Best Mattress For Side Sleepers | Top 10 Picks

This little article will tell you about 10 of the best mattress for side sleepers currently available on the market, and will also inform you about aspects you need to closely monitor before actually buying one.

10 Best Mattress For Side Sleepers – Reviews

1. Tuft and Needle 10-inch Mattress

Rating: 5.0

If you have problems of tuning the mattress according to your body weight, this is probably the mattress you would do great to look into Tuft and Needle Mattress.

It is a medium-firm mattress which best counters your body weight. This mattress is cooler than average memory foam and latex mattresses.

Tuft and Needle supports bouncy movements and localizes your movements on bed. So, it gets easier for you to move out or move into the bed. You will not have to worry about disturbing your partner while you move in or out.

This mattress is manufactured in the USA. It has a warranty period of 10 years. The mattress comes at a modest price of $$$. So, it is a mid-ranged mattress to own in terms of price.

Some of Its Features Include:

  • Not too soft, not too hard-it’s a universal comfort
  • Pressure relief as good as memory foam
  • Has bounce for night activities and easy of getting in and out of bed
  • An honest, hassle-free 10-year warranty

2. Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Sure Temp Memory Foam

Rating: 4.9

The features of this memory foam mattress truly make it worthy of your purchase. The mattress has two layers, and it utilizes the Open-Cell technology of Sleep Innovation.

The first layer is 2.5 inches memory foam mattress, and the second layer is made of 9.5 inches of foam that offers you complete therapeutic support. It offers you relief from your back pain by supporting the pressure points of your body. There are no risks of motion transfer at all.

The body conformation is also good, and the mattress offers you top quality support when it comes to providing proper alignment of your spinal cord.

SureTemp Memory foam mattress is manufactured in the US. It has different dimensions and sizes for you to choose from. Now you can avail one mattress that is suitable for your budget and offers you and your family the best benefits with 20 years of the warranty period.

Some of Its Features Include:

  • Measures 80-inches long by 60-inches wide by 12-inches high
  • 20-year manufacturers limited warranty
  • Comfort layer made with 2.5-inches of SureTemp 3-lb density memory foam
  • The 9.5-inch base layer of premium support foam provides maximum therapeutic support
  • Luxurious poly-cotton blend mattress cover spot clean

3. DynastyMattress Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Rating: 4.8

This is the second mattress in our list of top ten memory foam mattresses in the market.

DynastyMattress offers Certi-PUR certified mattress for your home use. It will provide you with improved air circulations for the body. The pressure points are not stressed when you lean on it for sleeping. There is an impressive warranty period of 25 years.

It is a 12-inch foam with 3 inches of Gel foam, and 4 inches of the airflow foam which supports your body. It is made with the foam of 4 layers.

Besides the King-size foam, you will get many sizes of the memory foam. It doesn’t sink your body like many other memory foam mattresses do.

One other plus is that you can purchase it as a mattress only without the frame and the mattress is medium-firm. So, it gives you more options to customize.

Some of Its Features Include:

  • Sleep Cool Technology Foam! 120-day trial
  • Warranty: 30 years Limited Warranty
  • Dual 2″ State of the Art Cool Airflow Foam
  • 5″ High-density foam for ultimate support base!
  • Made with High Quality and durable 4-layer construction! CertiPUR-US® certified

4. LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Rating: 4.6

This is also a Centi-Pur certified mattress from Lucid. The most popular is the queen-size mattress, but you will have other sizes available as well.

It comes with a memory foam mattress density of 4 lbs. Polyester, silver fiber, spandex, and cotton are the materials used in making this mattress.

The cover of the mattress is easy to remove, and you can rest assured that it is hypoallergenic.

It also has Open-Cell technology, and the Pin-Core technology helps to regulate the temperature of your body while you sleep.

You can use it in extremely cold conditions as well. Just place it in a warm room. The mattress will take time to expand, and then you can sleep easily. People won’t have to worry about long-lasting impressions.

Some of Its Features Include:

  • 94% polyester, 5% spandex, 9% cotton
  • Removable silver-infused cover
  • 25-Year warranty
  • Pin-core technology
  • Heavy material

5. Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Rating: 4.7

This mattress comes at number 4 in our list. This mattress has multiple layers infused within it. It has an HD Gel Layer of 3 inches. It also has an inch of the comfort layer.

This mattress from Brentwood provides you with pressure relief. It conforms the curves of your body to give yourself a sound and pleasant sleep. The mattress from Brentwood is hypoallergenic.

You will not have the problem of Dust Mites with the natural bamboo made the cover. The cover can be washed by removing. The effects of tossing and turning are minimized by the mattress. Proper Spinal Alignment is ensured.

The Gel layer ensures that air flows through the mattress well. As a result, the mattress will be cooler to sleep on. You will have a lot of sizes to choose from including normal queen mattress to Olympic Queen.

Some of Its Features Include:

  • 13-Inches thick with 3-Inch Gel Infused HD Memory Foam Comfort layer
  • 1-inch extra comfort Layer,
  • 2-inch ventilated airflow layer
  • 7-Inch therapeutic support base
  • Easy to carry

6. Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam

Rating: 4.6

The mattress is the best when it comes to offering support to the pressure points. It eliminates the pressure points completely. This is a super cheap mattress with the king mattress being available at $$$. The mattress has 2 inches of memory foam another layer of 2 inches of super soft foam and another 4 inches of high-density foam.

Best Price Mattress is good when you consider the warranty as well. It has 15 years’ warranty. The mattress is Certi-PUR certified as well. The mattress uses ActivFRESH technology to make your sleep more comfortable.

There are charcoal particles in the foam which will absorb your moisture to keep you guys dry. The mattress is available in different sizes other than the “King Size.” It is the USA made the mattress.

Some of Its Features Include:

  • Amazing comfort
  • No Pressure Points
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Mattress layers: 2″ memory foam
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • 10-year warranty

7. DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam

Rating: 4.6

This mattress from DreamFoam features 3 inches of GEL infused foam. The Gel layer is 4lbs. of density.

The middle layer consists of memory foam of 5 lbs. of density. The last layer is comprised of an 8-inch premium support foam to enhance the comfort level.

The main problem of any memory foam mattress is the heat that builds up within the foam. But the Ultimate Dreams mattress from DreamFoam doesn’t support any heat buildup. The mattress comes with a knitted cover that gives it a lovely outlook.

The mattress is made in the US with materials that are found in the US for better quality. Ultimate Dreams mattress is Certi-PUR certified. Besides the features, this franchise has a world-class customer support that helps you every step of the way.

You can even set the size you want to buy through the customization process. For that, you will have to call the customer care of DreamFoam.

Some of Its Features Include:

  • 13″ Gel Memory Foam Mattress with 3″ of Gel Memory Foam
  • Three Layer construction
  • 100% Made in USA
  • 100% Made in USA components
  • Compare to Cloud Luxe at a fraction of the cost

8. Silver Rest Sleep Shop 12-Inch Memory Foam

Rating: 4.6

This mattress from Sleep Shop is number 8 in our list of the best mattress for side sleepers.

This mattress has two layers of convoluted foam and a layer of pourethane base of 7 inches. The attraction of the foam is that it has 5 inches of visco-elastic memory foam of 5 lbs. density at the top.

Besides the Queen size (80 inches long and 60 inches width), there are other sizes available that you can choose from. The mattress uses technology from NASA to provide you the best comfort possible.

The visco-elastic technology allows you to sleep comfortably. The mattress will distribute the bodyweight of yours equally. As a result, you will sleep well.

This mattress is suitable for therapeutic uses. That means you can use this as a part of the prescription offered by the doctor for your back pains or abdominal therapy.

Some of Its Features Include:

  • Queen 12-inch therapeutic memory foam mattress with 5-inch 5-pound viscoelastic memory foam and dual airflow system
  • Extra comfort and responsiveness; four-way zipper cover
  • Queen size: 80-inch length by 60-inch width
  • 20-year warranty
  • 90-day in-home guarantee

9. Dynasty Mattress- Therapeutic Deluxe King 10-Inch

Rating: 4.6

This is another great mattress from DynastyMattress and comes with free pillows. It is a medium priced mattress with HD Gel Technology that is infused within to make your sleeping experience better.

The Gel technology improves the airflow to keep you well ventilated. It is made with visco-Elastic memory foam. This memory foam protects you against dust mites.

It is hypoallergenic and has a 4-corner zipper for the cover to be easily removed when it needs cleaning. You can keep it on par with Tempurpedic Deluxe Bed.

The mattress is CertiPUR certified, and it’s covered by a warranty of 20 years. Not only that, you can even use this mattress for 120 days before finally deciding on whether to buy this product or not. Just try it to see if it makes any difference to your sleep.

Some of Its Features Include:

  • Made with High Quality 100 percent Visco-Elastic Memory Foam
  • Anti-Mite and Anti-Allergy, Compare to Tempur-Pedic the DeluxeBed!
  • FREE 2 Memory Foam Pillows matching with the mattress cover
  • Memory Foam Mattress with AirFlow System.
  • This provides a cool, motion free night sleep

10. Lucid 12-Inch Plush Memory Foam Mattress

Rating: 4.5

This 12-inch foam mattress from Lucid features multiple layers. The first layer features the Plush Memory foam (this version of the memory foam is lighter than the others).

The second layer is the 2-inch memory foam support layer which balances out the extra softness of the top layer to offer you deep support while you sleep.

The mattress focuses on your head, neck and the shoulders. The Lucid Plush Memory Foam Mattress features unique Open-Cell Technology that supports your body to the core. It responds to the temperature of the body and contours special areas of your body.

The mattress is Certi-PUR certified and that guarantees that the mattress is safe for the environment. The mattress doesn’t use any harmful chemicals like Ozone, CFC, and others.

It comes with an impressive 25-year warranty. But the makers insist that you should buy the bed with frames to avail the warranty.

Some of Its Features Include:

  • 12″ thick with dual memory foam layers
  • Open-cell technology keeps the mattress cool
  • Conveniently shipped to create a portable mattress for easy setup
  • Foam is CertiPUR-US® certified
  • 25-year warranty

Need To Know Before Buying Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

That concludes our best mattress for side sleepers, where we have listed really top 10 products on the market. Now let us focus on the facts that you should keep an eye on before buying the mattresses.

  • Your Body Condition
  • Doctor’s Advice
  • The Comfort Level
  • The Price and the Warrantee

That is right. You should look into your body condition before deciding to buy any of these mattresses. You have the better idea of your body rather than any salesman. To find out what your body needs. The body pattern, the weight of yours and based on whether you want to buy the mattress for your family or yourself, the mattress budget and type can change.

If you have any medical condition, you will need to consult your doctor to see if he prescribes you special type of bed to sleep on. Our list also includes some beds, which are used for therapeutic purposes all over the world. Now you can choose one of them to select the most efficient bed for you. The people who are suffering from back pain should turn to medium-firm beds and if possible, buy them with a frame. You might not feel comfortable sleeping on a bed even if it costs you $$$$ or so.

Generally, comfort level depends on your body. Another major factor deciding the comfort level of the mattress is the material it is made with. If you see an eco-friendly material going into the making of the mattress, feel free to choose it as it is very easily anti-dust, hypoallergenic, and it is not harmful to the environment you live in. Particularly Memory Foam Mattresses provide you with all the qualities I’ve just mentioned now.

There is a basic theory that a great mattress has great price. It is true on some occasions but when you consider all the options in the market and different makers, it is not. You can get the same perks which are available in the premium mattresses easily and in much lesser price thanks to the competitive market.

All you have to do is to do your research properly and select a product. Another thing you need to do is to check the warranty period. Generally, the reputed brands offer more leash on warranty periods.