Best Hiking Boots under 100

Both professional hikers and hobbyists need to have hiking boots to save them from the possibility of developing sores, turning ankles or slipping.

Hiking boots come with different features aiming to meet different preferences. Give priority to quality while looking for the best hiking boots to ensure long-term comfortable service with protective features.

The good news is you can find some of the best hiking boots under $100, but you may become confused if you don’t know how to choose the right ones for you. So we have come up with a buying guide and reviews of the best hiking boots under $100.

We have included a pair of boots for women as well on the list. This article is going to provide you with all the information you need to find the right boots for you.


What Kind of Boot Is Suitable for Hiking?

Hiking exposes you to a variety of different terrains such as rocky places, soft dirt or slippery ways. So wearing boots with good traction is vital. Boots that offer good ankle support is suitable for hiking to prevent turning your ankle while walking over uneven area. So hiking boots that offer the necessary traction and support are more suitable compared to ordinary tennis shoes.


5 Best Hiking Boots under 100

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Waterproof Boot

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Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

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Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Hiking Boot

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KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

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If you are on a weekend or day hike and want to keep your feet cool and dry while hiking, this boot is the is the best choice for you. This padded shoes will provide you with additional comfort, and snug fit will provide ankle protection in uneven ways.



Its waterproof leather materials eliminate moisture and keep feet dry and cool by.


Padded collar and tongue

It features padded collars and tongues that offer additional ankle support and comfort while hiking.


Breathable EVA footbed

The EVA footbed, a removable component, allows air to circulate through the perforations and expels moisture from the feet to keep them dry and cool.


Traction support system

Timberland boots come with a BSFP traction and support system which stands for Brake, Support, Flex and propel. The lug design of rubber soles helps grip in challenging conditions.


Gusseted Tongue

The gusseted tongue design keeps trail debris out of boots and helps to relieve pressure from boot laces.


Things we liked

  • Excellent gripping capability in muddy surfaces
  • Size runs true with a good, snug fit
  • Quality materials and a sturdy boot
  • Waterproof boots keep feet dry
  • Comfortable to wear on day hikes


Things we didn’t like

  • Boots feel stiff for the first few days, but this issue is resolved if you wear them for a few days



The mid-hiker hiking boots provide with waterproof protection vital for day hikers who enjoy summer hikes.



It offers breathable leather and textile materials that provides airflow to prevent hot and sweaty feet. Mesh material increases airflow and gives comfort.


Odor resistant

Its built-in FRESH system prevents offensive foot odor. So there’s no need to use powders and deodorant.


Mid-cut comfort

it comes with a shaft that measures four inches from the arch providing moderate ankle support without the height of a high top.


Shock resistant

This boot comes with a built-in shock absorber that gives extra comfort on long hikes.


Foot support

For additional foot support, it features the Ortholite system that provides anatomical footbed within the boot.



Things we liked

  • Boots are light and comfortable
  • Well-fitting boots that feel.
  • Good quality
  • Highly breathable
  • Best choice for light hiking


Things we didn’t like

  • Clean the boots after use as they build up dust in the upper portion.



This waterproof hiking boot offers a natural support with high resistance to moisture. Its arch support, flexibility and strong gripping traction soles provides with maximum safety.


High top support

Its high leather uppers, which measure five inches from the arch, provides maximum ankle and foot support.


Waterproof construction

The leather, mesh, suede, and metal materials are coated with UP ensuring maximum resistance to water. The waterproof seam construction keeps feet cool and dry.



This boot is built from lightweight materials, and its techlite patented midsole offers a high energy return for each step.



The well-placed cushioning provides with extra comfort and guard against friction points.


Excellent traction

The Omni-Grip patented traction rubber grips well without leaving black marks on floors.


Things we liked

  • The boot is padded in the right places
  • Keeps feet dry when it’s wet outside
  • Good for hiking in more challenging trails
  • Amazing arch support
  • Boots hold up well over time. Very durable


Things we didn’t like

  • Uncomfortable in the arch area. This hiking boot is suitable for hikers who need arch support.



This mid-cut hiking boot keeps feet cool and dry in wet weather and provides ultimate traction at the heel for added safety.



The lightweight design and construction support extended hikes without leg fatigue.


Mid Waterproof

This boot with mid waterproof leather, textile fabric, and a rubber sole is highly resistant to light rain.


Superior traction

The contoured shaped heel offers more traction on rocky or slippery ways. It features greater grip with the 4mm multi-directional lugs and heel lock and lessens the chance of falling.


Ventilation system

The breathable leather lining of this boot ensures ventilation and keeps your feet cool and dry.


Padded tongue and collar

The padded tongue and collar reduce the chance of rubbing or blisters and provides comfort while hiking.


Things we liked

  • Lightweight and easy on the back for longer hikes
  • Better traction than some other hiking boots
  • Feet do not sweat in these hiking boots
  • Comfortable for lighter hiking excursions
  • Can withstand light to moderate rainy conditions


Things we didn’t like

  • Boots do not hold up for heavy construction work. They are hiking boots, not work boots.



If you are a woman who loves to hike, the Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot is there to keep your feet dry in the rain while hiking.


Fully waterproof

This boot is made of full grain leather and treated with Omni-shield waterproofing for perfect protection.


Resistant to staining

The full-grain leather makes this boot resistant to staining and makes your boots look newer for longer.



The midsole contains EVA foam which makes this boot lightweight and reduces leg fatigue while hiking for longer.


High cut support

The high cut support protects the ankles from twists and turns on uneven areas.


Rubber Sole

Durable rubber sole offers a great grip which prevents accidental falls on moderately challenging walking trails.


Things we liked

  • Lightweight for easier walking on longer hikes
  • Great ankle support
  • Lug support soles give firm grip
  • Sturdy and attractive D-ring and clamshell lacing


Things we didn’t like

  • These boots run 1/2 size larger, and so order accordingly for a good fit.



Buying Guide for Best Hiking Boots under 100

Determine the use

Before you choose a product, determine whether you will travel through challenging, rough terrain or well-maintained even trails with a light pack. If the area is not challenging, a low to mid-cut hiking boot will do, but challenging trails require a higher top hiking boot.



If you are likely to hike in wet weather, go for waterproof boots to keep your feet dry in all weather conditions. Wet feet can be uncomfortable and may even cause blisters and make your hiking miserable.



Breathable materials keep your feet cool and dry by adequate airflow and help you experience a more comfortable and enjoyable hiking.



Hiking boots are available in different sole types and come with different traction levels. Choose the type that matches the area you’ll be hiking in. Even and well-maintained terrains doesn’t require heavy traction. On the other hand, Muddy ways and heavy pack require a heavier lug sole for the best traction.


Choose the correct size

Before buying your boots, make sure they fit your feet perfectly by making allowances for the thickness of the socks you usually wear. Ensure a little room in the toe section, but not so much.


Style of hiking boots

If you are likely to hike in challenging conditions, choose boots with a higher cut top to support your ankles. Otherwise, a low or mid-cut boot will do.



Hiking boots come in a variety of features. Some hikers prefer lighter boots while others prefer a heavy boot with a lug sole for their superior traction capability. Next comes the padding. Some hiking boots have less padding and some have more,  but choose the one that is more comfortable for you. Then comes the arch support. People flat-foot may require extra arch support, but it can be uncomfortable for others.



Final verdict

If you have finished reading this reviews and the buying guide, we believe that you are now well-informed about all the things that you need to know before you buy the best hiking boots under 100. The boots we have listed here are the most highly recommended by customers who have already used them.


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