Best King Size Mattress Under 1000 Reviews

There are many truly high-end comfortable and reliable mattresses available within $1000. However, the most challenging thing is to choose a mattress from the enormous options available on the market. Hopefully, our reviews and buying guide will help you out in this regard.

5 Best King Size Mattress under 1000

Tuft & Needle King Mattress

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GhostBed Mattress-King

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Lull – Memory Foam Mattress

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Eco Terra 11 Inch King Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress

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Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

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1. Tuft & Needle King Mattress

Tuft & Needle King Mattress is one of the best king size mattresses available at an affordable price. It has a two-layered engineered structure that offers an increased focus on quality. The specially woven cover is a blend of nylon and polyester. These breathable materials increase the air flow into space and increase the comfort of the sleeper.

The fire sock in the mattress meets the federal regulations. This mattress uses four inert fibers that are flame retardant by nature. It doesn’t use chemical flame retardants. So the sleeper is safe from possible skin irritations. The foundation of the mattress uses an adaptive foam, which, in collaboration with a high-quality support layer, offers good cushioning and comfort. Its cooling gel and graphite enable a cool sleep.

Its adaptive foam allows the mattress to be folded and compressed and supports most sleeping positions. The materials used in this relatively lightweight mattress enhance the durability of the product. The edge-support is relatively low, but the base of the mattress is well designed to support and keep users stable during sleep. The pressure relief and localized bounce of the mattress keep your partner free from disturbance.

The amount of breathability that this mattress offers ensures good heat removal.  The two-layer mattress has good stability and offers an above average firmness. Motion transfer is also decent in this model. The mattress comes with a full refund guarantee with a 100-night sleep trial. It also has a 10-year warranty that ensures a good relationship with the customer. It takes up to 72 hours for the mattress to expand fully and dissipate any potential odor.

Things we liked

  • Good heat wicking capability
  • Durable than most mattresses
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Decent stability
  • Guarantee included

Things we didn’t like

  • Low edge-support
  • Moderate firmness

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2. GhostBed Mattress-King

With a two-layer design, the latex and memory foams used in the mattress provides a balanced mix of bounce and pressure relief.  Besides increasing the durability, the high-density base foam layer gives enhanced support for a restful sleep. Its compression layer allows you to sink in and offers a little contouring to the body. This mattress comes with naturally responsive, plush latex foam top layer that has an optimum level of surface softness. Its gel memory foam layer regulates the sleeping temperature. This 11-inch mattress has a removable plush cover, which includes a pressure relieving material fused with gel beads, which wicks away moisture and heat, keeping you cool throughout the night. It has a breathable and removable cover made with quality fabrics including viscose and polyester.

It takes a few hours to a day to expand fully, breath, and acclimate to the temperature of your room. The medium firmness it offers helps you sleep comfortably without sinking in too much. The air flow is kept steady to constantly remove heat and keep the sleeper comfortable. This layer also provides good spinal alignment without creating an uncomfortably hard-feeling mattress. On an average, the GhostBed is an inch thicker than other standard mattresses.

It contains the world’s most advanced adaptive gel memory foam mattress to meet your individual sleep requirements. This mattress comes with the highest quality, lowest cost luxury latex, and gel memory foam mattress. The mattress is rotatable once in a while to reduce sagging. This mattress suits side sleepers as it prevents possible back and shoulder aches. This product comes with a 20-year warranty, which clearly proves that the company values their customers and is willing to offer the maximum support to them.

Things we liked

  • Firm foam mattress
  •  Optimal orthopedic support
  • Better thermal regulation with little sink-age

Things we didn’t like

  • Comparatively a little expensive than other models
  • Low edge-support

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3. Lull – Memory Foam Mattress

Its therapeutic memory foam mattress makes it a great choice for people with back pain. This mattress is designed to keep an optimum level of comfort. The premium gel-infused technology keeps the sleeper cool by dissipating the heat away, thus enhancing the thermal regulation property. The top layer contours to your body and allows airflow to keep your body cool. The proprietary foam layer creates an ideal alignment for you to rest easy. The durable base layer offers an exceptional sleep experience. The sagging is also reduced in this model. The three-layer technology of this mattress offers the best combination of comfort and support to your back.

With this mattress, you will get a 100-night trial and free returns within 100 days of receipt of shipment. A 10-year warranty is available with this product. This mattress comes with premium construction and high-quality materials. This certiPUR-US certified foam mattress is free from potentially threatening dust and chemicals. This firm mattress does not allow complete sinking of the sleeper. The edge support is not strong enough, but it can handle a considerable amount of weight. The pressure regulation is commendable and ensures that your partner’s sleep is not disturbed when you turn sides in your sleep.

Things we liked

  • Optimal firmness and stability for back and stomach sleepers
  • Commendable motion isolation
  • Supports spine and relieves pressure
  • Affordable price
  • Adequate edge-support

Things we didn’t like

  • It takes approximately two days to expand completely
  • Not ideal for heavy people

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4. Eco Terra 11 Inch King Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress

The latex foam of this mattress offers the most comfortable sleep. It optimizes each layer for maximum pressure relief and temperature regulation. The finest and uncompromised natural latex with no fillers and blends ensures that your sleep is not disturbed. The cover is made up of ultra soft organic cotton, which eliminates the harsh dyes and chemicals and saves your skin from possible irritation. The use of an incredibly breathable and soft organic cotton as the perfect top layer maximizes the airflow. You can experience better support with individually wrapped coils that respond to the contours of your body with the perfect amount of cushion. The specialized calibration of the mattress reduces motion transfer and prevents sleepers from rolling. The durability of this mattress is 26% greater than that of foam.

It is the best-priced King mattress made with 100% natural latex and offers the perfect sleep experience. The isolated coils provide a stable network of support and necessary orthopedic support to keep your spine in alignment. Its great sleep system promotes REM rest, restoring the sleep that you have been deprived for so long. The mattress is affordable and equally durable. Advantages of using natural latex mattress are the attenuation of chemical off-gassing, reduced chemical compounds used in the mattress and added breathability. The company offers a 90-day trial period for you to test out your mattress. So you can decide the purchase in the comfort of your home.

Things we liked

  • Affordable price
  • Great body balance
  • No smell and chemical off-gassing
  • Eco-friendly
  • Hassle-free usage

Things we didn’t like

  • Low trial period compared to its competitors
  • Not suitable for people who are allergic to latex

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5. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress comes with a SureTemp memory foam top layer, a breezy middle layer, and Deep Support Foam bottom. The memory foam provides comfort luxury to side sleepers and average body type people. A 2.5-inch air channel foam forms the second layer that keeps the airflow steady and keeps the temperature neutral. It helps to carry the heat away from the mattress and keeps it free from bacteria formation. The 9-inch deep comfort layer forms the base and adds to the firmness and stability of the mattress.

The mattress comes with a medium firmness and softness. as it tries to balance between the two, the mattress suppresses a little bit and retain body dents at within a short time. But it has an overall positive firmness value. The recovery time of the memory foam mattress is decent. Overall, this mattress is responsive enough to make its customers happy. It has commendable durability like its competitors. The tri-layer design saves the mattress from wear and tear. It is also free from potentially harmful chemical compounds and dust. This material enables vacuuming. You can use a mild detergent to remove any stain. The 20-year warranty indicates the durability and service life of the mattress.

Things we liked

  • 20-year warranty
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Exceptional durability

Things we didn’t like

  • Below average firmness
  • Moderate recovery time

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Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Mattress

The king size mattresses are primarily divided into five categories based on the material used to build them. Consider them before you decide a mattress for you. They are described below:

Innerspring mattress

This common mattress in the market uses a steel coil to provide comfort and support to the user. The outer surface is covered by upholstery provides softness and additional support. However, these mattresses are usually not anti-allergenic and over a period of time bugs, dust and mold tend to accumulate on it. These are costly compared to the other types and is available under 1000.

Memory Foam mattress

Memory foam mattresses tend to change shape according to your position and stays intact in that shape for a long time and spread the weight of your body evenly over the entire area. With this mattress, your body will remain warm throughout. This mattress is hypoallergenic and so you don’t need to worry about the mold and dust formation on it.

Hybrid mattress

This type of mattress provides the best user experience by combining the advantages of both the memory foam and innerspring foams. So you will get exceptional comfort, support, and durability. It is hypoallergenic too.

Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are more eco-friendly and are similar to the memory foam to some extent. You will get the same kind of support and comfort as you get from the memory foam. If you have lower back problems, it is for you. In addition, it lowers the motion and thus provides an uninterrupted sleep. Finally, it has also become affordable over the years with improvements in technology.

Adjustable Air Mattress

This type of air mattress is preferred by camping enthusiasts. The flexibility to adjust the firmness provides you better comfort and support. The air chambers provided in these mattresses create a comfortable sleeping surface, thereby allowing the user to have a good night’s sleep. However, these are a bit costly compared to the others.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read our reviews and buying guide, you are ready to choose the best mattress for your bed under $1,000. It’s a good budget to find a premium and high-end solution. As we have picked the best king size mattresses under 1000 available on the market today, it’s better to check them up before you move on to other models.