Serenia Sleep 6-inch RV Mattress Review

Travelling and living in an RV is one of the most exciting experiences you can ever have, however, this alternative living space does not need to be lackluster and unremarkable.

You can make the living space exciting and inviting, and one way in which you can achieve this is by adding luxurious bedding.

An RV mattress is perfect for your RV, and there are several companies that offer these bedding’s. One company that has grabbed my attention is Serenia Sleep, which has spent the last 4 decades carefully engineering and crafting the most comfortable, supportive, safe, and durable products for the bedding industry.

A closer look at Serenia Sleep brought me into contact with the 6-inch RV foam mattress, which is definitely one of the best of its kind.

This reliable and high quality mattress has definitely taken RV comfort to the next level, with light and durable engineering that makes it amazing to sleep on.

So if you are having a hard time sleeping in your RV and would love a mattress that changes that, then read on for an in-depth review of the Serenia Sleep 6-inch RV mattress.

Support and Cool Comfort

As I mentioned earlier, Serenia Sleep works tirelessly to ensure that all of its products have been crafted to the highest standards possible.

Two of the most important factors that you should consider in a mattress are support and comfort, and Serenia Sleep has therefore gone ahead to ensure that its 6-inch RV mattress excels in this area.The 6-inch foam mattress provides the firm support that you require for a healthy night’s sleep, ensuring that you wake up without any back aches and pains.

This foam mattress will gently cradle your body and evenly distribute your weight as you sleep, so that the pressure points found around your shoulders and hips are relieved for an undisturbed night’s sleep.

There is also a high-density base layer which enhances the support and durability provided by the mattress.
In terms of cool comfort, the foam material enhances air circulation so that you remain nice and cool throughout the night.

Smart Construction

The 6-inch Serenia Sleep RV mattress has been designed with lightweight foam materials, and this means that it can be lifted and placed on your RV bed frame without any hassle.

The RV mattress is also dual-sided, meaning that you can flip it over from time to time while still enjoying the same level of comfort and support.

The dual-sided nature of the Serenia Sleep also enhances the lifespan of the 6-inch RV mattress. This 6-inch mattress with an all-foam core and a low profile, therefor e gives you great value for your money.

 Smooth Cover

The 6-inch RV mattress is also designed with a white damask fabric cover, which is of premium quality. This washable cover can only be described as luxuriously smooth, and it feels like heaven against your skin.

The fabric cover has been carefully crafted atop the foam layer, so that you can experience superior comfort and pressure relief as you sleep. Serenia Sleep therefore establishes itself as one of the best RV mattresses available.

Comfort Profile

When it comes to the comfort profile of the 6-inch Serenia Sleep, you will get a firm feel. This foam mattress has been designed for people who will choose a firm mattress over a plush mattress any day. But do not confuse firm with hard.

The foam in the Serenia Sleep RV mattress will perfectly conform to your profile, so that you can have the most restful night of your life.

Convenient Features

Another great feature of the Serenia Sleep RV mattress that you need to about is its high density foam, which is both soy-based and eco-friendly.

The mattress also has other green features, such as its CertiPUR-US certification. The fact that the foam has been CertiPUR-US certified is extremely significant, as it means that environmentally innovative workmanship has gone into this mattress.

The 6-inch RV mattress is also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your allergies being aggravated.

Final Verdict

When it comes to premium RV mattresses, the 6-inch Serenia Sleep should definitely be on your radar. This expertly crafted mattress has been designed to offer unrivaled comfort and support to all who buy it.

So if you are spending your night’s tossing and turning, then you should definitely consider going with the Serenia Sleep RV mattress. It will turn your simple RV into a mobile palace.