Silver Rest Sleep Shop 12-Inch Memory Foam Review

Some people still use traditional spring mattress because of its low cost. Otherwise, people would not give a chance to these problematic spring mattresses. Traditional spring mattresses do not offer proper pressure-point relief and cause poor blood circulation while sleeping.

You may suffer from different back pains. To get rid of this situation you must buy a memory foam with good quality. It distributes body weight properly and gives you a sound resting and sleeping experience. If you are looking forward to buying a memory foam mattress, then Silver Rest Sleep Shop 12-Inch Memory Foam is a perfect product for you. You will feel no pain after few days of proper sleep on this mattress and will find new spirit while doing your daily chores.

The Product at a Glance

Silver Rest Sleep Shop 12-Inch Memory Foam is a high-quality mattress with comfortable and supportive design to release back pain. The product has a warranty of 20 years with a 90-day trial period. This Memory Foam Review will discuss about some special features, advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Technicalities of this Product

The Silver Rest Sleep Shop 12-Inch Memory Foam mattress has four different layers for body comfort. It comes with five inches of high-quality visco memory foam and seven inches solid polyurethane base The memory foam has a weight of 5 pounds.

The polyurethane base is highly flexible for holding the upper part and your body comfortably. The two convoluted airflow layers help the mattress to stay cool. There is a four way zipper cover for protecting the foam and give you responsive and comfortable feeling while laying on it. The foam is made with high-quality products that can last longer time.

Dual Airflow System

The Silver Rest Sleep Shop 12-Inch Memory mattress comes with two layers of the convoluted airflow system to keep the foam and sleeper cool throughout his sleep. The dual airflow system enables air to pass through the mattress continuously. Therefore, the main mattress does not get hot during the body contact and keeps the environment cool enough for a comfortable sleep.

Conforms to your Body’s Shape

This mattress is designed perfectly to adjust with the body shape. This gives you a firm and comfortable feeling while lying on the foam and helps you to have a sound sleep. When you lie on the foam, it will feel firm at first. However, after few minutes it will sense the shape of the body and transform itself according to that to give you most comfortable feelings.

Proper Sleep, Rest and Relaxation

The Silver Rest Sleep Shop 12-Inch Memory foam distributes the weight of your body properly. Your body gets an equal amount of pressure from the foam. Therefore, you will not feel any odd pressure in any parts of your body. This eliminates any suffering and pain that may break your sleep, rest and relaxation. You will have a proper environment of a sound sleep.


  • Comfortable foam for sleep and rest
  • The dual airflow system keeps the mattress cool throughout the night
  • Durable mattress with a long warranty period
  • Adjust perfectly with your body shape to give you a comfortable feeling
  • Properly distributes body weight


  • Bit heavy to carry

Final Thoughts

The Silver Rest Sleep Shop 12-Inch Memory Foam relieves aches and pain with giving you a sound sleep. The specially designed dual-airflow layer is a big bonus for the product, which supersede the foam from getting hotter. This highly recommended product has a price of $752.36 with a 6% discount with the current offer.

Review Overview

Value of Product
Support for Body

Summary : I highly recommend this mattress for your sound sleep and your health.