Best Trolling Motor for Canoe Reviews

Trolling in your kayak or canoe is excellent for the first 20 minutes or so, and then you quickly get tired, and you wish you didn’t have to paddle back to again. Thankfully, there are trolling motors that are compatible with canoes and kayaks.

It is often mistakenly thought that a kayak or canoe is not capable of holding a trolling motor and its battery, but that’s not true. There are portable trolling motors and batteries that fit the side of a canoe pretty well. In this article, we have come up with the 5 best trolling motors reviews to make it easier for you to choose the best one according to your needs.


5 Best Trolling Motor for Canoe

Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Trolling Motor

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Newport Vessels NV-Series 46 lb. Thrust Saltwater

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Saturn 55 Lbs Short-Shaft Electric Tolling Motor

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MinnKota Traxxis 55 SC Trolling Motor

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Ideaz Drill Paddle

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Minn Kota Endura is a powerful yet low coast freshwater trolling motor perfect for canoe, kayak, and small boats. It is a 12-volt transom-mounted motor that comes with a 30-inch shaft. It cannot withstand salt water that damages the motor within one year.

Its excellent handle makes it very easy to operate, and the shaft is very sturdy and unbreakable for life. Undoubtedly, it is the best freshwater trolling motor for a kayak. This long-lasting trolling motor is popular among thousands of canoe, kayak, and boat users. In a nutshell, it’s simple yet powerful features are perfect for fishing or roaming on lakes.

Its lever lock bracket comes with a rock-solid mount. The 6-inches telescoping handle and the twist tiller offers ergonomic speed control & steeringLightweight. Minkota C2 30 has an indestructible composite shaft as strong as steel and breaking or corrosion are close to zero. MinKota’s warranty policy provides a guarantee for lifetime. Check their Guarantee policy for more. Its cool and quiet power increases the battery and motor life.


Things we liked

  • Lever Lock Bracket offers rock solid mount
  • Telescoping handle for easy managing
  • Cool and quite power to enhance battery life
  • Doesn’t spook fishes
  • Thrust level 30
  • 5 forward speeds & 3 forward speeds
  • Perfect for freshwater
  • High durability
  • Indestructible composite shaft


Things we didn’t like

  • Can’t be used in saltwater



The specialty of this motor is that it is powerful and works both in saltwater and freshwater. The 46lb thrust makes it suitable for versatile usage. Its design and the use of high-quality raw material makes it capable of facing almost all situations, and it is made of very high-quality raw materials.

It has a 5-point LED battery meter and a 30-inch shaft made of composite fiberglass which ensures excellent durability. Many kayakers and small boat owners like it for its versatile usage. It comes with an 8-speed control system- five forward speeds and three reverse speeds.


Things we liked

  • 8-speed control system
  • 46LB Thrust level
  • LED battery meter for easy understanding
  • Composite fiberglass powerful shaft
  • Stainless steel hardware for longer usage
  • High durability
  • Versatile usage
  • Suitable for both FreshWater & saltwater
  • Easy to use
  • Very powerful


Things we didn’t like

  • Slightly louder



This is an excellent trolling motor for canoes, kayak, and inflatable boats. This electric trolling motor is specially designed for canoes and kayaks. It’s very powerful and comes with many features. This trolling motor weighs 17 lbs and comes with12v power and 55 lbs power thrust. Its adjustable handle helps you get your desired angle. You can change the motor depth with its adjustable depth collar as well. It has five-speed levels for moving forward and three-speed levels for moving backward. This motor has a battery reader for showing you the battery level. itsSpecial Composite Shaft is flexible and sturdy. The Extendable Handle gives you great control.

Things we liked

  • 8-speed level: 5 speeds level + 3 level reverse
  • Adjustable shaft
  • Adjustable handle
  • Special composite: durable, flexible & strong
  • 55lbs power thrust
  • Excellent speed
  • Great compact design
  • 26″ custom cut short shaft


Things we didn’t like

  • Not good for John boats



This trolling motor comes with high-quality materials and tons of features. The shafts come in two different sizes- 36 inches and 42 inches. The 36 inches shaft model would fit your canoe nicely. This freshwater transom mount trolling motor can create 55 pounds of thrust level with a 12-volt system. it’s reliable for freshwater usage. This perfect trolling motor for canoe fishing has a tiller that can tilt up to 45 degrees and extend up to 6 inches. It has a digital battery indicator which is located on the right of the motor head.

Things we liked

  • 36-inch shaft and 42-inch shaft
  • Digital Maximizer technology for better battery life
  • Digital battery indicator for easy understanding
  • One-hand Stow mechanism is excellent
  • Innovative collar helps adjust steering tension according to your desired level
  • Tiller handle can tile up to 45 degrees and extend up to 6 inches
  • Great for fishing purpose
  • Excellent trolling motor for kayakers
  • Up to 55 pounds of thrust
  • Mounting system is easy and quick
  • Speed adjustment ability


Things we didn’t like

  • Expensive



This innovative and unique motor is excellent for a canoe. It operates without mounting to anything. That means you can hold it yourself. it weighs only one and a half pounds and mounts to any 3/8 or larger cordless drill.

It’s a pretty awesome alternative to paddling when you want to move a little quicker or give your arms a break. The downside of this motor is, you’ll need a rod holder to have your hands free, but for some relief from paddling, it is perfect! Amaze your friends on the water with this motor.

Things we liked

  • Super affordable!
  • Compatible with any watercraft because it’s handheld!
  • Decent power for such a compact unit — this motor can even move larger boats
  • No purchase of a 12-volt battery required


Things we didn’t like

  • Short battery life at around 45 minutes on full power
  • Keeps your hands engaged — I suppose you could build a mount easy enough to resolve this issue
  • Does not come with a drill included


Buying Guide for Best Canoe Trolling Motor


Below are some important features to consider before you buy the best trolling motor for your canoe.


Water Compatibility

Choose a trolling motor for your canoe that is compatible with both saltwater and freshwater. It is crucial because if you use a freshwater trolling motor in saltwater, it can cause the internal components to rust quickly.



The more the thrust from the engine is, the more power the propeller receives. Most products come with several speed levels to adjust the amount of thrust to save battery usage when speed isn’t important.



Most of the shafts are made from fiberglass or another composite material to better withstand a few knocks while underwater. The length of the shaft is important as it decides how quietly your motor will run. A motor with a short shaft can cause the propellers create noise from hitting the water surface. On the other hand, a long shaft may cause the propellers hit the bottom if you are likely to cruise on shallow water.



Most propellers are three-blade varieties and make minimal noise while rotating.



There are different control systems for different models, but choose the one that has control on the head or is wireless.



The tiller handle suits people who sit more in the center of their kayak or canoe to keep better balance in the water. Be sure to choose one with an adjustable handle to set it at a comfortable angle for maneuverability.



Look for a trolling motor that is whisper quiet and aren’t very audible at the water line.


Saltwater Or Freshwater

There are two types of motors available on the market- one is for saltwater and the other is for freshwater. Some trolling motors can be used both in the sea and in lakes. So if you are likely to cruise over both types of water surface, this type of motor is the best option for you.



Trolling motors with more blades on their propellers make them sturdier and more able to navigate through seaweed. Some motors have better thrust for traveling faster.


Speed Settings

Choose a motor that comes with different speed settings, including a reverse setting for more control.


Mounting Options

Choose the transom mount which is perfect for canoes and kayaks. There are universal options as well that make mounting more predictable.


Battery Indicator

A LED battery indicator system which reads the connected battery to check its charged level is used to have out on the water. It prevents a sudden loss of power and having to resort to paddles to get back to shore when the batteries die on you. Also, look out for the LED indicator feature that displays battery level. It’s good for having an idea of how much longer you can stay on the water before you need to return to the shore.


Battery Voltage

Usually, the battery voltage for trolling motors for canoes are 12-volts. This is because there’s less space to house two batteries inside a canoe.


Battery Usage

The amp drain depends on the speed selected. Choose a model that has energy-efficient battery systems to lessen the battery drain during use and when idle as well.


Final Verdict

There aren’t too many brands to choose from with a trolling motor designed more for a small craft than a small or mid-sized boat. The shafts are naturally shorter to make them more usable in the water and not get hung up on plant life. Choose the required pounds of thrust necessary. More is often better because you can always move at a slower speed through the water whilst having power in reserve with a more powerful motor. When choosing a lower-powered trolling motor, that’s not necessarily the case.

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