3 Best Magnetic Charging Cables For IPhone 7, 8, X

Magnetic Charging Cables definitely have changed the face of charging cables by a long mile these days. Once they used to be made with rubber, and nowadays fibre and nylon braided. Due to being of rubber, the quality degraded over time, and the cables got either snapped or destroyed.

But, such problems do not occur with magnetic cables. In addition to that, these cables pack extra features like LED indicators – that help to find your phone in the dark. The uses are really huge. Therefore, let’s go through some of the best magnetic charging cables for iPhone 7, 8 and X.

3 Best Magnetic Charging Cables For iPhone

This charging cable is compatible with all major iPhone models out there including 7, 8 and X. This case is so easy to plug in, that it only takes 0.1 seconds to do it. The connector is reversible and it is also dust resistant, which protects your iPhone’s charging port. Thus it extends the life of your iPhone.

Due to easy connecting and separating function, it can be a great tool in your car while driving. The cable will support data syncing as well. It is about 3.3 feet long and is made up of nylon fibre. This helps to give the wire a nice protection, strength and flexibility.


This cable is about 6.6 feet or 2 metres long – which is just huge. Perfect for office uses and cars. The nylon fibre design makes the wire very strong, tangle free and thus resistant to damages. This extends the life of the cable. The cable will fit every Apple device out there as its using the Lightning port. The magnetic metal connector part makes charging a whole lot easier.

It will charge at 2.4A and has both overcharge and surge protection as well. It also has four high-quality copper core wire that introduces faster data transfer speeds. Apart from that, the connector is dust resistant as well – making it free from damages by dust.

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2. NetDot 3rd Generation USB2.0 Magnetic Charging Cable

This 3rd generation charging cable from Netdot is braided with nylon – which not only increases its durability but also makes it tangle resistant. The nylon fibre also gives stability to transfer of signals. It has a bulletproof aramid fibre inside, which is at least five times more powerful than normal ones. The copper wire quality is high and the insulation provided is also nice as well.

There are various levels of shielding to protect it from getting wear and tear. The outer jacket, which is nylon also shields it from getting damaged as well. The plugin head is totally dust proof. The cable comes with 2X 8 pins, thus protecting it from frequent disconnects.

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3. UGI 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable

This magnetic charging cable comes with 2 extra connectors besides that of iPhones – thus making it versatile to use with any other phones. The two extra ones are – Type C and Micro USB Cables. The connectors are anti-corrosive in nature, and also has surge protection as well.

This cable also comes with a 360 degrees rotating design, that helps in better and more efficient charging. Since this cable comes with all the 3 connectors, it has universal compatibility.

The only con is that the connector is not reversible.  Apart from that, it supports maximum 5V/2.4A charging.

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Even though iPhone 8 and X support wireless charging, people still tend to use magnetic charging cables. This is because they are efficient enough, and the performance provided is nearly ideal. Therefore, if magnetic charging cables are a nice alternative to normal charging cables for your iPhone 7, 8 and X.

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