Tips on How to Buy the Best Treadmill Out There

More and more people have come to realize that finding the best treadmill on the market is a daunting task, especially as there are thousands of products available. As a matter of fact, a treadmill is probably the most popular piece of fitness equipment used today by both men and women who want to shred off their extra pounds or to simply stay in shape. Recent studies have shown that people prefer using this equipment rather than others, which usually are more modern and complex, because walking or running is a natural movement of the body.

Tips on How to Buy the Best Treadmill

Tips on How to Buy the Best Treadmill –

In order to ease the buying process and to make sure you will buy a treadmill that suits your needs, check out the following tips.

Make sure it will fit in the workout area:

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While a treadmill can look pretty small in a retail store or on the Internet, it can become huge once you place it into the workout room. Before buying a specific treadmill, get its measurements and get informed regarding the mounting process. Your workout area should remain spacious and ventilated, since you’ll have to enjoy each workout session.

Check out its price:

Most of the customers today are looking to buy a treadmill that won’t break their budget. However, the truth is that you’ll get what you’ve paid for. A top-quality treadmill can cost up to $5,000, while a lower quality one won’t cost more than $500. This Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday there are many special offers available, so keep your eyes open for eventual discounts and price cut-offs.

Motor power:

According to the experts, the most important feature of a modern treadmill is its motor. Most treadmill motors on the market range from 1.5 HP (Horsepower) to 3 HP. Always look for the “continuous duty rating” figure that appears on a treadmill’s specs, because this means this piece of fitness equipment gives a much better performance over a longer period of time. Moreover, look for a treadmill with at least 2 HP, especially if you’re planning to use your new exercise equipment on a daily basis.

There are two types of motors used for treadmills. The DC motor type is usually used in treadmills designed for residential use, and has the advantage of being quieter. On the other hand, the AC motors are used for commercial treadmills, therefore they are more powerful and also require more electricity.

The walking surface:

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all treadmills feature similar walking and running surfaces. Nothing can be further from the truth. There is a wide variety of surfaces, each of them being designed for a special usage. If you are a runner, look for a surface longer than 60 inches. If you prefer to walk, look for a 2 ply surface belt wider than 18 inches.


Before buying a treadmill that suits your needs, make sure it is pretty stable. A jerky or shaky ride is unacceptable. Test the treadmill and examine the handrails. If they don’t feel sturdy enough to support your body’s weight, and if they can’t be gripped easily, that particular treadmill doesn’t deserve your interest.


Another important aspect you should examine before choosing the best treadmill out there is its incline. Look for a treadmill that features an electronic incline that can be easily adjusted by the press of a button. Manually adjusted inclines have to be set before you start exercising, which means you will have to run on a certain incline all the way. This is not very comfortable, indeed. A quality treadmill will always have this automatic electronic incline feature.


This is another important feature of a treadmill. If you want to make sure you’ve made the right choice, look for a heavy aluminum or a high alloy steel treadmill frame. Every customer agreed upon one thing- steel is the best choice for a frame, because it is sturdier, heavier and lasts much longer. In addition, due to the weight of the steel, your treadmill will be more stable and secure.


The last thing you need to consider before making your final choice is the warranty. A professional treadmill offer lifetime warranty for the frame and up to 3 years for other parts, including motor, belt, electronics and deck. The warranty is available even if you purchase your new treadmill from the Internet.

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