LUCID 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Lucid is one of the premier brands when it comes to producing best-quality mattresses. The manufacturers often try to bridge the benefits of Latex and memory foam mattress. Lucid 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress has the added benefit of Gel-infused foam with a number of amazing features.

In this shortened review I’ll discuss some of the great features that should interest you while purchasing a mattress, and things you should consider before buying Lucid 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

The Construction of the Foam

The top layer of the mattress consists of 2 inches of Gel-infused memory foam. This layer has a density of 4lbs. What follows is a two-inch layer of a memory foam mattress with 3lbs. of density. At the bottom, there is a support base of 8-inch thick foam.

The ingredients which make up for the mattress are Polyester (94%), Spandex (5%) and Silver Fiber (.1%). The cover this Lucid 12-inch mattress has is made of silver fiber.

The mattress comes with an impressive warranty period of 25 years. It surely puts a stamp of quality over the mattress and the material that has gone into making it.

Gel Beads make the Mattress Comfortable to Sleep on

Besides the regular memory foam, thousands of Gel particles are embedded in the making of this mattress. That makes Lucid mattress breathable.

You will not sweat while sleeping on it. The mattress will get the extra heat out of your body and keep you cool thanks to the Gel beads.

The ventilation system allows the bed to adjust the bodily temperature and bring it to normal without you worrying. During warm nights, it is a great mattress to have on your bed.

It protects you from External Threats`

If you are wondering what these external threats could be, clearly these are allergic and hygienic materials. The cover of the mattress is made with silver fibers.

This prevents microbes from growing on to the mattress surface. The mattress cover also prevents unhygienic elements from building up.

People won’t feel skin irritations or rashes after sleeping on this mattress for longer periods of time. This will result in a lot less twisting and turning. Ultimately, you will have a sound sleep that many of us desire after a hard day of work.

Don’t Worry About Body Impressions

Indeed, it is true. This mattress from Lucid features Open Cell Technology, which lets you have improved airflow and pressure distribution while you sleep.

The mattress also incorporates Pin-Core Technology. The Open-Cell structure of the mattress will not leave any impression of your body on the mattress for long no matter how hard it is.

During the winter, one just has to lay the mattress in warm conditions and allow it the time to inflate itself to its original size.

The Positives of the Mattress

  • Lucid uses its Gel formula to provide you with a cool mattress.
  • The mattress has Gel, Memory Foam, and Normal foam layers.
  • The Lucid Mattress uses Silver Fiber Cover to safeguard users against allergenic components.
  • The mattress is Certi-PUR Certified.
  • Open Cell Technology hardly leaves an impression of your body on the mattress surface.
  • The use of Pin-Core Technology allows the mattress to have Improved Air circulation.

Final Thoughts

The mattress can be purchased in customized sizes as there are many available in the market. There are different prices of course.

This Certi-PUR certified mattress is the ideal one for your home as there will not be any emissions or odor coming from within the mattress to disturb your sleep at night.

Review Overview

  • Comforts
  • Durability
  • Value of Product
  • Support for Body
  • Healthiness

Summary : 

I highly recommend this mattress for your sound sleep and your health.

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