Insomnia in the Older People

Insomnia is referred to the situation that is hard to fall asleep, wake up too early, wake several times throughout the night or quality sleep makes you feel uncomfortable. Instead, you just have a sluggish feeling when waking up the next day and still feel sleepy, fatigue, difficulty focusing on work. Generally, insomnia is quite common, thus it is important for us to understand about the causes, consequences, treatment and prevention as well.

If restless sleep more than 30 minutes and you have not yet to go to sleep, before the rooster crows puberty (before 5 am), it shows that you are had in one of the symptoms of sleep disorders. Concurrently, it leads to greater risk of serious sickness including stress, depression, diabetes cardiovascular disease, etc.

Persistent insomnia caused a negative influence on social life and family. Research indicates that people sleeping with decreased quality of life often cause car accidents and accidents in the workplace. It is because the reaction is delayed and the lack of attention. Knowledge of chronic insomnia is eclipsed, they lose the ability to pay long attention and memory is weak, too. Therefore, their ability of learning and working significantly reduced. These people often tend to miss work and their job performance is very limited. They see the doctor more; have more symptoms as the disease is a painful, long recovery since the body lacks of substance to help cells recover while toxins are present more than ordinary people. Talking about family relationships, who insomnia often tense, lack of calm, scowling, rarely happy, easy loudly with relatives and children, had a lot of stress in family life.

For older people with debilitating blood, we see that the brain system activity is weakened considerably. So, it makes old people have trouble with sleeping at night and causes fatigue, particularly when they do not use the right pillow for stomach sleepers. It needs to be attended when improving insomnia in the older people because the body is not as healthy as the young generation. By the research, scientists have shown that insomnia in older people is related to the drop in a hormone secreted by the pineal gland called melatonin, it is a substance pacemaker role, sleeping.

During the sleeping at night, melatonin levels created in the body rise and peak between 11 pm and 2 am then drop dramatically.

With humans, melatonin is created powerfully from birth to 15 years old. They will start to decline and after the age of 45, they will be depleted very fast. For older people, even when they have the environment to produce melatonin, its amount is only half of their young time. And when they are 80 years old, melatonin will be reduced to a minimum level. The higher the age, the easier insomnia people can encounter.

Insomnia and sleeplessness are types of sleep disorder often occurring in older people. This creates a negative influence on the health quality of life. Commonly, there are two causes make the old get insomnia.

First of all, causes of Insomnia in the older due to the influence of other conditions such as depression, dementia, cardiovascular disease, bone and joint pain.

Additionally, there are some subjective causes of insomnia, for instance, less physical activity, circadian rhythm changes, thinking much, aging body, negative thoughts.

How to reduce Insomnia in the elderly?

Insomnia can come from any cause such as using wrong pillow for stomach sleepers, the drug to inhibit and create sleep should not be used especially for the elderly. Also, because the possibility of the brain at this age has a lot worse. In other words, if using the drug for a long time can lead to the dependence on drugs or even became addicted to drugs. Thus, in the absence of drugs, the body can not suffer and insomnia becomes worse. In this case, take natural remedies will be effective without causing harm.

Having a reasonable diet

It is necessary to avoid stimulants, for example alcohol, coffee and carbonated beverages particularly in the evening. Do not smoke and keep staying away from secondhand smoke. Do not consume a lot of greasy foods or foods related to high indigestion.

Notice that food in daily meal should ensure adequately with three nutritious comprising protein (for example, meat, eggs, fish, etc), starch (such as rice, wheat, potatoes, etc), and grease (for instance, grease limited use character instead of vegetable oils). It is a need to use these foods easy to digest and rich in vitamins B1, rich in minerals, for example, orange, spinach, tangerine, ripe, soy milk, tofu, enhancing vitamins, minerals and fiber to increase resistance and immunity to the body. It is very clear that a good health condition would play an important role to have a good sleep and get rid of Insomnia in the older people. In the dinner, they should use only snacks. Before bedtime, a glass of warm milk can provide them carbohydrate and prevent hypoglycemia at night.

Exercise on reasonable time to support decrease Insomnia in the elderly

This activity is really necessary. It helps to enhance their health, relax and also improve blood circulation in their brain. With older people, they should use light exercises, for instance, walking about 25-40 minutes in the afternoon and it should be far away from the time of sleep about 3-4 hours so that the body can have time to rest before going to bed. Additionally, the place for training has to ensure hygiene, fresh air and cool. Besides, there is also a place for avoiding sudden wind and rain.

Relax before going to bed

Take care that the space should be quiet bedroom, soft lighting, airy, make sure cool summer and warm in winter. It is not necessary to put too many electronic items as television, cassette, etc because the magnetic field that emanates from the items mentioned above can affect sleep. Before going to sleep, the ole people can take a bath with warm water in order to relax the bodyand should use suitable pillow for stomach sleepers.

Moreover, for the target of keeping the old staying far away from the inappropriate anxiety about sleep, it is important that you should explain to them to gain better understand about Insomnia in the older is a common and unavoidable matter. Sleeping 8 hours in a day just happens to young and middle-aged people. So, the older you be, the less sleep time you get. At night, it may be that they sleep less, however, it is very good if they can sleep is 20-30 minutes in the afternoon.

Finally, lasting insomnia and using wrong pillow for stomach sleepers for a long time will continually depleting health and bring rise to many diseases in the older. Therefore, measures should be taken safely and efficiently to enhance the preventing of Insomnia in the older people.

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