New World Dog Crate Review – Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates

Metal crates are some of the most popular options for pet owners with large breed dogs as they are sturdy, well ventilated, and doesn’t make dogs feel isolated while they’re kept inside.

New World Dog Crate Review

These crates serve as the right alternative to dens for most dogs, providing them a cozy and secure space of their own.

The New World dog crate is an excellent option for those in search for the right metal crate for their pet. Being a major manufacturer and distributor of pet products around the globe, New World pet products are definitely reputable and reliable.

Electro-plated High-Grade Metal Mesh Construction

Made with high quality metal mesh that’s finished with electro-plating, this metal crate is guaranteed to be structurally safe for your pet.

The wire mesh won’t easily buckle and crumple, letting you rest assured that your pet is secure even when you’re not home to provide any sort of supervision.

The electro coating is also an excellent additional feature as it will keep it resistant to rust. This will guarantee durability as rust can definitely degrade steel wires quickly.

Single-door Design

With a single-door design, this crate can also be perfect for housetraining dogs. Having just one entrance and exit to their crate will let them get accustomed to being crated.

Using a crate with just one door is also ideal for pet parents who tend to be forgetful. With just one door to fuss about, you don’t need to remember to lock the other door at the side or at the top.

Leak-proof Plastic Pan

For those who are still house and crate training their pets, a metal crate with a leak-proof plastic pan is ideal to prevent any mess that your fur baby can create. This leak-proof bottom will help you protect your flooring from their dirty business.

A plastic pan also guarantees comfort for your pet. Wire mesh is uneven and hard, which can cause discomfort and even pain for your pet’s paws.

This New World crate’s flooring is made from durable plastic and is flat so you can be sure that your pet can be comfortable on it.

Two Slide Bolt Latches

Some pets are great at fumbling with latches and locks, making them great escape artists that can create havoc around the house once they get out of their crates.

This is why this New World crate is equipped with two latches to ensure that your pet won’t get out.

The additional lock makes it nearly impossible for your pooch to open the door on their own, so you’re guaranteed that they will stay in place once you’ve latched the door shut.

Foldable Design

Since most metal crates are bulky and unwieldy, traveling with them can be a challenge.

This is why this New World crate easily folds into itself so you can easily move it around in case you need to transport it to another place like the car or a friend’s or relative’s house where your pet will be spending a few days.

It’s also perfect for storage as it won’t take too much space when it’s folded.


  • It has two-latch lock design ensures that your pet will be secure inside
  • It’s easy to clean and leak-proof plastic pan as crate flooring
  • It has a heavy duty construction made with electro-plated high quality steel
  • It’s folding design allows the crate to be portable and easy to store
  • 1 year warranty
  • Designed with rounded corners to prevent creating dents on furniture or hurting anyone in the household
  • Easy to collapse and assemble
  • Can easily be a cozy space for your dog
  • Available in single and double-door design


  • It doesn’t come with a free divider panel, so you might need to get one if you want your pet to grow into this crate

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this crate suit small breed dogs?

A: The smallest size available for this product is ideal for 11 lbs dogs, so it can be a tad too big for small breed dogs. As crates need to be just the right size for the best results, make sure to choose one that will perfectly match the needs of your pet.

Q: Can pets travel safely inside this crate?

A: Wire crates aren’t necessarily made to be used while in transit if you want your pet to be crated as you drive. There’s no way to secure it to the seats and your pet will be too exposed if you place it at the back of a pickup truck or trunk, so no, this isn’t ideal for containing your pet while traveling.

Final Verdict

Great for medium to large breed dogs, the New World Dog Crate will guarantee your pet’s safety, comfort, and security. It can handle your large dog’s weight and strength and won’t crack and bend easily.

It can also be used for crate training, but you’ll need to purchase an additional divider panel for further efficiency.

In any case, this product is easily one of the sturdiest and most reliable options that will help you provide your pet a comfortable space that they can call their own.

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