Best Hammock Underquilts Reviews

If you are planning to hang out during the day or sleep overnight while camping, a hammock is great to serve you the purpose. In warmer climates, you can often get away with just a top blanket, but hammock camping in colder temperatures will require you some extra gear to stay warm during the night. Hammock underquilts insulate you from the bottom as you are essentially exposed on the underside when lying in a hammock.


5 Best Hammock Underquilts

Eagles Nest Outfitters Ember 2 Under Quilt

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SnugPak Jungle Blanket Survival Blanket Polyester

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OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

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ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters – Vulcan Underquilt

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Outdoor Vitals Aerie Underquilt/Sleeping Bag

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This simple, durable, four-season underquilt makes camping easy. It makes your hammock a little warmer in cold weather and ensures comfortable sleeping in hot weather as well. This fairly standard, well-made, and high quality underquilt for hammock camping will last for years if you take good care of it. This traditionally shaped underquilt is great for general use with any kind of hammock of your choice. For quality and weather protection, and easy setup, nothing can beat the Ember 2 underquilt.


Things we liked

  • Adjustable shock cord helps you adjust how open or closed the underquilt is while allowing you to hang it quickly. You can be as warm as you need to be.
  • Weighs only 25 ounces – some heavy duty underquilts can weigh twice as much.
  • Water-resistant exterior is helpful in humid or rainy climates.


Things we didn’t like

  • There isn’t a “middle” setting for tightness with this underquilt. It’s either loose or tight.



This heavy-duty, three-season blanket fits any kind of hammock. The antibacterial and antimicrobial agents in it keep it smelling fresh and stops the growth of bacteria in damp environments. This underquilt provides with soft insulation and folds easily. There is no trouble to use it as an underquilt because of it’s lightweight and simplicity. It’s the best underquilt for Hennessy hammock as it fits excellently in the unique shape of the Hennessy hammock. As they don’t manufacture their own underquilts, this one is the best substitute available on the market today.


Things we liked

  • Can be used with any hammock at all, no matter the size or the shape.
  • It’s not heavy, and it packs away into a compression sack.
  • Can be used for tent camping as well – line the floor of the tent for better insulation or use it as a blanket.


Things we didn’t like

  • This blanket is only rated down to 36 degrees. It may not fare well in a particularly cold winter.



This three-season lightweight underquilt is a universal fit for most hammocks. Even if you find it a little big or a little small for your hammock, you can easily set up in a way to make it work perfectly. Its water repellent exterior is perfect for rainy weather, while the ripstop nylon saves the exterior of the underquilt from being damaged by tree branches. This is the best hammock underquilt for an occasional hammock camper who is on a budget. It’s half the price of the more popular brands and good enough to get your job done.


Things we liked

  • This isn’t too heavy to use in the spring or summer, when the nights are slightly cool but not freezing. You won’t sweat.
  • One of the most affordable high-quality underquilts on the market.
  • Easy elastic strap and carabiner system makes it easy to set up and take down.


Things we didn’t like

  • Not designed for winter camping. You’ll need something much heavier.



This heavy-duty underquilt is the most hard-core one money can possibly buy. its differential cut construction keeps you snug, conforming to the shape of your body in the hammock. Filament fibers draw in and retain body heat, and recycle it to keep you warm all night. This is the best winter underquilt for ENO Eagles hammock, but you can use it with any hammock that is similar in size to an ENO Eagles, but the shock cord suspension is best.


Things we liked

  • This underquilt is padded and warm enough that you’ll actually want to hammock camp in the winter.
  • The exterior finish catches water, collects it into drops, and causes it to roll off onto the ground. Light snow or rain isn’t a problem, even without a rain fly.
  • Shock cord suspension makes it easy to hang this underquilt, even though it’s heavy.


Things we didn’t like

  • This is heavier than most underquilts, because it’s rated for winter.
  • This is a pretty expensive underquilt, but you pay a price for cold weather durability.



This sleeping bag style underquilt zips directly over the hammock and seals you in, and though it’s often difficult to get in and out of this kind of hammock, they are perfect for cold weather. The ripstop nylon coated exterior makes it perfect to withstand the elements around the hammock. This versatile equipment works like a sleeping bag and an underquilt. Camping outdoors in extreme weather requires an underquilt like this.


Things we liked

  • Since this can be used as either a sleeping bag or an underquilt, you’re getting the most for your money.
  • Grid stitching design evenly distributes the filling, preventing it from shifting around and creating lumps or uneven insulation.
  • The zipper is metal rather than plastic – it won’t break.
  • 27.2 oz. is very light!


Things we didn’t like

  • A little more on the expensive side.



Benefits of Hammock Underquilts

There is no problem of getting twisted up in them, as you would in a sleeping bag when turning around. They work better than sleeping bags providing you ultimate warmth throughout the night. Hammock quilts are great for keeping you warm even in winter.

Since they are specifically designed to fit around a hammock, they are built to not get in the way and wrap the hammock’s shape. Plus, you can easily access your hammock and get in and out during the night without having to hassle with an enclosure. A hammock tarp will make you feel cozy and protected from wind, rain, and snow.

Buying Guide for Best Hammock Underquilts


When buying your best hammock underquilts, look for the one made from durable ripstop fabric and comes with a water-repellent coating. Ripstop nylon shell ensures persistence and protection against snags and tears. Since it’s quite normal to experience some sort of rain while hammock camping, choose an underquilt with a Durable Water Repellent coating.


Insulation Type

A hammock underquilt comes with synthetic or down fill insulation. Both of them are great and you can count on any one of them. So for hammock underquilts, you can go either way. A high-quality polyester insulation provides ultra warmth and won’t lose it’s heating capacity if it gets wet.



Make sure the underquilt fits your hammock, especially, if your hammock is a double camping one. For maximal hammock insulation, make sure that the hammock underquilt is large enough to fit you comfortably when you are lying in your hammock. Choose the one that is not very snug to limit your movement, nor very big to create gaps for heat to escape.



Make sure the underquilt fits your hammock, especially, if your hammock is a double camping one. For maximal hammock insulation, make sure that the hammock underquilt is large enough to fit you comfortably when you are lying in your hammock. Choose the one that is not very snug to limit your movement, nor very big to create gaps for heat to escape.


Temperature Rating

Hammock underquilts come in a wide range of temperatures. Look for the one that is rated down to lowest temperatures.  For colder temperatures, you can add layers on top, or even can use a sleeping bag in combination to stay warm.



Be sure that your underquilt comes from a trusted brand. A quality hammock underquilt last for years if used with proper care. For durability, buy one with ripstop fabric and high-quality seams.


Underquilt Fit

Underquilts are generally made in a simple rectangle shape with a shock cord suspension that allows adjustability to form a contour around your body. It is essential to eliminate gaps between the hammock and underquilts for keeping warm.


Final Verdict

The best hammock underquilts will keep you warm no matter how cold the weather is. Hammock pads, sleeping bags, top quilts, etc are some of the best hammock insulation types available on the market today.

Before choosing your hammock, check for high-quality materials and make sure it fits your camping hammock snugly for maximal insulation. There is plenty of great hammock underquilts on the market today, and it is difficult to choose one from them, but if you go with one of the options we have mentioned above, you’ll get real satisfaction.

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