Insightful Information On The 5 Common Myths About Running Shoes

Introduction To Running Shoes’ Myths

There are different types of running shoes which are all meant to enhance performance. By getting the right running shoes one can be able to run or exercise more efficiently. This is the primary reason why shoe making companies are regularly making modern running shoes which are more efficient. However, there are factors that influence performance besides the running shoes. Even with the right running shoes one should take into consideration the other factors so as to run in a complete manner. Because of the popularity of the running shoes there are many myths that have emerged about these shoes. Here are the 5 common myths about running shoes.

1. The Lighter Shoes Are Faster

While selecting the ideal running shoes you will most probably consider their weight. This is because most people believe that the heavier shoes will add weight on their feet. However, this is not true because performance while running depends on the body of your weight. In fact most of the modern shoes are light and therefore almost every running shoe you get will be light. However, even if you get significant heavier running shoes you will still be able to perform properly because the weight of the shoes has little significance when it comes to perfuming well.

2. Testing The Shoes On A Treadmill Can Tell Which Ones Are Best

Most people use treadmill to test shoes which they will be using to run. This is a common mistake which has misled many people to get shoes that do not suit them. The main reason that makes this a common myth is that running on the treadmill is different from running in any other place. The strides and the roughness of the surface are completely different. While running without a treadmill one tends to make bigger strides. Running on other surfaces especially outdoors means that one has to go through rough places. Therefore, if running shoes feel comfortable on a treadmill it does not mean that they are the most suitable ones.

3. The Difference Between Running Shoes For Men And Women Is The Appearance

This is another common myth where people believe that running shoes for men and women are the same except for the appearance. However, the truth is that these shoes have many more features that differentiate them. Men and women steps in different ways and as a result their shoes are made in different ways.

4. The Soles Of Running Shoes Are Soft And One Is Almost Bare Foot

A significant percentage of people believe that because the soles of running shoes are soft they cannot be able to handle rough terrains. But the truth is that the shoes have soft soles so that the user can bend their feet more efficiently. The soles of the top quality running shoes are soft but tough in a way that not many things that can pierce your feet while running.

5. It Is Necessary To Have Several Pairs Of Running Shoes

Many people also believe that having a single pair of running shoes is not enough. Such people believe you need several pairs of running shoes to perform well. The truth is that a single pair of running shoes can be sufficient. This is because if you have many pairs of running shoes your feet will need to adapt to each and every pair. This is unlike having just a single pair which your feet are already used to.


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