Infantino Swift Classic Carrier, Black


  • Multiple carrier options
  • Excellent front buckle system
  • Soft material
  • Clothing and carrier protector cover
  • Amazing weight distribution system
  • Adjustable back strap and side strap
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Comfortable Padded head support
  • Washable fabric
  • 8-25 lbs / 3.6 to 11.3 kgs

The Infantino Swift Classic Carrier is an excellent baby carrier, remarkably easy to use. It comes with chest strap carrying system which means your baby will face you while carrying. If he or she is less than five months, you should keep your baby near to your chest. When you the see your baby’s better neck development you can carry him or her facing away so that he can also enjoy the surrounding.

The Swift Classic Carrier is lightweight and comfortable. Along with that if you are thinking of going somewhere you can quickly pack it in a stroller. It also comes with adjustable support so that you can feel comfortable and relax while carrying your baby. Your baby too will feel good because of its superb fabrics. It’s extremely soft. And if you are worried about your clothes then you should go for this extraordinary baby carrier because it has Wonder Cover 2-іn-1 bib which protects your clothes from stains. You can wash this supreme baby carrier with the machine too.

It will give you hands-free experience, and you can bend to a specific extent. So you can use it in a relaxed manner. Additionally, the black version of this baby carrier can absorb a lot of heat. Now let’s check out the pros and cons of this fantastic baby carrier.


  • Two carrying position
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Easy to wear
  • Provides hassle-free experience


  • No waist strap is attached
  • It is suitable for a shorter duration.

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