Wire or Plastic Dog Crate?

If you have chosen to crate train your newly arrived puppy, you should make sure you are creating a space where they can feel comfortable and safe. Cozy bedding, blankets, and chew toys are good options to achieve this.

But before all of this, you have to choose a crate to begin with, and it will all depend on how destructive your pooch is; if you plan on transporting your pet in it; and the style you want according to your house’s décor.

Many people wonder which kind of crate is the better choice: wire or plastic? As long as you are buying the correct size for the breed of your pooch, both of them are quite good. However, as with everything else, each has disadvantages you will have to review before you make your choice.

Wire dog crates


The good things about wire crates is that they are usually quite cheap, and you can find them in many styles, offering from one front door to two side doors, and even roof door for easier access.

You can also quickly clean wire crates, and some of them even include a sliding tray for making the cleaning easier!

The way this type of crate is constructed offers great airflow for dogs living in hot climates, and it also allows your pup to see what is happening outside of the crate, making them feel included in your activities.

Another great thing about wire crates is that they are collapsible and many of them fold flat for easy moving and storage. This feature also allows adjusting the size of the crate with an extra panel or two, meaning you can use the same crate once your pup grows; all you have to do is re-size it!


Now, the not-so-good things about the wire crate include the fact that they can be quite heavy, even if they are portable, and they tend to make a lot of noise when your dog is moving around it.

In addition, it will depend on your dog’s behavior on whether they like the openness of it; even if some dogs feel better when they have visibility of what’s happening around them, others can’t relax and might get stressed and start whining or barking.

Lastly, this type of crate is known for being the easiest one to escape from, so if you have a determined and smart dog, they will quickly find a way out!

Plastic dog crates


Plastic crates are much lighter than metal wire crates, and depending on the model you choose, they can be popped apart whenever you have to store it or move it around.

Many people also acquire plastic crates only to housetrain their pups, and once they have a full-grown dog, they put away the sides and keep only the bottom which, with proper bedding, can be easily used as a bed.

Plastic crates have less visibility than wire crates, and as stated before, this will depend on whether your dog can relax or not if there is too much going on around them. The small holes in plastic crates offer your dog some privacy, eliminating distractions and allowing them to rest peacefully. This is a good crate for cold climates as it gives the dog more shelter.

This type of crate is also more difficult to escape from!

Finally, most models of plastic crate are airline-approved, meaning you can use to travel with your dog by both airplane and road (when you have to take your dog to the vet, for example), whereas wire crates are usually not allowed for air travel and are not considered safe enough for car travel either.


Some dogs find the limited view quite stressful as it makes them feel excluded and abandoned. This enclosed nature can also become a problem for those living in hot climates as they offer low air ventilation and may cause overheating. Be careful with this!

In addition, they might be less heavy but they are not foldable, and even if some of them can be broken down, they will never fold flat and will always use more space when putting them away.

A plastic crate is harder to clean than a wire one, and after a while, they might hold odors that become hard to eliminate, making it difficult to keep the crate fresh.

Wooden Dog Crates

Most people consider plastic and wire crates, even if there is a third option that is usually forgotten: wooden dog crates.

Available in numerous, different styles, wooden crates offer a great solution for those who would like a more suitable choice when decorating their house as they quite easily can pass as another piece of furniture.

But of course, it also has its downsides which include not being as durable as plastic and wire ones for those dogs who are really into chewing things, and are not recommended for house training as any potty accidents will leave stains and odor issues as they can be hard to clean.


The style of crate that will fit best with your dog and your needs will depend on what type of dog you have and how you intend to use it. For example, if you have a dog you know can learn how to escape, or if you plan to travel with your dog, a plastic crate is a good choice for you.

On the other hand, if the place where you live gets quite hot during the year, offering ventilation with a wire crate is a better idea; the same if your dog like seeing what’s happening around him while he is in his crate.

Both are good and have their own positive features, so as long as you can tell your dog enjoys his own personal space in it, and you like the way it fits your home and lifestyle, anything you choose will be alright!

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