Different Types of Toilets

Toilets are a big deal in any home. You use them more often than other things in your home. Your toilet must match your bathroom’s interior, be comfortable and function properly for your family. Let’s be honest here, no one wants an uncomfortable toilet that doesn’t properly function.

Good news for all out there who may be looking for a new commode. They have come a long way in designs, functionality, and comfort. Are you looking for a new toilet? Keep reading to learn more about the newest and best out there.

One-Piece Toilet

A one-piece toilet is a whole unit itself. The major advantage of the one-piece toilet is the design. It is sleek and easy to maintain and clean. A major disadvantage is if you broke any part of the toilet you must replace the whole thing. Also, they are much more expensive than the two-piece.

Installation of the one-piece toilet is the worst. It is heavy and bulky. If you have a small bathroom this could be difficult for you since you must bring it all in at one time. The one-piece toilet is easier to install because you only have that one thing to put in place.

Two-Piece Toilet

A two-piece toilet has a separate bowl and tank. The greatest pro of the two-piece commode is the price – they are much less expensive than the one-piece toilet. It is easy to keep clean and maintain. If an accident occurred and something broke on it, you’d only have to change that part. Unlike the one-piece you’d have to change the entire toilet. A two-piece toilet is the most common toilet.

Installing a two-piece toilet is very easy. Since you install the two pieces separately, you don’t have to worry about the strain of heaving lifting one big thing. Always follow the instructions to installing if you don’t want to mess up when putting the tank on.

Wall-Hung Toilet

A wall-hung toilet came from Europe. They work the same as the traditional toilet, but the tank is inside the wall. They are space savers, easy to clean and on some you can even adjust the height.

If you live in a small apartment or even a smaller home, the wall-hung toilet is a great option considering smaller spaces. The tank is inside the wall, so you don’t even see it, making the design of this commode desirable.

A wall-hung toilet does cost a lot more than the traditional toilet. They also need more repairs. The tank in the wall so the homeowner must call a professional plumber to fix the issues. Those bills can make you reconsider getting such a toilet.

Smart Toilet

Lastly, we have the smart toilets. Which are fascinating. They have a heated seat, bidets, self-cleaning wands, deodorizes itself and offer hands-free flushing. Most are designed to save you money but cutting down on water use and power sources while getting the job done.

Who doesn’t want a toilet that can flush itself? Some smart toilets flush without even being touched. Thanks to the sensors that activate the flush mechanism.

You still have to clean the outside of the smart toilets but with self-flushing and overflow protection that’s fewer germs you’ll need to worry about.

No matter which type of toilets you choose it is always a good idea to get professional help and follow the manufacturer’s directions. Buy a toilet you plan to use for years, that is in your budget and fits you and your family perfect.

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