Best Heat Press Machine for T-Shirt Reviews 2019

In this article, we are going to take you through the features and benefits of some of the great products currently available on the market. If you are planning to start a custom printed apparel business or want to add artwork onto t-shirts, the quality is a must. A good t-shirt heat press machine can provide accurate color balance and fade proof design. With our review and buying guide, selecting the right Heat Press will be an easy task.

5 Best Heat Press Machine for T-Shirt

 PowerPress HPM-1515-BK Heat Press Machine

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VEVOR Heat Press Machine

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Super Deal PRO Heat Press Sublimation Machine

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F2C Black Heat Press Sublimation Machine

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ZENY 10×12 T-Shirt Digital Heat Press Machine

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If your business is designing T-shirts, the Power Press Digital Sublimation T-Shirt heating press is what you want. Not only will you be able to create awesome T-shirt designs, but you’ll also be able to provide great design items on canvas, metal, glass, ceramic – on almost any material you can think of.

This versatile heating press works well with fabrics, metal, glass, canvas etc. You’ll be able to carry out large printing with the 15 by 15 inches heating plate which is perfect for your T-shirt and design business. The LCD control board allows you to maintain full control over your press settings. The time and temperature of your heating press can be accurately placed on settings to get the job done.

The heating press comes with a timer range of 0-999 seconds and a temperature range of 0-750 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a replaceable fuse. So your heating press won’t overheat or experience a short circuit. The Teflon coated heating plate protects it from scratches.


Things we liked

  • Convenient to use and maintain
  • Easy to operate
  • Non-stick surface


Things we didn’t like

  • A little heavy, so it’s not easily portable


The VEVOR 15 X 15 Digital Controller  Sublimation machine is great for the T-shirt design business. Its five-in-one and 8 in 1 solution are ideal for a variety of applications including heat transfers on bags, mouse pads, mugs, glass, caps etc. The VEVOR comes with some great features appropriate for your business.

With this versatile machine, you can use any flat surface to transfer whatever you need. It’s effective with T-shirts, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles, mouse pads. This heating press provides a large  Teflon coated printing surface of 15 inches by 15 inches, which is perfect for your T-shirt and design business.

This machine has full digital controls for time and temperature settings. You will get an audible alarm when a transfer is finished. It comes with a timer range of 0-999 seconds and a temperature range of 32 to 430 degree Fahrenheit. The controls are easy to use. They allow you to set the right temperature and duration for image transfer task. There’s a little chance of accidental burns because you can safely move the heating element with its 360-degree rotation swing-away feature.

Things we liked

  • Very easy to use
  • Budget Friendly
  • Non-stick surface


Things we didn’t like

  • The manual that comes with it may not be helpful


The Digital Clamshell Transfer Sublimation Temperature Heat Press is a versatile heat press suitable for personal as well as business. Besides t-shirts, this heating press performs well with bags, mouse pads, ceramic tiles, jigsaw puzzles, plates, and other flat surfaces. You can rotate the upper heat platen completely around with its unique swing-away feature.

You can easily open and close the heat press with its manual handle and adjust the pressure with a knob at the back of the machine. It offers a timer range of 0-999 seconds and a temperature range of 0-399 degree Fahrenheit. You can move the heating element aside to reduce harm and avoid accidental burning. You can freely work with your material using the base plate. Other notable features are appearance, flexibility, and durability.

Things we liked

  • Easy to handle
  • Simple to set up
  • Works with almost any material
  • Low price


Things we didn’t like

  • It gets very hot if you don’t pay attention to the temperature adjustments
  • The constant beep (which is a safety feature) may be annoying to some users


For a quick print of T-shirts or other items for home or business, the F2C 15″ x 15″ Black Digital Clamshell Heat Press is great. This versatile machine can work on almost any flat surfaced item and provide impressive, professional quality prints. Its features are ideal for small business and home craft operator.

With this machine, it’s possible to work with almost any flat surface material. This machine allows the transfer of numbers, letters, photos, graphics, and other design elements to tote bags, caps, hats, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles etc. Its 15 inches by 15 inches printing surface is ideal for small to medium transfer jobs. The controls on this heat press are easy to handle. The pressure knob at the back is adjustable to suit the materials you are working with.

The heating press has a timer range of 0~ 9999 seconds and a temperature range of 0-400 Fahrenheit. The settings are flexible for hot and cold transfers. Its swing-away feature lets you rotate the upper heating element a full 250-degrees. So there’s a little chance of getting burnt accidentally and you can work safely with garments and other materials.

Things we liked

  • Quite easy to set up and use
  • Easy on the budget
  • Surfaces are non-stick


Things we didn’t like

  • This heat press can get very hot, so pay attention to your temperature settings



This machine is an effective solution for all your design transfer needs. ZENY has made producing quality print and transfer designs easy and fun. It is flexible enough for application on metal, fabric, glass, ceramic etc. It’s suitable for producing gift items as well as promotional ads. Its Teflon coated heat platen is 12 inches by 10 inches.

Its full range of heating coils consistently distributes heat throughout the entire surface. It has full digital controls for time and temperature settings. It provides an audible alarm when a transfer is done. The heating press provides a timer range of 0-999 seconds and a temperature range of 0-399 degrees Fahrenheit. Rotation of the upper heat platen by 360 degrees prevents accidental burns. It is also convenient for the operation of this machine.

Things we liked

  • Quite sturdily made from mostly metal parts
  • Reasonably priced for the budget
  • Heat press heats quickly and is efficient


Things we didn’t like

  • The manual provided is poorly translated from Chinese
  • The timer function may be difficult for some users to figure out
  • It’s recommended to assemble the plastic foot cover in order to keep the device steady



Things to Consider before Purchasing a Heat Press machine

After reading our reviews, now you know the best products available on the market. However, to find the one that suits your needs, read the things below you need to consider before buying the best heat press machine for t-shirts.



One of the most important considerations is how large of a heat press you’re going to need. The size depends on the area that you’re going to be printing on. They are available in different sizes. Machines ranging from 4×6 – 6×8 are good for small items such as baby clothes and handbags. Machines ranging from 9×12 – 12×14 are portable and can be used for pressing 8×11 sheets that you print out on your computer printer, etc. They are relatively inexpensive. Machines ranging from 14×16 – 16×16 are heavy duty and large enough to press most pre-made heat transfers. Machines ranging from 16×20, Generally the largest press that you’ll need for normal pressing work.


Heat Press Machine Types

It’s important to decide your needs and choose a machine accordingly. There are three types of Heat Press Machines. The first one is Swing Away Press. It presses where the top part of the press lifts straight off and swings out to the side. It’s great for printing T-Shirts. The second one is the Draw Press. It is a mix of the swing away press and the clamshell. The top plate lifts off and the bottom plate is on a bearing that can angle downwards. The last one is Clam Shell. The top platen on this T-Shirt Heat Press lifts straight up and the bottom plate can be either rigid or tilting.


Digital or Analog

Digital timers show time and temperature accurately. A digital heat press can make your shop more efficient, giving you less to deal with.



Safety is important when dealing with something that will be extremely hot while you’re operating it. We discourage to buy a used machine, as there won’t be a warranty attached to it.


The Weight

If you’ll always be working in the same location, the weight won’t be too much of an issue. However, if you want to carry your heat press to various events, you’ll want a portable one.


Your Budget

You don’t need the biggest, most expensive model available, but it is important to have room to grow. Buy the best possible heat press that your budget allows.


Heat Transfer Machine for Different Intended People

There is a range of models available depending on your needs, budget, and experience. Beginner level presses are great and an economical option if you’re just starting out and do not want to spend a lot of bucks, the cost is around $200. They are small and are good for hobbyist and print in small quantities. Intermediate machines are a step beyond the beginner level, providing with an experience closer to professional machines but more economical without losing quality. In this range, the cost of the machines moves between $300 -$400. Its design is a bit simpler than the professional level. Professional level heat press machines give a super accurate impression, and the price range varies from $500 to thousands. Usually, they have features like heat control, temperature, and pressure settings and presets. The result is consistent even if you are printing in a large quantity.


Final Thoughts

Whether you’re starting out with your store or in a modest workspace, these machines will help you. When selecting a heat press machine, consider which tool will help you to get your objective more easily. The business of selling your own T-shirts is easier than ever before.

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