What is a Bidet? How to Use

There are a lot of countries outside the United States of America with toilets that come with bidets. There are some Americans who do not know exactly what the bidet is for the first time that they see it.

What is a Bidet?

A bidet is a plumbing fixture that is used to clean yourself after using the toilet. It is meant to clean your genitals and anal area so that you can feel fresh and clean. This is a common item that is placed in various hotels and even the houses in Asia and Europe.

There are some places in the world wherein bidets may come in various forms. The usual one is located on the side of the toilet and you can easily control when you want the water to come out. Some toilets already come with built-in bidets that may automatically clean the area once you are done.

Bidet Benefits

There are some advantages that you can get when you install a bidet in your bathroom:

  • You are going to help the environment. A lot of people use tons of tissue paper every time they need to go to the bathroom. The use of the bidet will eliminate the need to use too many tissue papers. You can also save water that way as you do not need to fully shower after using the toilet.
  • It can be helpful for certain health conditions. Do you have hemorrhoids? If you answer yes, then having a bidet can be very helpful for you. You can clean yourself properly without being uncomfortable. There are times when using paper towels or tissue paper can be very painful to use.
  • This can be helpful for people with decreased mobility. People with special needs will find it easier to clean themselves when they have a bidet. This can also be helpful for pregnant women who will find it harder to move around so much especially if their space is limited.

Types of Bidets

If you are now convinced that you should pick the right bidet, how will you know which one you are going to purchase? There are different bidets that come with functions that you will not need but it will still be up to you to pick the one that works well for your needs.

These are the types of bidets that you can choose from:

  • Toilets with built-in bidets. This means that the bidets are already fully installed within the toilets. There are some bidets that come with deodorizers. Some will even blast water automatically.
  • Bidet toilet seats. There are some toilet seats that you can purchase that will automatically make your regular toilet into a bidet simply by changing the seat. A bidet toilet seat usually comes with a button that you can press so that a stream of water will automatically clean your bum.
  • Bidet attachments. This is the type of bidet that is located underneath the toilet seat. A bidet attachment is usually cheaper than the first two options. The best thing about a bidet attachment is it does not use batteries in order to work.
  • Hand held bidets. This is usually the most common type of bidet that is used. A hand held bidet may look like a shower but it is smaller in size. This is easy to use and you just need to direct it towards the area that you want to clean.

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