BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum 81L2A Review

Bissell’s PowerEdge Pet is a vacuum cleaner made for the hard floor. It sucks dirt and captures all debris that is mostly cleaned by a broom combined with a dust pan. This vacuum clener is made with V-shape. It is a technology that directs bigger debris towards the middle suction path. You can capture both fine and large debris just like you would with a brush. Cleaning has never been easier and perfect than this. A home cleaned with vacuum cleaner for the first time, the owner will definitely note some difference.

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum 81L2A Review

When looking for a vacuum cleaner with powerful ability to suck, Bissell’s PowerEdge Pet is the choice to go for. It may look small, but when you start using it, you will be surprised. The v-shaped front edge works like magic. Unlike most vacuum cleaners that push dirt around, it sucks them so well that the floor gets clean fast. The dirt stuck under the chairs and other beds are removed leaving your house completely fresh. You do not need a broom even for the tight spaces.

The Bissell’s PowerEdge Pet vacuum cleaner can also be used on low pile area carpets. You can swivel the head and clean easily under and around the furniture. You will never have to worry about some dark corners full of dust. Every part of the house is perfectly and it is amazing how it does such an excellent job even in the absence of bristles.


Bissell’s PowerEdge Pet vacuum comes with a swivel head and you can move it as you wish.  It has a 20 inch power cord that allows you to move around easily.  The best thing is that is made for the hard floor and therefore you will always have a clean house if you buy it for same purpose. It would be a disappointed if you bought it for thick rugs and shaggy carpets. It also has a dirt cup, which you can empty without any time and continue with your cleaning.


The Bissell’s PowerEdge Pet can be held in one hand as you clean. You will like lot because it comes with a handle that has a firm grip.  The V-shaped edges force large debris to get into the suction path. The vacuum’s wipers are in v-shape for a reason; to ensure that no dirt is left on the floor regardless of its size. They are made of rubber and they attract hair making it possible to get rid of all pet hairs on the floor.

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If you are looking for a highly performing vacuum cleaner suitable for a hard floor Bissell’s PowerEdge Pet is your choice. It makes you life with a pet so easy. You never have to worry about hairs all over the house. With daily cleaning you will enjoy hair fee house. The suction power removes the hairs from their hiding place and you do not need to pull your chairs and beds to clean below them. This equipment maneuvers under furniture and leaves the house spotless clean.


  • Excellent in hair suction
  • Light in weight
  • Comes with a 20 inch cord
  • Cleans thoroughly on a hard floor


  • It is only suitable for hard floors
  • It cannot be used with attachments

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BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Vacuum, 81L2T is efficient and you will feel the difference when you start using it on your hard floor. It is your number one vacuum cleaner if you own a pet. Nonetheless, it is also handy in cleaning dust and other fine particles of dirt.