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ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill Review

The ProForm Pro 1000 is a high-end, gym quality treadmill with a plethora of features, high top speed and incline settings, and a high 325-pound weight limit. Dedicated athletes who expect to be using their treadmill daily will be very happy with the ProForm Pro 1000.

The ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill Reviews & Specifications

Currently on deep discount from the sticker price, for a limited time the ProForm Pro 1000 can be obtained for the price of an inferior mid-range treadmill.

Product Specifications

  • Belt Width: 20 inches
  • Treadmill Weight:  250 pounds
  • Weight Limit: 325 pounds
  • Max Pace: 12 MPH


Made for heavy running

The ProForm Pro 1000 treadmill is heavy, sturdy, and made to be used hard and often. It has a high top speed of 12 MPH and can bear loads as heavy as 325 pounds. ProForm has one of the longest default warranties on this model, with a lifetime frame and motor warranty, and a 3-year parts warranty. (Warranty can change by manufacture policy)

ProShox Cushioning

As would be expected for a high-end treadmill, the ProForm Pro 1000 has a sturdy shock absorption system which takes the strain off your knees, feet, ankles, and hips making running on this treadmill much easier on your joints than running outside.

Every feature you’d expect

The ProForm Pro 1000 doesn’t lack any features that would be commonly found on gym treadmills. It has a large display screen that shows distance travelled, calories burned, and speed. It comes equipped with an EKG heartrate monitor, and a high-powered cooling fan to keep you cool as you run.

Folds up to save space

The ProForm Pro 1000 Treadmill can fold upright to save space after a workout, a feature sorely lacking in many mid-range and high-end treadmills.

iFit Enabled

Like the NordicTrack T 6.5 S, the ProForm Pro 1000 comes with the ability to use the iFit app in order to run custom routes with Google Maps, track your stats automatically, personalize your workouts, and compete against other runners. (A subscription must be purchased separately to use this module.)



There’s no way around it, weighing in at 250 pounds the ProForm Pro 1000 is very heavy and isn’t at all portable. If being able to easily transport your treadmill is important, it’s best to get a smaller, lighter treadmill.


This is a high end treadmill and may not be the best choice if you don’t expect to be using it often. That said, it is currently on sale on Amazon for a deep discount over the usual price.

Final Verdict

The ProForm Pro 1000 is a high-end treadmill which is ideal for frequent runners, but may not be the best choice for those who don’t expect to be using it heavily due to its high price. It has every feature that would be expected in a gym-quality treadmill, and its long warranties ensure that your investment will be protected.

The ProForm Pro 1000 is can be obtained on Amazon at a discount, and is currently a good value for the price. We give the ProForm 5/5 stars, and recommend it for those looking to purchase a high quality treadmill.

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