iRobot Roomba 595 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

Irobot Roomba 595 vacuum does the cleaning work on your behalf. It comes with a three-stage excellent cleaning system. You do not have to worry about pet hairs in your house anymore. It does a perfect job on hardwood, carpets, tile and linoleum floors.  It is amazing because it will move around the house so well without missing a spot. This vacuum cleaner is one of the greatest modern innovations. Despite being small in size, it will work better than a human being.

iRobot Roomba 595 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

The Roomba 595 has iAdapt Navigations that enables it to sense and navigate through the house. It cleans so well and will not fall down the stairs.  Its three-stage clean system scrubs gently brush and then sucks all the dirt. It leaves a trail of the perfectly cleaned floor. The most amazing thing is that it does all the work on its own.  If you are a busy person, you simply schedule it weekly or press it clean before you leave the house in the morning.


To give excellent results, the iRobot Roomba 595 comes with the things needed for the job.  There are extra bushes, AeroVac filters, and many other tools. It does not make much noise, it’s too low to cause any disturbance. But that is understandable, it’s a power tool.  It comes with the charging base and all you need is to feed enough with power before its start working. It only stops when power is low or the waste bag is full. Otherwise, it has no other uses and works continuously without any problems.


This robot cleaner does all the work needed to keep a house clean.  It adjusts automatically when it senses the change of the floor. It can clean a house with carpets, bare floors such as linoleum, hardwood, and tiles.  This is the vacuum cleaner that gives you enhanced value for money. It is more efficient than a human clean who may be lazy at work at times. It never changes its way of cleaning and all the time, it does excellent work.


This is the most convenient robot vacuum cleaner. You program it and the house will be cleaned once per day.  It moves in all areas cleaning and sucking up all the dirt. It moves around the furniture and perfectly cleans along the wall edges. The iRobot Roomba 595 senses when it approaches cliffs and will stay off from stairs or any other parts of the house where it’s like to drop off. It will move back to its charging spot when through with cleaning or even between sessions if the battery runs low.


  • Adjust automatically
  • Can be scheduled to clean for seven days in your absence
  • Goes back to its charging spot automatically when the battery is low
  • Low noise


  • It does not clean under furniture
  • Has to be cleaned regularly to keep working efficiently

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The iRobot Roomba 595 is easy to maintain and you will be guaranteed excellent work. It is stress free and as long as you have scheduled it for the week, it will always to the cleaning on time.