Dolphin 99996356 Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Dolphin Triton Robot Pool cleaner is perfect for excellent pool maintenance. It is ideal for residential in-ground pools, which measures up to 50 feet in length.  This exceptional cleaner comes with advanced features combined with patented technology.  It gives immeasurable value for your money and the price is reasonable. You do not have to dig deep to enjoy using this pool cleaner. Every homeowner who wants to have pool that can be used any time of the day, should own this equipment. It is does outstanding work.

Dolphin 99996356 Dolphin Triton Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

The Dolphin Triton Robotic comes with features that enable it to scrub, filter and vacuum a standard swimming pool within three hours.  It has a cartridge filter system that is very easy to clean. The patented swivel capable ensures no tangling, which makes cleaning smooth.  This equipment is not expensive to use and it programs itself for pool scanning before it begins the cleaning all you need is to plug and get it to work. It does not require any pre-installation or any connections with the pool. Its suction rate is 4,233 gallons per hour. The cycle time is about three hours and it comes with a 24 months warranty.


This pool cleaner comes with filters and you choose what to use depending on the kind of dirt that you want to get rid of. There two regular ones and four or fine particles. Since it has clearly labeled button, it is easy to get it started. You use one button to authorize it once per day throughout the week. Two buttons means it will clean after days and three means cleaning after three days. You must press the buttons to set it for every week. However, it is still advanced technologically because you do not have to be there to supervise the cleaning session.


It takes a shot time to complete a task. Cleaning and filtering a pool in less than three hour is efficient. It cleans a residential pool and especially the in-ground ones. It cleans big pools excluding those with a length of over 50 feet.

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The Dolphin Triton Robotic is one of a kind. It climbs the pool liner and it does thorough cleaning. Average pool cleaners do half of the wall but this computerized robot goes all over the pool and does not miss any spot. You will love and when swimming you will be excited by the perfectly clean pool.


  • Cleans fast
  • Comes with patented swivel that prevents tangling
  • Very efficient
  • Come with remote control
  • Comes with caddy for easy portability


  • The remote control is sold separately
  • Must be set every week

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Dolphin Triton Robot Pool cleaner is the best choice for those who wants to keep the pool clean all the time. You simply set it up and it will clean even in your absence. It does not involve any complicated connections and anyone can use it as long as they can read.