Signature Sleep Contour 8-inch Mattress Review

After a long days work, the only thing on your mind is coming home to a comfy bed and plush covers. Unfortunately, this is just a dream to many, as the majority of the population has uncomfortable mattresses that leave them perpetually tossing and turning.

So what do you do if your mattress is hard as a rock, or lumpy? How can you ensure that you don’t have bags under your eyes every morning?

The answer is simple; buy yourself a good quality mattress. A common misconception is that comfortable mattresses come with a high price tag, but I am here to show you that this is false.

After some careful research, I have come across the 8-inch Signature Sleep Contour mattress, which is sure to turn your sleepless nights into peaceful slumber.

So if you are interested in this mattress read the review below.

Best Selling Mattress

The 8-inch Contour mattress from Signature Sleep is one of the most popular products on offer, with an innovative design and quality workmanship that give it comfortable and supportive properties.

This contour mattress will support your back as you sleep, so that you can sink into a restful sleep that you will be reluctant to get out of. The best selling mattress therefore ensures that everyone can have a great night.

Comfortable Contouring Abilities

The 8-inch Signature Sleep Contour mattress has been designed with excellent contouring abilities that will blow your mind. These abilities come courtesy of the 15-gauge coil springs, which have been independently encased for optimum performance.

The coils springs work to guarantee equal weight distribution, so that one part of your body is not supporting all of your weight.

By contouring to the shape of your body and evenly distributing weight, the pressure points found along your shoulders, neck, back and hips, will be relieved. This means that you can wake up without any aches and pains, which is honestly a relieving prospect.

The pocket coils in the mattress also work to minimize if not eliminate motion disturbance. This should be great news for people who are constantly jostled awake by their restless partners.

By minimizing motion transfer, you can now sleep through the night . How great does that sound?

Great Craftsmanship

Another fantastic aspect of the Signature Sleep Contour is its top notch craftsmanship. As I mentioned earlier, this 8 inch mattress is composed of independently encased coils that work to facilitate weight distribution and minimize motion disturbance.

However, these coils are delicate, and that is why Signature Sleep has protected them with 2 cushioning layers.

These layers include a thick foam layer and a fabric insulation pad (non-woven). The 1.25-pound high density foam layer works by cradling your body, so that you can experience the perfect fit as you sleep.

This quality foam layer also provides optimal support to your vertebrae, so that you do not wake up with kinks and aches in your back.

The second layer is the non-woven polyester pad, which provides excellent insulation as you sleep. This layer ensures that you are not freezing during the colder seasons, by retaining the warmth that your body produces.

All in all, the layers of exceptionally comfortable cushion means that you can have a peaceful night, and a refreshing morning. The layers also increases the durability of your mattress, by effectively protecting the coils.

Affordable and Convenient

As I said in the beginning, the 8-inch Contour is an affordable mattress option, retailing at just under $$$. Not only is this mattress inexpensive, it is also convenient. What exactly does this mean? Well, the mattress is packed and delivered right to your door.

When you receive the package with this Signature Sleep mattress, you will find that it has been compressed and rolled. All that you need to do is open the package, release the mattress, and inflate it.

This convenient delivery means that you can start sleeping on your 8-inch Signature Sleep Contour as soon as you get it.

However, I would recommend for you to give the mattress 48 hours to expand to its intended shape and size. While the wait might seem long, just think about all of the years of comfortable sleep you will have once the mattress is perfect.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the 8-inch Contour is a Signature Sleep creation that will guarantee undisturbed sleep night after night.

This mattress has been expertly crafted with pocket coils that contour to your body, making it perfect for all individuals who suffer from aches and pains in their joints and muscles.