Best Mattress for Obese Stomach Sleeper Reviews 2019

Sometimes it’s hard to choose an appropriate mattress for an obese stomach sleeper. An obese stomach sleeper needs a firm mattress with more support and the right amount of contouring. If the mattress is too soft, some parts of your body will sink lower and bend your spinal cord into an unnatural posture which may result in back problems. You need a mattress that will provide better motion control and a touch of contouring to cradle your shoulders, ribs, and hips. In this article, we’re going to review the best 5 mattresses for obese stomach sleeper. We sincerely hope this post is helpful for obese stomach sleepers.

5 Best Mattress for Obese Stomach Sleeper

LUCID 10 Inch Gel Mattress

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Sleep Innovations Shiloh Mattress

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Zinus Ultima Comfort Mattress

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Comfort Max Plush Mattress

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LUCID Hybrid Mattress

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Lucid is one of the top quality mattresses for obese stomach sleepers which comes with a 14″ of support and cushion. The layered foam build doesn’t allow the bed to collapse, and plush cushioned feel is great for an obese stomach sleeper. You’ll sleep better for sure on this Lucid 14-inch Plush Memory Foam bed which is highly rated by buyers.

It has four different layers of foam that work together to ensure a great night’s sleep. This hypoallergenic mattress is ideal for those suffering from skin conditions, allergies or sensitive skin. Beneath the surface, it includes a further 3-inch memory foam comfort layer and a 10-inch high-density foam base. The high-density base foam provides the support an obese person needs.

It’s made from CertiPUR-US Certified high-quality foam. That means it has been independently tested to have lower levels of chemical emissions and off-gassing. There is no latex, either synthetic or natural, present in this cushion. The price of this mattress is competitive considering the high quality of the foam.

This model carries a 25-year warranty leaving your purchase well insured. This company is famous for time-tested durability and quality. When most obese stomach sleepers find that tossing and turning is a result of a bad product, this one will help you stay comfortable in one position. It ensures deeper, and more therapeutic sleep.


Things we liked

  • It has four different layers of foam
  • Hypoallergenic  1-inch bamboo charcoal memory foam top
  • Includes a further 3-inch memory foam comfort layer
  • A 10-inch high-density foam base
  • All the foam used is CertiPUR-US Certified
  • The bed is free of CFCs, mercury, and formaldehyde
  • Very competitive price
  • 25 years warranty


Things we didn’t like

  • Can be harder to change positions in the middle of the night


This mid-priced mattress offers a lot of memory foam at a reasonable price! The layered construction, temperature control, structured bedding with plenty of support and excellent warranty coverage make it a great choice for an obese stomach sleeper. They have dedicated their time and energy to building the perfect design for obese stomach sleepers.

It is inexpensive compared to other memory foam models. It’s solid, 12-inches thick, and provides good support, with plenty of room left over for cushion. All these features make it one of the best mattresses for obese stomach sleepers. Two types of foam have been used to help it achieve the perfect balance between support and cushion. The 9.5 inches thick bottom layer of structured, responsive memory foam supports you and keeps you from sinking too far into the bed yet relieve pressure points.

The exclusive top 2.5-inch layer of SureTemp foam provides comfort and temperature regulation. The open cells can adjust to your body as you sleep. The foam contours around you and keeps you comfortable. It’s a good choice for both stomach sleepers and back sleepers. This mattress comes with an impressive 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can even ask for a replacement or refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Things we liked

  • It’s solid and provides good support
  • 9.5 inches thick, structured, responsive memory foam
  • Made of open cells that can adjust to your body as you sleep
  • The foam contours around you keep you comfortable
  • Good for firm back support and spine alignment
  • 20 years of warranty is impressive, given the price.
  • If you aren’t satisfied, replacement or refund is available.


Things we didn’t like

  • It is not recommended for those who overheat while asleep


The Ultima Comfort is a budget-friendly solution for obese stomach sleepers. It provides smart 3-layer construction, solid construction, and the support base you need as an obese stomach sleeper. It allows you to experience the comforts of memory foam. Zinus bed is a competitively priced product loaded with plenty of cushioning.

It has a 3″ top layer of the memory foam cushion, and a further 2″ comfort layer for relieving pressure points. The solid 5 inches of base support foam prevents you from sinking too far down and keeps the bed durable over the years. The Ultima Comfort will not only provide comfort and support to obese stomach sleeper, but it’s also innovative in its aesthetic design. The foam used in this mattress is Certi-Pur tested.

The Ultima Comfort has replaced some of the petroleum with natural plant-based oils which makes it a bit greener. Zinus has combatted unusual smell on their 10-Inch model by infusing the product with Evergreen and ActivCharcol. Its evergreen extract from green tea neutralizes odors. ActivCharcol in the top layer minimizes the sources of odors over years of use. Finally, it comes with a reasonable 10-year warranty.

Things we liked

  • It’s a great mattress for obese stomach sleeper
  • Loaded with plenty of cushioning
  • 3″ top layer of memory foam cushion
  • 2″ comfort layer for relieving pressure points as you sleep.
  • Solid 5 inches of base support foam
  • It’s incredibly affordable.
  • Certi-Pur tested foam
  • ActivCharcol in the top layer absorbs moisture


Things we didn’t like

  • It may not be suitable for those wanting a firm surface in their beds.
  • It also has a shorter warranty of 10 years.


Weighing between 300 and 400 pounds, ComfortMax mattress is a great option for an obese stomach sleeper. A combination of latex and advanced foam has been used for this memory foam option which offers great durability. Even after much use, the mattress does not show signs of sagging or wear. Firm support along the edges of the mattress allows ease of use. In addition, they offer tailormade mattresses to the individual sleeper. However, the company does not offer a free trial on their custom-made products. You will get a standard 10-year warranty with each purchase.

Things we liked


  • Can withstand up to 400 pounds
  • Great option for obese stomach sleeper
  • The combination of latex and advanced foam offer great durability
  • Ease of use when getting in and out of bed
  • Offers custom-made mattresses for individual sleepers


Things we didn’t like

  • Does not offer a free trial on their products
  • Only 10-year warranty accompanies each purchase



With 14 inches of support and cushioning, it’s a great choice for an obese stomach sleeper. The three layers of foam work together to ensure a comfortable sleep. The top layer is made of a one-inch thick bamboo charcoal memory foam great for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin. The three-inch memory foam layer adds comfort. The foam base is 10-inch with high-density.

The thick base offers additional support. The layers of foam on top provides comfort and help alleviate pressure points. The mattress is thick and on the softer side. So you may experience less firmness underneath. The foam used is CertiPUR-US Certified. That means it has been put through testing by an independent company to ensure low levels of chemical emissions and off-gassing when it arrives. The mattress is hypoallergenic. In addition, it’s free of CFCs, mercury, and formaldehyde. Each purchase comes with a 25-year guaranteed warranty.

Things we liked

  • 14 inches of support and cushioning
  • Comprised of three layers of foam
  • Great for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin
  • Three-inch memory foam layer
  • 10-inch high-density foam base
  • CertiPUR-US Certified foam
  • Hypoallergenic, free of CFCs, mercury, and formaldehyde
  • 25-year guaranteed warranty


Things we didn’t like

  • Those looking for firmness underneath them as they sleep may not be satisfied



Things to Consider before Choosing a Mattress for Obese stomach Sleeper

There are many other techniques out there you can consider following that very well may alleviate some of the downsides of stomach sleeping. However, the best way to enjoy your preferred position and achieve the comfort you need to enjoy a quality life is to consider the purchase of the best mattress for belly sleepers. As you shop your many options, there are some specific things to be on the lookout to ensure you find something designed to meet your needs. Although general standards are enough to choose a new bed, people with over 200+ pounds have special needs to consider.


Higher ILD

Since sleeping on your stomach does cause your lumbar area to sink and unnaturally curve the spine, it’s usually best to find a product on the firmer end. Therefore, look for products with a higher overall ILD. It’s worth it to get in touch with customer service to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting before making a purchase. This also gives you a chance to test out the degree of customer service satisfaction you can expect if you decide to purchase.



Check the quality of the mattress before you make your final decision. Try to opt for better quality within your budget. Lower quality materials result in sagging and worse sleep experience. If you opt for cheap products, you are likely to change it after 2 or 3 years.



Thickness matters when it comes to your weight.  If you weigh not more than 200 lbs, a 10” bed will do. More than 200 lbs will require 12” or thicker with good deep compression support. Some products with extra thick layers provide enough support even at 10″ to 11”.



An obese stomach sleeper typically requires medium-firm. Over 230-250 lbs will cause an additional 1″-2” of sinkage. Choose around 7-8 out of 10 in the firmness scale.


Sleeping Positions

Sleeping positions are as important as your body size and shape are. So it’s important to consider your sleeping positions because your weight is distributed in different ways and will require different support and comfort considerations. Obese stomach sleepers need to be mindful as beds that are not firm enough can leave their hips uncomfortably dipped inside the mattress and make the spine remain in a neutral position. If you carry most of your weight in your hips and abdomen, a firmer bed is better for you.


Cooling and Temperature Regulation

Make sure your mattress has enough room to breathe and provides enough air circulation. In most cases, foam material “sleeps hot” compared to latex, innerspring, and hybrids. These days, this problem is solved if you opt for more premium products which have a gel layer or infusion serving as additional cooling material on top of your bed. Choose specialized “cooling” beds to improve airflow properties and heat distribution.


Edge Support

Edge support is great to have if you use your bed during the day. If you frequently sit on the edge, this can play a significant role to make your mattress more durable. Hybrid and coil-on-coil construction are good at providing great edge support.


Couples Considerations

If you have a sleep partner, you may have to compromise on your firmness setting. provided that their body type is a better fit for a plush mattress. A product with a mid-level ILD will offer the best solution that keeps the interest of both sleeping partners in mind. If this is something you foresee as being problematic, buy a mattress with two solutions. A bed for an obese sleeper may feel like a rock for someone much lighter. If this is the case, you may consider a brand that offers dual-sided firmness so that each of you may select what works best. If both you and your partner are obese sleepers, you do have a handful of options out there with enhanced support systems and durability.


Final Thoughts

Already knowing what to look for makes choosing the best mattress easier. So after reading this review and buying guide, we believe that you are now ready to buy the best mattress for obese stomach sleeper. A firm bed that supports body and regulates the temperature during sleep is good for an obese stomach sleeper.

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