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iRobot Roomba 645 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

As an individual with a great passion for home cleanliness, I knew it was just a matter of time before I could acquire an excellent vacuum cleaner. With my carpets and the spacious room, I needed an affordable machine with high performance. After a thorough research on the various cleaners available, I settled for iRobot Roomba 645 cleaner that seemed quite promising. With my two years experience of using this robot, I can attest that it was the best decision for me.

Product Details

iRobot Roomba 645 cleaner is a powerful vacuum with an ability to pull out dirt debris and hair off the brushes into the large chamber bin.

With its dirt detect technology, the cleaner’s sensor identifies dirtier surfaces and spends extra time cleaning them. This feature ensures that the whole area gets a uniform sparkle.

Another important aspect of this robot is that it has a navigation technology that enables it to move around any home’s size or shape.

Its Virtual walls aspect keeps the Roomba cleaning in your preferred places and limits off the blocked areas.


This vacuum cleaner has a side brush which helps in cleaning under the couches and radiators. It also has a dustbin to collect dirt while cleaning. However, its small size compels one to empty it on a frequent basis.

This cleaner also has a long battery life, making it deliver many cleaning cycles. Moreover, this feature has prolonged the replacement cycles as well. However, its runtime remains the same between recharges, and the lifetime varies with the usage and home environment.

The cleaner also has counter-rotating brushes that act as the dustpan and broom to collect that all dirt along the way.


This robot’s spinning side brushes and the counter-rotating ones are replaceable and easily available in various outlets at affordable prices. In case you need more batteries for the cleaner, it will be easy to get them from the outlets as well.


iRobot Roomba 645 cleaner is easy to use model with nice features and a charging dock. It has a conspicuous three-stage cleaning system with aerovac to ensure that surfaces get a thorough cleaning.


  • It cleans all types of surfaces including hardwood, carpets, rugs and even the hidden surfaces. Regardless of whether the carpet is medium or short pile, this robot will give you sufficient cleaning.
  • It gets into tight spots, pulling out pet hair and light dust off baseboards and corners.
  • Its battery lasts longer compared to other vacuum cleaners.



  • It gets caught on lower cords and shoelaces, leading to time wastage.
  • It has a short battery life, leading to interruptions in between the cleaning process.
  • It cannot clean on the stairs, behind lamps, in corners, and under low furniture.


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If you are searching for the most efficient cleaner that covers all the areas of your house, iRobot Roomba 645 cleaner is the best decision you can make. Buy one and get the most awesome cleaning experience.

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