Toilet Parts Overview

You need to be familiar with how your toilet works because this will help you if your toilet malfunctions. You need to know the various parts of your toilet and all of their functions. Do not worry because knowing the different parts of your toilet will not be complicated at all.

The Parts of a Toilet

Your toilet may seem complicated at first glance but the system is actually simple. As long as you are familiar with the different parts of your toilet, you will have no issues with repairing the different parts easily.

  • Refill Tube – This is in charge of getting new and clean water that will help your toilet be prepared for its next flush.
  • Float – This will let the toilet know when it should stop the refill of water.
  • Chain – This is connected to the flapper and this will control when the toilet is going to flush.
  • Flapper – This prevents the water from going into the toilet bowl when it is not ready to be flushed yet.
  • Shut-Off Valve – This will help you control the water flow going into your toilet.
  • Wax Seal – This will act as a barrier between your toilet and your sewer line.
  • Floor Flange – This will make sure that the wax seal and your toilet are connected to the opening of the sewer.
  • Tank-O-Ring Seal – This is the seal in between your toilet tank and your water bowl.

How Does a Toilet Work?

Do you have any idea how your toilet works? It is not complicated. This is the process that you should know:

  1. You may push the button of the flush or exert effort on your handle so that the flapper will open and new water will come out of the tank.
  2. The dirty water will be removed from your toilet bowl and will go to your septic system.
  3. The moment that the tank is emptied out, the flapper will close again. The water tank will be refilled.
  4. The float will slowly rise to the top of the tank and will shut down the refill tube once enough water is reached inside the tank.
  5. Your toilet is ready to be flushed again.

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