KLIQ UberTuner Review – Clip-On Tuner for All Instruments

Extreme accuracy is very important for advanced musicians and more information is always helpful. Knowing and understanding the letter is certainly not sufficient for some songs.

What the musician really needs is a versatile guitar tuner, which works for multiple frequencies and different instruments. The best guitar tuner is hard to find.

There are so many types of guitar tuners in the market today that finding the right tuner at a good price becomes extremely difficult. But we are here to help you with this review.

We evaluated several guitar tuners and found the best tuner for advanced musicians. The added merit is that the tuner comes at an attractive price.

The KLIQ UberTuner Review


The best guitar tuner, according to our evaluation, is the KLIQ UberTuner – Clip-On Tuner. This tuner is the best for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the KLIQ UberTuner has a near perfect accuracy and wide detection range.

This feature makes the device compatible with several other instruments as well, including Bass, Violin, Chromatic Tuning Modes and Ukulele.

In addition to this, the KLIQ UberTuner displays a full meter, enabling the user to know just how sharp or flat their note is. A huge advantage of this guitar tuner is that it measures the tune with a highly sensitive Piezo Sensor and a Micro Processor. The Clip-on feature means that the user can opt to clip the device on or keep it in their case.

If you are a musician who is performing live in front of a large or small audience, you do not want to waste a lot of your precious time in clipping and unclipping your guitar tuner to your headstock.

Here, the KLIQ UberTuner will assist by taking only a few second in clipping. You can tune multiple instruments with the help of this tuner as well.

The guitar tuner will “hear” your note with a Micro Processor and register it. This guitar tuner uses a piezo sensor as its main measurement tool and senses the vibration of the instrument’s strings whenever you clip it onto the headstock of your instrument. This makes the KLIQ UberTuner perfect for tuning your guitar in chaotic and loud environments.


There are many advantages of this guitar tuner and we will mention a few of them:

Home Practice and Live Events: The KLIQ UberTuner is great for both live events and home practices. This amazing guitar tuner provides the most accurate results, because of which it is used by several popular musicians during live events. The user does not have to clip this tuner on and off every time and it is great for both quiet and loud environments.

Accurate tune: With this guitar tuner, the user gets to spend less time tuning and more time playing. The highly sensitive Piezo Sensor and advanced Micro Processor will make sure that your instrument is tuned accurately in a few seconds.

Bright display: The color display on the guitar tuner enables the user to see if they are sharp, dead-on or flat from any angle. The user can position the screen in any way they like with just three points of adjustment.

Easy to use: This guitar tuner is extremely easy to use – you just have to turn it on, clip it on and you will be ready to tune. The loud and confusing noises will never get in your way because the tuner has the ability to detect the pitches directly from the vibrations of the guitar.

Dependable: You can rely on this tuner. Unlike other cheap tuners, the KLIQ UberTuner has a durable and strong design that is built to last for a long time. From the music hobbyist to light use to heavy use by the advanced musicians, this guitar tuner will get you in right tune every time.

Guarantee: The manufacturer has said that they will replace the product or give a complete refund if the KLIQ UberTuner stops working or breaks within three years of purchase. This excellent manufacturer guarantee raises our confidence in the product.


We could not find any real demerit with the product during our evaluation, but according to the reviews by several verified buyers, the tuner showed not so precise results after several years of use. The product comes with a three-year guarantee, so if the buyer comes across any such issue, they can get the product easily replaced.


This guitar, according to us, is a great buy for beginners as well as advanced musicians. It is easy to use and has a super bright display that allows you to see whether you are in tune.

Moreover, the KLIQ UberTuner comes with specific tuning modes for bass, guitar, ukulele, violin, and chromatic mode. Lastly, it is not expensive, so if you are looking for a good and affordable tuner that has pretty amazing features, this is it.

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