How to Measure and Choose a New Toilet

Even though they’re sometimes messy and dirty, toilets are actually very low-maintenance and don’t need to be fixed or replaced as often as other bathroom appliances. Toilets only have limited problems – the water supply or flush valves may break or malfunction, or the wax ring securing your toilet to the floor might need replacement. … Read more

How to Unclog a Toilet

A clogged toilet is not something that anyone wants to deal with, and there are a number of causes for this problem. Some involve young children and various object and toys, which is equally distressing for both child and parent. Others have different causes, but regardless, the issue must be dealt with. Ways to Unclog … Read more

Toilet Parts Overview

You need to be familiar with how your toilet works because this will help you if your toilet malfunctions. You need to know the various parts of your toilet and all of their functions. Do not worry because knowing the different parts of your toilet will not be complicated at all. The Parts of a … Read more

Different Types of Toilets

Toilets are a big deal in any home. You use them more often than other things in your home. Your toilet must match your bathroom’s interior, be comfortable and function properly for your family. Let’s be honest here, no one wants an uncomfortable toilet that doesn’t properly function. Good news for all out there who … Read more

Different Types of Toilet Flush Handles

Besides the occasional plunging, toilets are very low-maintenance. However, whenever there is a mechanical problem, it’s usually due to a broken toilet flush handle or lever – after all, it’s the most-used apparatus. If your toilet is having a problem with flushing, you can safely bet that it’s an issue with the handle and the … Read more

What is a Bidet? How to Use

There are a lot of countries outside the United States of America with toilets that come with bidets. There are some Americans who do not know exactly what the bidet is for the first time that they see it. What is a Bidet? A bidet is a plumbing fixture that is used to clean yourself after … Read more

The 32 Most Expensive Guitars Online

Everyone knows that you can buy just about anything, and we mean “anything” online these days. For most of us, when it comes to spending big money, we like to try something out first.  Or at least see it in person before we pony up the cash.  But as with all things, times are changing, … Read more

Best Mink Blankets

Image Product DETAILS Overall Score Price Vivalon Solid Color Ultra Silky Soft Heavy Duty Quality Korean Mink Reversbile Blanket Korean Solaron Super Thick Heavy Weight Ultra Silky Soft Mink Heavy Duty Reversible Blanket Crover 3K-H6E0-4FGF Korean Solaron Super Thick Mink Blanket Heavy Korean Mink Fleece Blanket – 2 Ply Reversible 520GSM Silky Soft Plush Warm … Read more