Top 3 of The Best Boxing Gloves for 2020

Best boxing gloves are not easy to find. Either you are a professional fighter, training to become one someday or practicing boxing because you simply love the sport, your trainer probably already told you boxing gloves are no joke, you really have to get an ideal pair to fulfill all your needs as a fighter and they must be carefully designed to support and protect you at the time.
This might not be that much of a simple task to find the best gloves for your need, as well as they wont cost cheap.

Best Boxing Gloves : Our top 3 Choices for 2020

Our best boxing gloves lists took two main guidelines to choose our top 3 products: durability and professionalism so, for example, you won’t see here quite popular models like Everlast, Adidas and other trés chic brands who offer style and comfort but few credibility. These kinds of gloves are quite cheap and they obviously could only be since most of them do not use any trace of leather on the confection or do not offer designs for protective impact.

When you are either training or competing, your hands must be able to release all strength you need or hit for several times without distress and damages. Doesn’t matter if you are not intending to be a championship, the sport is the same for all competitors and you need gloves that protect your from lesions and serious harm, specially if you are learning and is not used to fight yet.

All the 3 products listed are developed by brands that devote their developing technologies to support professional fight and training. Also, you won’t see models that are covered on synthetic material or partial leather mixes, is all original leather specially because you will spend some respectful amount of money and these gloves are supposed to endure several years.

1. TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves

These gloves are the best boxing gloves for heavy bag out of the ones we have picked for our review.They are not cheap but also not too much expensive and are our great suggestion to start this list demure.  The pair price is around 40 to 50 dollars and is more than fair since this is really meant for people who are trying to reach professional goals or simply training like a professional. It is one of the best boxing gloves in the market, made by a respectful brand who is acknowledged for developing supportive products with all beginners and average trainers needs.

The pair costs 40 dollars on stores like Amazon and has a great 4 and a half stars rate from over 170 customers there. As a good pair of boxing gloves, it is made with 100% original leather. The wrists supportive system is made with velcro and hardened materials, though the great thing about these gloves is the two-ply wrist supports  

that is specially designed for beginners, so it will help you to find the right punching line to fit your hands and do not learn an improper position that might end causing injuries in a long therm scenario, as well as you will be completely supported to hit several times without distressing your hands and wrists.

And if you think this is not good enough for your style you can buy extra hand wraps to make your hands even more firm and stable though none is included with the purchase of the pair of gloves.

The interiors of the gloves are designed with a mix of synthetic materials and cotton. Some people complain it could be more absorbent, others even say if they are too tight they can start to get uncomfortable with time due to the frequent friction, however it will depend on what kind of skin you have, as well as the size you will buy. Be sure you are purchasing the right one for your hands checking whether their XX oz size is really what is commonly defined like that in the market.

You can find the TITLE pair in many different sizes, from 12 to 16oz, and comes on white or blue dye. They 12 size can be too tight since some customers said they resembled more a 10 actually, but you have to be sure how 10 or 12 are your hands

2. Winning Training Boxing Gloves MS600

We will jump now to very expensive gloves because, if you are really looking for something professional you will have to open your pockets. Winning is simply one of the most famous and praised brands out there, this model of gloves is used for many professional fighters so that already gives you an idea how good they are. They may cost over 300 dollars (at Amazon you will find them by 350 dollars) so this is really an investment.
However, it is a 100% hit investment. Winning adopts trade mark technologies to design the structure of their gloves.

Apart from the confection that is made with cow leather 100% original, the foam they use to fulfill the interiors has a secret formula so they say, and probably that is true. You will be using these glover for several years ahead and they will still look like they are brand new. Most professional fighters have a crush on these Winning gloves because they offer a lot of resistance and durability, either from using it for a long while or because they remain untouchable while you are using them for so long. These gloves are considered as best boxing gloves for either sparring or practicing on a bag.

The design is resilient enough to offer a reducing impact result so you can even train for longer without feeling your hands need a break, something that is essential not only when you are training but also when you are facing tough, long fights. Also, the adopted nylon implemented in the interiors is water proof but it will let your hand breed appropriately, so you don’t get with wet hands and they won’t start to behave slippery inside the gloves.

The velcro wrists support offers a comfortable and enlightened position for your hands while you are attacking. These gloves also come with a laces system so you can make it tighter to adjust the size of your hands despite they are available in many different sizes, from 10 to 18oz. To keep the gloves exactly tight to your hand’s shape is very important, otherwise you might even break or seriously injury your hands.

For last, but not least, these gloves are quite beautiful. They have a traditional, vintage style from the 50’s box era. Just because your focus is your opponent doesn’t mean you cannot distract them with enviable gloves. 

3. Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

This brand is another winner in the game and largely used by champions and professional fighters, not only boxer ones but also MMA fighters and all modalities related to these hand combats. And just like the Winning Gloves, these also are expensive because they are great and will stick with your for years.

However, this is an alternative for those who are on a short budget or want to get better before they do an investment like the one for Winning Gloves. We have to mention the Winning ones are Japanese made, so they are imported. On the other hand, the Cleto Reyes are an American brand, they have almost the same kind of pros but are less expensive because they are not imported.

On Amazon you will find those for 130 to 189 dollars, but prices may vary in other stores and depending of the seller. Nonetheless, this is a 4 and a half stars rated product, so is no little thing.

This model offers a differentiated wrist support, with a two-inch padding. It is more robust and stronger, some fighter might feel bothered, others would really need something like that when they do inflict very heavy punches. So is up to you to decide what best fits your style of fight as well as your strength. The thumbs design of this pair is also something innovative, much wider than normal thumbs, something that allows fighters to handle better the position of thumbs when attacking.

It is also made of 100% original leather, so you will feel safe about how long it will last. Is important to notice also that this model has a little gap around the palm, something designed specifically to allow your skin to breath so you will sweat less. The interior is made of mostly organic fibers, which is really great but you will have to keep it clean often.

Another exclusive feature of the Cleto Reyes gloves are the availability in many different sizes. This is the only brand of our list that offers sizes from 6 to 18oz. Since it is a brand that is inspired on Latino design for gloves, they also offer this kind of wide range of sizes because many Latin American fighters are short and have smaller hands. Women can benefit from these gloves despite the fact the brand also develop feminine versions, however only with different colors, something that is banal if your focus is performance.

How to buy Best Boxing Gloves

Buying best gloves for yourself is not too different than buying shoes or clothes, you have to really fit your size, but when the matter is boxing, you need to be sure you are using something that is really healthy and safe for your hands because, the issue won’t be a tight shoe bothering you or ugly tight pants, you might end up injured and it may be serious specially if you are competing.

Do all possible to try these gloves with someone who already bought them to be sure about the sizes before you do your purchase online. Since they are expensive, you will really want the discounts exclusively offered on online stores. On conventional physical stores it will cost much more. But since these gloves are quite popular, you will not have to struggle to borrow it from someone at your gym to try the size and the be sure about the model you will purchase. Also, do not hesitate to buy accessories from the same brand as they will complement the performance of the gloves.

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