Petco Classic 1-Door Dog Crates Review

Some pet owners want the most straightforward products for their pets as they are a lot easier to maintain. They’re also often the best priced in the bunch as there are no other bells and whistles included in the package.

If this describes your preferences, then you might want to check out this Petco Classic dog crate.

While it doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, you’re guaranteed that this fuss-free pet crate is one of the best in the market today.

Single-door Design

What can be more straightforward than a wire crate with a single door?

This Petco Classic is designed with just one door to make it easier for your pet to learn how to get used to their new home within your home and so you won’t have to worry about locking multiple doors every time you need your pooch to stay in their crate.

It also comes with a single slide bolt latch, making it a secure space for your pooch.

Durable Metal Wire Construction

A quality crate is always made with high grade metal wires. The Petco Classic crate is definitely made with such durable materials that are designed to carry the weight of your pet and withstand daily use.

It was made with your pet’s safety and security in mind, so you can be sure that your pet will be in good hands if you opt for this product.

Slide Out Plastic Tray Bottom

Ensuring your pooch’s comfort is the plastic tray that serves as a flooring material for metal crates. Every Petco Classic crate is equipped with a highly durable one that is hard to crack and destroy. It is, however, very easy to clean.

All you need to do is to release the pan stopper at the bottom, slide the tray out, and you’re all set to clean it up.

Divider Panel Included Except for the XS Size

A practical pet parent will opt to get a huge crate that will fit the adult size of their puppy’s breed to save some cash and effort in reintroducing the dog to a new crate when they’re older.

This is why the Petco Classic comes with a divider panel, so you can easily crate train your pooch with a large kennel without any worries that they’ll use some parts of their crate for their dirty business.

The divider comes for every Petco Classic unit, except for the smallest variety.

Two Top Handles

Wire crates are notoriously difficult to move around while in use, so the two top handles on this unit is definitely a great addition.

If you like to move your pet’s crate around the house, even while they’re still inside, it can be easily done with these useful features.

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  • Straightforward, fuss-free design
  • Made with heavy duty materials and construction
  • Easy to clean, fold, and move around
  • Can be used from your pet’s infancy to their full adulthood
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Excellent price


  • Some people complain about their pet’s ability to break out because of the lock

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it come with a dog bed?

A: No, dog beds are sold separately from this product.

Q: Can you fold this crate for easy transport?

A: Yes, this crate folds and sets up in seconds.

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Final Verdict

Pet owners who are looking for a no-frills crate that is definitely of great quality should check out the Petco Classic 1-Door crate. This product is the very definition of what you’re looking for with its simple design and excellent quality.

Just read up on the many best dog crate reviews online and you’ll easily realize that this product is definitely one of the finest there is.

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