Tuft And Needle 10-inch Review – A Good Mattress To Own

When you are trying to buy any mattress, you tend to look at the pros and cons of it. I am no different than an average buyer. Before buying mattresses I tend to check them out for a period of time before I make my move.

So far, with the features of Tuft and Needle mattress, I am satisfied and seems like I’d like to buy a couple more of these for other rooms of mine.

In this small article, I’d like to share with you the features, the positives and the negatives of this mattress that would help you in choosing one.

Eco-Friendly Material

You heard me right. This mattress from Tuft and Needle is made with eco-friendly materials which will keep you safe from any environmental harm.

The mattress is naturally hypo-allergenic and dust-mite resistant. This is nothing similar to your average mattresses with a chemical smell. It spreads to its full size almost as soon as you open it up.

The cover of the mattress is made of VCC and Polyurethane. It is a medium soft mattress that will comfort you with great quality foam. Tuft and Needle has a trial period of 30 days during which you can test the mattress for your comfort.

Freedom of Moving Around

The Tuft and Needle 10-inch mattress is one which is suitable for couples. You can even sleep on it having your kids with you.

The mattress features a Localized Movement which allows you to easily get on and off the bed when you wish. Your movements won’t hurt your partner that you are sleeping with.

You can even pillow fight on this mattress without worrying too much about sagginess or lumps later on.

Therapeutic Support

This mattress offers you a medium-soft feel. You can expect top-notch comfort while sleeping on it. The technology uses special hybrid foam in between latex and memory foam mattress which evenly distributes the bodyweight of yours.

That means you can sleep peacefully whenever you want. The mattress offers you relief from the annoying backaches and aches in your joints by relieving your pressure points from stress.

The mattress gives you a cooler sleep than contemporary memory foam mattresses that most people use.

The Pros of the Mattress

  • The first thing is the softness. It is just on the right side without being too hard or too soft for comfort.
  • Secondly, the mattress is designed for therapeutic treatment. You can expect better output than the traditional latex or memory foam made mattresses.
  • Localized Movement gives allows you to freely move not disturbing your partner in any way.
  • This is an American Mattress with 10 years of warranty.
  • Superior customer care makes sure that your queries are answered properly.
  • You will have many sizes to choose from.

The Cons

  • It might not be suitable for you if you prefer to sleep stretching your shoulders and legs wide.
  • It is a mattress only package. Meaning, you will ha e to purchase the box spring or the platform on your own to set it up completely.
  • The trial period for this mattress is too low for my liking.

Final Word

Tuft and Needle 10-inch mattress can solve most of your problems while offering you a comfortable sleep on bed. But it has some blemishes that need fixing. You must understand that there is no Perfect Bed for everyone.

The different types of beds suit different types of people and their needs. But having Tuft and Needle 10-inch bed will mean that you can shop it online from anywhere in the world with the perks I’ve mentioned in the article. So, it is definitely a good deal to crack.

Review Overview

  • Comfortness
  • Durability
  • Value of Product
  • Support for Body
  • Healthyness

Summary :

Tuft & Needle 10-Inch Mattress is providing satisfaction to their customers and ensuring comfort. I highly recommend this mattress.

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