How to clean the pillow?

Nowadays, more & more individuals are caring about sleeping, which is a vital part in one person’s life. For that reason, people do not only care about what should or should not do to have a great night’s sleep, you should also pay attention to the most buddy. It helps you to have sweet dreams and it’s pillow.

Similar to the pillowcase, pillow plays an essential role as the protection of your sleep as well as your health. Here are some suggestions for cleaning the pillow and also, we provide some guidance about when you should purchase a new one.

The best ways to wash the pillow?

When it comes to cleaning pillow, maybe a laundry is what you’re thinking of. It’s where lots of people come to have a clean and fragrant pillow. Nevertheless, the main method of this type of store is using chemicals, which help remove dust faster & simpler. You will be very pleased since you might have a clean pillow with simply a little money. However you have no idea about its quality, is it really clean & safe as you’re thinking of?

We highly advise you to wash the pillow yourself, by doing a number of steps below:

  • The first thing you need to understand is whatever you wash by hand or by cleaning machine, you need to use hot water (not warm water) because hot water helps to remove dust & bacteria much faster without using bleach.
  • Soaking pillow in soapy water
  • You do not need to rub it strongly, simply stir, agitate & squeeze the pillow slightly, hot soapy water will clean the dirt.
  • After that, wash the pillow thoroughly with water several times, when it concerns the last time, use fabric softener to bring the sweet smell.
  • Do not twist pillow to dry it, you need to press it gently instead & use absorbent towels to absorb water, then put it into the dryer if you’ve one.
  • Lastly, dry it under the sunlight & later on, you will have a great night’s sleep with the freshened pillow.

Note: If you’ve a pillow, which is made of feather, after cleaning you’ve eliminated some of the hairs, which are produced to make the pillow softer. With a synthetic pillow, cleaning many times will make the pillow shrunk. Therefore, you need to clean the pillow a couple of times per year. Additionally, to keep your pillow clean longer, you need to dry it once a week under the sunlight & at the same time to get rid of dust.

When you should replace a new pillow?

You need to fold it in a half until almost the air let out, if the pillow will not back to their shape, it’s time to replace it. Nevertheless, if it backs to their shape immediately & it does not have the unsavory smell, simply keep using it.

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