The NeatoBotvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

When I first bought my vacuum cleaner I went for a handheld vacuum cleaner. Five years down the line and I am now using the best robot vacuum cleaner for my home. The NeatoBotvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has served me well. It uses a number of awesome technology to maximize the best experience when cleaning your home. Additionally, the vacuum cleaner is also easy to operate and can be programmed for a timely cleaning schedule. But that’s not all there is to The NeatoBotvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, read along to find out more.

NeatoBotvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

The NeatoBotvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner employs Laser-Smart Mapping Technology – helps in navigating, mapping, and scanning the room for cleaning.

The technology prevents the vacuum cleaner form bumping around. Instead, it provides a methodical cleaning system that allows you to map out movement.

Employs a D-shaped Technology (the Clever Corner Technology), this allows it to get as close as possible to the walls and maximize its dirt suction efficiency.

The NeatoBotvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner also has a spin and flow power technology that combines precision brushes and patent suction for super clean touch.

Finally, it employs an auto-recharge and resumes cleaning technology. Meaning in case power runs out, it will automatically go back for recharge and later on resume from where it left.


The NeatoBotvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner works with an easy to use replaceable self recharge charger.

It also has a replaceable lithium-ion battery set that works with the charger and the self recharge system to ensure that your cleaning continues to completion.

The NeatoBotvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner employs an awesome wireless technology that allows it to work with remote control for easy navigation and cleaning schedule.

Additionally, it works with many other customized cleaning kits, microfiber dust pads, crevice tools, brush rolls, and dust cups.


The NeatoBotvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner like any cool robotic vacuum cleaner works with a number of smart devices especially smartphones. It is also compatible with any customized remote or wireless control system. You can also use cleaning kits.


Methodically plan your cleaning with the Laser-Smart technology. This will give you a smooth cleaning experience without any forms of bumps. Switch on your NeatoBotvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and allow it to vacuum your floor. Empty the cup when full.


  • Clever Corner Technology
  • Laser- Smart Cleaning Technology
  • Offers 7 times a week cleaning schedule.
  • Easy to use wireless technology.
  • Self recharge battery.


  • Small dust cup
  • Ideal for small or standard-sized rooms alone.
  • Could easily get damaged if mishandled.

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From what we have seen, The NeatoBotvac D80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners that any homeowner can buy today. You can easily find it from the best online buying sites including Amazon. Don’t forget to buy a compatible cleaning kit that you can use with it.

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