of carabiners is helpful
  • Easy to use and fast setup
  • Holds hammock in place
  • Easy to adjust tension
  • Straps are sturdy and of good quality


Things we didn’t like

  • One user found these straps to be too stretchy while most others were pleased with the performance.



Pro Hammock tree hanging straps are easy to set up. So you are to spend less time maintaining it and more time lying back and enjoy a nap.


Fast and easy setup

These straps are hassle-free to use and you can set them up in one minute or less. They have no knots to tie, and you can easily install them with daisy chain loops.



You can easily make a fine adjustment with 30 loop anchor points to prevent sagging. Also, you can experience more comfort and relaxation using this hammock.



These straps are reasonably long, and you can attach them to big trees and varieties of different objects. So it is easier for you to find the ideal place to set up your hammock.



These non-stretch straps are made of 100% polyester which lessens the chance of sagging. The best thing is that each loop is reinforced with three safety stitching.


Carabiners included

With the purchase of this straps, you will get complete set of two straps and 2 carabiners.


Things we liked

  • Material is very strong and durable. Holds up with 2 persons in hammock nicely
  • Fast setup and is ready to go in record time
  • You can use it on trees or large rocks
  • Long straps make it easier for the hammock to reach perfect location
  • Adjusting the tension is easy with these quality straps


Things we didn’t like

  • Straps are a little heavy for backpacking



These straps are one of the strongest ones that money can buy. They secure your hammock suspension system nicely. So there’s no need to think twice to rely on them.


Quality construction

It has straight stitching that ensures even spacing throughout the strap and provides you with the best results.


Fast installation

You can set up the straps in less than two minutes. There’s no need to learn knots so you can experience a hassle-free setup with these straps.



The daisy-chained loop system allows you to easily adjust the hammock height easy and fast which ensures the highest support.


Strong and durable

It has three reinforced straps with double-power bar-tacked stitches. It can withstand more than 2,200 pounds having a working load of 700 pounds combined.


Polyester webbing

It’s made of polyester which is cent percent no-stretch material and ensures excellent performance under heavy weight.


Things we liked

  • Quality materials and construction
  • Easy to install
  • Works well with large tree trunks
  • Long strap for easy hammock setup
  • Safe for trees because the width will not damage the trunks


Things we didn’t like

  • Carabiners. must be purchased seperately



Buying Guide for Best Hammock Straps

Hammock straps keep your hammock firmly in place on both ends and are a part of the suspension system. They come in a variety of different features. Below are the most important things to look for when looking for hammock straps.



The best straps are versatile, and you can use them both indoors and outdoors. You don’t know what kind of objects you will find to hang your hammock while you are outdoor. So versatility is important for your straps. Best straps are suitable for outdoor use in both humid or moist weather. They don’t fade when left in bright sunlight. They are usable with both small and large diameter objects.



Best straps are strong and durable because of their sturdy and high-quality materials. Look for brands that don’t use materials stretch and tear easily. Polyester webbing is perfect in this regard as it is highly resistant to tearing or stretching. The stitching is another important factor for you to consider while buying the best straps. Make sure they feature a triple stitch construction for the seams to prevent tearing while in use.



The distance between the anchor points of your hammock is unpredictable. It could be either short or long. So it’s wise to buy long straps to reach objects that are a bit far. So we recommend you to buy one that is 10 feet in length.



It’s essential to consider the weight of the entire suspension system before you make your final decision. If hiking or backpacking is your cup of tea, the weight of the strap is a vital element for you to consider. So choose high-quality straps that are made of lightweight materials, and at the same time, are durable and strong as well. If your hammock is for two people, buy straps that are in doubles for added strength. Your best hammock straps should weigh two pounds or less.


Fit for use with trees

Choose straps that are tree friendly which means they are thicker and put less strain on the tree. They should be at least one inch in thickness. It will save trees from any damage that they might cause.


Final verdict

The sturdiness of your hammock depends on the straps that you use to anchor it. Straps are one of the most important parts of the suspension system without which hammocks are useless.

Some people need heavy duty straps for extra weight, while light duty straps are enough for others depending on their needs. The weight and length of the straps are important as well if you are a hiker.

We believe that the 5 best hammock straps reviews will save your time finding out ones that serve your purpose within your budget. The straps that we have showcased here are highly rated by users for quality and performance.

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