Different Types of Crossbows – Which one need you?

Crossbows shoot bolts and people primarily use them for hunting and target shooting. Before buying a crossbow, determine the most suitable type of crossbow that will suit your needs and abilities.

Different Types of Crossbows

Recurve Crossbow

Recurve crossbows come with longer draw length compared to ordinary ones. The long draw length reduces hand shock and provides better acceleration. Advanced archers and hunters often use this crossbow. However, they are noisy and require the use of a bowstring silencer. It suits large game that requires remarkable power and speed. It is also ideal for taking long-range shots. One downside of this bow is that the design causes a significant strain on the string. So you will need to keep buying new strings unless you invest in a very high-quality one. In addition, recurve crossbows are big and inconvenient to carry around in the wilderness.

Compound Crossbow

There are variations to compound crossbows, but they basically work the same way. There are a number of pulleys the string of this crossbow is attached to. When you prepare to take a shot, the string naturally makes a drawback. This makes the pulleys turn and the cables move accordingly. The limbs then bend and store energy for the shot. The limbs of this crossbow are stiffer than usual and require greater pressure. Their structure makes compound crossbows more energy efficient than other types of crossbows.

The compound crossbow comes with a complex design and is harder to set up during the first time. However, it is much easier to use and a highly popular choice for hunters. It has much shorter limbs as compared to the recurve but very sturdy. They have high energy-efficiency and stiff build. Their synthetic materials enhance durability. As a result of the design, it has accuracy and is resistant to weather changes. It has a string connected to a pulley system which is linked to the second limb via this same system. When you draw back the string, the pulleys turn and the cables move to bend the limbs, saving up lots of energy for the shot and this energy makes it a very fast shooter. This bow is easier to use because of their short draw length.

They are compact, narrow and can be used comfortably in limited space. The design minimizes vibration and recoil and thus makes the bow very accurate and not so noisy. However, these bows are much heavier than the recurves and when a string breaks, a special tool is necessary to restring. They don’t handle impact well and lose accuracy when dropped frequently. The numerous parts of these bows make maintenance complicated.

Pistol Crossbows

A pistol crossbow is relatively compact in size. For this reason, it is called a pistol crossbow. You will find 80lb and 150lb pistol crossbows available on the market.

Rifle Crossbows

These are crossbows provide better aim. Rifle crossbows are one of the most advanced models on the market. A 150lb rifle crossbow can feature adjustable sights, foot pull, and heavy-duty fiber construction. You can hit your target as far as 250 feet away. However, such power also requires equivalent strength to launch a shot and cock the bow effectively.

Bullet Crossbows

This type of crossbow shoots bullet-looking projectiles made of stone, lead, or clay. These bullet crossbows may come with a string slot and barrel or a double string design.

Repeating Crossbows

With this crossbow, you only have to make a single movement and everything, from bowstringing, projectile launching, and shooting, will be completed. It allows you to shoot at a faster rate than usual. It is a simple bow that takes a single movement to execute a shot. That means all the steps necessary to make a shot are initiated with a single motion. So it is one of the most convenient crossbow options on the market. It can shoot three times faster than an ordinary crossbow. So you can repeat shots as many times as necessary. It provides a convenient shortcut for beginners. However, there is no way of enhancing its performance.

Rifle Crossbow

This crossbow is the combination of the ordinary crossbows and the rifle which make the ultimate hunting instrument. Its greatest strength is accuracy. This bow incorporates technological advancements like impressive sights, a heavy-duty construction based on fiber and a foot-pull. The top-notch rail design makes it possible for the rifle crossbow to launch bolts with zero friction which produce unmatched velocity. The downside to this impressive weapon is that it requires quite a significant amount of power to operate it because it packs up a lot more power and involves a complex cocking process. It is excellent for long-range hunts and could ensure accurate shots up to 250 feet.

Final Thoughts

The market today has diverse types of bows that employ totally different construction designs for different purposes. The distinction of the types of crossbows mentioned above will help you to look for a bow so that you can choose what to buy from an informed perspective.